Bare Metal Cloud Market to Exhibit 20% CAGR through 2029; Covid-19-related Lockdowns to Further Bolster Demand

  • Published On : Apr 10, 2020

With increasing usage of network-enabled mobile devices, the demand for hosting infrastructure services has also increased. Moreover, the ever-increasing performance and scalability offered by bare metal cloud servers and services in opposing conditions such as magnified and flexible generation of network traffic is one of the lucrative opportunities that bare metal cloud providers can benefit from. Growth opportunities in the bare metal cloud market are directly related to deployment of solutions that possess the ability to keep up with security-related challenges, while keeping these solutions in line with the standards and regulations legislated globally and regionally. Industry verticals such as banking and financial, retail and wholesale, IT and ITES, and manufacturing, among others, are adopting such bare metal cloud services for data management and deployment.

The global bare metal cloud market was valued at approximately US$ 870 Mn in 2018, and is expected to expand at a healthy CAGR of over 20% during the forecast period of 20192029. However, end users are facing difficulties related to security while migrating toward cloud storage, which, in turn, might restrict the adoption of bare metal cloud solutions and services to some extent.

Key Pointers of Bare Metal Cloud Market Study

  • Bare metal cloud servers is the key component segment in the global market. This segment is projected to record the highest incremental opportunity in the global bare metal cloud market.
  • Large enterprises are estimated to be the most lucrative throughout the forecast period in the global bare metal cloud market.
  • Accelerated adoption of bare metal cloud solutions and services in telecommunication and healthcare industries is estimated to enable the bare metal cloud market in Southeast Asia and Pacific region to record the highest CAGR during the forecast period.
  • The bare metal cloud market in the Middle East and Africa is estimated to record the second-highest CAGR, owing to accelerated investments made by end users operating in media & entertainment and healthcare industries.
  • Geographic expansion and collaboration with other cloud service providers are the key strategies followed by players in this market in order to increase their sales growth.

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“Determining what makes a particular product or service unique in the market is of utmost value when it comes to defining the service provider’s brand. The attractiveness of bare metal cloud solutions and services helps the developer stand out in the crowd of thousands of market players. Development of niche services with a well-planned marketing strategy helps bring in new customers and enhance market attractiveness, as well as retain the existing customer base,” says a PMR analyst.

Impact of Covid-19 on Appliances Used in Bare Metal Cloud

The current pandemic situation created due to Covid-19 has impacted the usage of cloud-based applications, as more and more organizations are using cloud-based tools. Companies are adding capabilities to support data analytics, electronic design automation, artificial intelligence, and other compute-intensive workloads.

As bare metal servers could decrease the problem of more users utilizing limited resources and increase organizations’ production capabilities, as they host only a single-tenant. Companies pairing their hosting services with bare metal servers will enable them to maintain their business agility and keep operations up with less downtime.

Organizations have started creating back-up plans and are moving office spaces to the cloud. Bare metal servers provide solutions to help organizations manage the workload and provide the required agility.

Impact of COVID-19 on Bare Metal Cloud Market

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused disruptions in working environments in organizations all across the globe, thereby propelling the need for collaborative, cloud-based systems. Owing to this fact, players in the bare metal cloud market are likely to witness demand from both, large- and small-scale organizations that rely heavily on data. IBM, a leading player in the bare metal cloud market, has commenced its marketing campaign to gain traction from businesses. The organization is allowing companies to create digital workplaces and maintaining regular workflow. Likewise, other key players are bagging lucrative deals from IT-based companies to keep their operations running, despite remote working practices. Owing to these aspects, the bare metal cloud market is expected to benefit from the current pandemic.

Bare Metal Cloud Market: Strategy Analysis

Amazon Web Services, Inc., CenturyLink, and Internap Corporation are the market leaders in the global bare metal cloud market. These companies individually hold a market share of above 10% each. Limestone Networks, Inc. and Rackspace Inc. are some of the promising players operating in the global bare metal cloud market. These companies hold a market share worth around 5% each, and are strategizing to attract new clientele in foreign markets.

  • Bare metal cloud market giants are targeting advanced technology providers for strategic partnerships. These partnerships are helping bare metal cloud providers offer next-generation industrial solutions.
  • Companies are focusing on innovating and developing new products. With this strategy, they are expecting to strengthen their presence in the global market and develop advanced technologies.
  • Bare metal cloud providers are also focusing on innovations in new areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and server-less computing. This strategy helps companies enhance their customer base and service offerings.

More Valuable Insights on Bare Metal Cloud Market

PMR offers an unbiased analysis and forecasts of the global bare metal cloud market, analyzing historical demand of 20142018 and offering forecast statistics for the period of 20192029. The research unravels growth projections of the bare metal cloud market on the basis of component (bare metal cloud servers and services), end user (SMEs and large enterprises), and vertical (BFSI, manufacturing, government, IT and telecom, media and entertainment, and healthcare, among others), across seven major regional markets.

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