Collagen Casing Market

Collagen Casings Market - Global Industry Analysis 2014 - 2018 and Forecast 2019 - 2029

Global Collagen Casings Market: Market Outlook

The collagen is common, naturally occurring, long, a fibrous protein with remarkable properties. The collagen casings are the coating for collagen meat sausage in the food industry. The raw materials used in the production of edible collagen casing products contain animal dermis and cattle’s and ships skin is highly used in the production process. During thermal processing, collagen shrinkage is almost consistent with meat contraction as water evaporates and fat melts. These properties are not yet found in other edible packaging materials. Collagen casings have diverse thickness, lengths and diameters specifications, these casings are well known for their unique distinctive taste, high tenacity, texture, and highly consistent product specifications.

The standard shape and size of collagen casings are good in highly automated bulk production and it became popular amongst the snacks and sausage producers who give emphasis to expanding capacity and improving efficiency. Collagen casings have the stuff of food and have a good amount of nutrients contain a large quantity of amino acid which is not harmful to consumers and easy to digest.

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Global Collagen Casings Market: Market Dynamics

Collagen casings developed nearly a hundred years of history. In the 1920s, Germany developed collagen casings, which have been widely manufactured and used in developed countries such as the Japan, United States, United Kingdom, and the Germany. After years of progress and continuous renewal, the quality of collagen casings has become increasingly stable in industrial production, and its growth momentum is very rapid, such as Artificial casings in regions and countries such as North America, Western Europe, and Japan have largely replaced natural casings. The collage casing becoming more popular in the European countries having highest number of consumers which creating huge demand for collagen casings market. For the consumers who are looking for virtually no pre-production preparation, collagen is becoming best option for them, it can be used for everything from fresh sausage to dried products which driving the demand for collagen casings products. The North America have increasing consumption of collagen casings with increasing popularity which fueling the demand for collagen casings market. Collagen casings are getting used as replacement of natural casings because of their convenience of use, constant sizing, and these can be used on high-speed tools and are less challenging than natural casings.

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Global Collagen Casings Market: Market segmentation

Product type
  • Edible
  • Non-edible
  • Large
  • Small
  • Fresh Sausages
  • Meat-based Snacks
  • Dry-Cured Sausages
  • Cooked Sausages
  • Others (Pork Loin, etc.)
End Use
  • Foodservice
  • Industrial Food Processing
  • Butcheries and Meat Processors
  • Private Label
  • Others
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Oceana


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Global Collagen Casings Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global collagen casings market are DCW , DARIMEX Podanfol S.A., Viscofan Group, Nippi Collagen NA Inc., Nitta Casings Inc., Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited., Globe Packaging Inc., SELO, MCJ Casings, A&T Natural Casings Ltd., World Casing Corporation., CROWN SOYA PROTEIN GROUP., Crown National, Edicas, and others. These key players are looking for the more market opportunities in the global collagen casings market.

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Opportunities for the key players in the global collagen casings market

Increasing global population, increasing expenditure power on food and changing food habits is driving the growth of global food and beverages industry. Collagen casings are the trending and easiest way to prepare food, is pre-produced product which gaining popularity among consumers which driving the market of collagen casings. China is having highest numbers of consumers of collagens casings products including pork, beef, and sheep which driving the opportunities for global collagen casing market. The European market always sets the new trends in the global food and beverages market and collagen casings is originated in Germany, having highest popularity which creating huge opportunity for collagens casings market. American countries consumer is preferring collagen casings products as fast food which saves time of cooking and the consumption is increasing day by day which fueling opportunities for global collagen casings market.

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