Infrared Thermometer Market

Market Study on Infrared Thermometers: High Prevalence of Infectious Diseases Aiding Market Progress

Infrared Thermometer Market Segmented By Ear, Forehead, Multifunction in Medical and Veterinary

  • November-2021
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Market Snapshot

The world has seen substantial rise in the prevalence of infectious diseases over the past decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic proved that this trend is only going to get stronger as the years go by. Analysts at Persistence Market Research have published a revised survey on the global infrared thermometer market, and have predicted it to rise at a CAGR of 8%, and be valued at around US$ 1.3 Bn by the end of 2031.

The global IR thermometer market accounted for over 30% of over medical thermometer sales, which was worth US$ 1.9 Bn in 2020. Vital sign monitoring devices are expected to gain immense importance over the next ten years as the prevalence of infectious and chronic diseases rises.

Infrared Thermometer Market Value (2020)

US$ 600 Mn

Market Forecast (2031)

US$ 1.3 Bn

CAGR (2021-2031)


Fastest Growing Market


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Company Profile

  • Welch Allyn – A Hill-Rom Inc. Company
  • Exergen
  • Geratherm Medical AG
  • Thermomedics, Inc. (A subsidiary of PositiveID Corporation)
  • Microlife Corporation
  • BPL Medical Technologies
  • Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Cardinal Health (Medtronic)
  • OMRON Corporation
  • Braun GmbH
  • Others.

Demand Analysis of Infrared Thermometers (2016 to 2020) Vs Market Forecasts (2021 to 2031)

In the past decade, the world saw outbreaks of infectious diseases such as swine flu and ebolavirus, and the need for vital sign devices that could aid in monitoring and detecting the symptoms of these diseases became more important than ever before. While these outbreaks were serious, they were dwarfed by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in early 2020 and bought it to a grinding halt.

Demand for medical thermometers skyrocketed in 2020 as temperature was a significant indicator of coronavirus infection, among other vital indicators. Forehead thermometers allowed authorities and healthcare workers to track temperatures without risking infection via cross-contamination. Traditional mercury thermometers saw a major drop in demand over the past decade as the popularity of digital thermometers increased, and the pandemic of 2020 completely changed the tide in favour of medical thermometers that were contactless.

IR thermometers are expected to see a rise in popularity as their second-generation products are revealed, and would be more accurate and efficient. Demand for IR thermometers is anticipated to surge at a CAGR of 8% over the decade.

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Why is Preference for IR Thermometers Expected to Be Higher than Other Digital Thermometers?

Thermometers play a vital role in many industry verticals, but the most prominent among them is the medical sector, which utilizes thermometers more than any other industry. Medical thermometers are vital sign devices that indicate an individual’s state by monitoring their body temperatures. The world has seen a rise in infectious diseases over the past decades, and cases of hospital-acquired infections have also increased, which has created high demand for patient and healthcare worker safety like never before.

Contactless thermometers, also known as IR thermometers, measure temperature without making contact with an individual’s body and reduce the risk of cross-contamination substantially. While most digital thermometers require some sort of contact with the body to measure temperature, infrared thermometers can do this from a distance with similar accuracy, and this is what makes them more preferable over any other digital thermometer.

Especially forehead thermometers, which saw a major boost in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, are expected to be popular in the post-pandemic era as well.

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Which Factors Could Adversely Affect Demand for Infrared Thermometers?

While the advantages of infrared thermometers are essential and are vital in making them popular, there are some factors that could restrain industry potential. Infrared thermometer accuracy is an issue that is seen in the first generation devices that rolled out during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were differences in readings when used in different environments and different conditions, which made it difficult to identify and treat affected individuals.

This, however, is expected to be resolved in second generation IR thermometers that would be launched going ahead as they would be more advanced. Another factor that would affect demand for infrared thermometers would be crowd screening, where it’s not possible to track down and take temperatures individually for every single person.

This limits the scope of application of IR thermometers to areas where the use is limited to a small number of individuals. Other thermal systems provide better sensitive monitoring for crowds, and this could hamper the adoption of infrared thermometers across various institutions to a certain extent.

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Which Regions Should Infrared Thermometer Suppliers Target?

This research details the global infrared thermometers industry landscape in regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC, and MEA.

The infrared thermometer market in the APAC region is expected to have a dominant outlook and see evolution at the fastest CAGR over the forecast period. Demand for infrared thermometers in the region is expected to be driven by high adoption across various industry verticals and also technological advancements.

Demand for infrared thermometers in Latin America is also expected to see a rise as the healthcare infrastructure develops in the region.

North America and Europe are matured markets for IR thermometers, and demand across these regions is expected to be driven by significant use of medical thermometers and presence of major manufacturers. The North American market is expected to hold the highest market value by the end of the decade.

Lastly, the infrared thermometer industry in MEA is expected to see steady rise in demand over the next ten years.


Country-wise Analysis

How is Demand for Infrared Thermometers Shaping Up in the U.S.?

The U.S. is one of the most significant markets for infrared thermometers. The nation has an excellent healthcare spending potential that is increasing and making it a very lucrative market for all kinds of medical devices and equipment.

Demand for infrared thermometers in the U.S. is anticipated to be driven by rising popularity of homecare solutions and increasing healthcare expenditure. Presence of prime manufacturers of infrared thermometers in the U.S. also aids market growth in the nation.

What Makes China a Lucrative Market for Infrared Thermometer Manufacturers?

China is a major manufacturing hub for many devices and their components, and the nation is known for its cost-effective and functional devices. In 2020, when the pandemic hit the world and there was a sudden surge in demand for infrared thermometers, majority of this demand was fulfilled by Chinese manufacturers. Domestic demand for IR thermometers in China itself was very high during the pandemic due to increased coronavirus cases, and this proved to be very beneficial for infrared thermometer suppliers.

Chinese manufacturers are expected to come up with the second generation of digital thermometers, which are anticipated to be more precise, accurate, and technologically advanced. The post-pandemic era will see a substantial shift in the markets across the globe as manufacturers and suppliers try to keep their sales numbers up.

Category-wise Insights

Why is Demand for Forehead Thermometers High?

Forehead thermometers are anticipated to account for a majority of sales of IR thermometers in the next few years. They are preferred over ear thermometers and multifunction thermometers due to their accuracy and extremely low risk of infection. Demand for forehead thermometers saw a major surge in 2020, but this trend is expected to see a slight drop as the world enters a post-pandemic stage.

As per this infrared thermometer industry research, demand for forehead thermometers is expected to be more than other thermometer types throughout the forecast period.

How COVID-19 Boosted Demand for Medical Thermometers

The outbreak of coronavirus in 2020 took the world by storm and made us reassess our healthcare infrastructure like never before. The pandemic created massive demand for multiple vital sign monitoring devices as they were crucial in controlling the infection spread of coronavirus.

To curb the spread of coronavirus infections, demand for non-contact thermometers surged, and this led to a substantial rise in demand for infrared thermometers, which was the best type of non-contact thermometers available at the time.

While the thermometers that were sold in 2020 were first generation and had some issues in accuracy and reliability across various geographies, where factors such as humidity and heat affected readings. The second generation of infrared thermometers is expected to resolve this and provide better accuracy, and subsequently drive market growth in the post-pandemic era.

Competitive Landscape

Key market participants are focusing on mergers and collaborations to increase their geographical presence. Manufacturers are also focusing on increasing their manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand for infrared thermometers across regions.

  • In July 2021, iGear, a renowned Indian brand for gadgets and smartphone accessories, announced the launch of its fully automated contactless infrared thermometer. The product - Thermo Check - can be mounted on a wall or on a tripod at the entrances of various institutions to monitor the temperatures of visitors completely autonomously.
  • In May 2020, Neptune, a company specializing in health and wellness products, announced the launch of its new non-contact infrared thermometer. This launch of Neptune Air was aimed at increasing the supply of these thermometers amidst growing demand in North America, which was a result of coronavirus infections peaking in the region.
  • In Jun 2020, Cole-Parmer, a leading name in the healthcare industry, announced the launch of its new noncontact thermometer, which has an FDA clearance.  The thermometer can log 32 internal readings and is capable of taking temperatures of various surfaces of objects.

More recent developments related to key manufacturers of infrared thermometers have been tracked by analysts at Persistence Market Research, which will be accessible in the full report.

Infrared Thermometer Industry Report Scope



Forecast Period


Historical Data Available for


Market Analysis

  • US$ Mn for Value
  • Units for Volume

Key Regions Covered

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle East and Africa

Key Countries Covered

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • U.K.
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Turkey
  • South Africa
  • and GCC Countries

Key Market Segments Covered

  • Measurement Point Type
  • Application
  • Distribution Channel
  • Region

Key Companies Profiled

  • Welch Allyn – A Hill-Rom Inc. Company
  • Exergen
  • Geratherm Medical AG
  • Thermomedics, Inc. (A subsidiary of PositiveID Corporation)
  • Microlife Corporation
  • BPL Medical Technologies
  • Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Cardinal Health (Medtronic)
  • OMRON Corporation
  • Braun GmbH


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Key Segments Covered in Infrared Thermometer Industry Research

By Measurement Point Type

  • Ear Infrared Thermometers
  • Forehead Infrared Thermometers
  • Multifunction Infrared Thermometers

By Application

  • Medical Infrared Thermometers
  • Veterinary Infrared Thermometers

By Distribution Channel

  • Infrared Thermometers Sold at Hospital Pharmacies
  • Infrared Thermometers Sold at Retail Pharmacies
  • Infrared Thermometers Sold through Online Stores

Media Release

- FAQs -

In 2020, the infrared thermometer market accounted for a net worth of US$ 600 Mn.

Forehead thermometers are expected to lead the market in terms of demand.

Sales revenue from infrared thermometers is estimated to top US$ 1.3 Bn by the end of 2031.

Rising geriatric population, increasing healthcare spending and expenditure, and high prevalence of infectious diseases are trends anticipated to shape market growth.

The market in APAC is predicted to rise at the fastest CAGR through 2031.

Japan has a rising geriatric population that are more susceptible to fall ill due to various diseases and infections, and this is majorly expected to influence demand for infrared thermometers in the nation.

This research suggests that the market for infrared thermometers is set to expand at a CAGR of 8% over the decade.


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