Oregano Oil Market

Global Market Study on Oregano Essential Oil: North America to Beat Top Revenue Market Europe in Terms of Consumption

Oregano Essential Oil Market Segmented By Conventional and Organic Sources for Food industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic Industry and Household

Consumption of oregano essential oil is concentrated in Europe and North America

The oregano essential oil market is highly centered in the regions of Europe and North America, predominantly owing to the use of this spice in specialty cuisines preferred by the Americans and Europeans. Increasing awareness of the health benefits of oregano essential oil is pushing people to adopt this oil in their daily food preparations.

This factor is boosting consumption levels across North America and Europe and is the primary revenue booster of the global market for oregano essential oil. Manufacturers are pumping in huge investments in research and development activities to expand the functionality of oregano essential oil across various food products and are also launching newer blends in the global market in keeping with rising consumer preferences.

Oregano Essential Oil Market

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Companies Profile

  • Now Health Group Inc.
  • DoTERRA International
  • Young Living Essential
  • Natural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd.
  • Zane Hellas
  • Nature’s Way Products,LLC
  • NHR Organic Oils
  • Baltik Junior d.o.o.
  • Plant Therapy Essential Oils
  • North American Herbs & Spice
  • Others.

Growing application across diverse industry sectors is pushing oregano essential oil revenue in the global market

The rise in demand for natural preservatives by the food and beverages industry is bolstering demand for oregano essential oil globally. The essential oil and aromatherapy market is estimated to record a higher growth rate due to the high awareness about the healing properties of essential oils and oils used for aromatherapy among consumers. The applications of essential oils in aromatherapy is increasing in the medical field, thereby boosting demand for these oils in the global healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector.

Oregano oil is the most important antiseptic oil in aromatherapy. Its proportion of phenol – the constituent responsible for the strongest antibacterial action – is the highest of all aromatic plants. The demand for oregano essential oil in the pharmaceuticals industry across various regions has witnessed a surge in the last few years and this demand wave is expected to continue during the forecast period.

In the recent past, manufacturers in the F&B industry have been incorporating natural preservatives such as essential oils for the preservation of processed food. This can be attributed to the rising demand for natural products by consumers. Carvacrol and thymol are the two main components used in oregano essential oil that are responsible for the characteristic odor and antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of the oil. Being an antimicrobial agent, oregano essential oil acts as a beneficial preservative agent in the food industry.

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High price points may restrict global adoption of oregano essential oil

The prices of oregano essential oil are highly volatile, owing to a demand-supply imbalance in the global market. This price volatility creates inconvenience for manufacturers as they struggle to optimize the final product pricing and sustain their profit margins at the same time. Furthermore, as essential oils like oregano are quite expensive, certain manufacturers of perfumes are forced to reduce the costs of their formulations and resort to cheaper ingredients such as low-cost natural oils or synthetic oils, which serve as substitutes for expensive essential oils. Price constraints are a major roadblock in the sustained growth of the global essential oil market – more specifically oregano essential oil.

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Limited adoption of oregano essential oil to be witnessed in the markets of Latin America and MEA

Of all the regional markets, MEA and Latin America are expected to lag behind in terms of consumption of oregano essential oil during the forecast period. Europe followed by North America will continue to dominate the global market for oregano essential oil in terms of consumption and sales revenue. A strong consumer base for oregano essential oil is already present across the F&B and cosmetics industries in these two regions, leading to increased utilization of this oil and subsequently a higher market share. End-use industries in the Asia Pacific are anticipated to project moderate to low demand for oregano essential oil in the coming years.

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