Global Market Study on Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps: Increasing Investments in Wastewater Treatment Facilities to Drive Growth

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AODD Pumps Market: Introduction

Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps, also known as pneumatic diaphragm pumps, are a type of positive displacement pumps run by compressed air. AODD pumps are capable of transmitting fluids with high viscosity, abrasion, and corrosive properties as they are driven by air and have the ability to handle any form of fluid. Attributing to this, AODD pumps are used across a number of industries such as food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, paper & pulp, textile, construction, and mining. The pumps are also capable of transmitting slurries and fluids with solid particles. They are also submersible and explosion-proof, which further increases their range of applications. Given the diverse applications of AODD pumps across a number of water treatment, construction, energy and manufacturing industries, the AODD pumps market is expected to witness significant demand over the forecast period.

The global AODD pumps market is estimated to grow at a value CAGR of 4.4%, reaching a market value of US$ 3.2 Bn by the end of the forecast period. Growth in various end-use industries and growing applications are the two factors expected to drive AODD pumps market during the projected period.

AODD Pumps Market Analysis by Application

By application, the water transfer segment is projected to lead the AODD pumps market in terms of CAGR growth. The chemical transfer segment is projected to follow the water transfer segment with approximately a 28.0% market value share by the end of 2018. It is projected to grow at a value CAGR of 4.7% during the forecast period.

AODD Pumps Market Analysis by End-Use Industry

On the basis of application, wastewater treatment and energy segments are expected to account for large shares in the AODD pumps market. Growing energy demand, coupled with growing focus on facilitating clean water services to the population, are the main factors driving the growth of these segments in the global AODD pumps market.

AODD Pumps Market Analysis by Region

On a regional level, China is projected to be a prominent country in the AODD pumps market, in terms of market share, while North America is estimated to occupy the largest market share in terms of value. The South Asia & Pacific region is projected to register the highest growth rate, owing to the growing demand for AODD pumps in India. The growing number of end-use industries in India is considered to be one of the major factors driving the demand for AODD pumps.

Growing Investments in Wastewater Treatment to Provide Major Growth Opportunities for AODD Pumps Market

The wastewater treatment sector is one of the main consumers of AODD pumps. Governments of developing countries such as China and India are focusing on urbanization and improving access to clean drinking water, which in turn is leading to a significant rise in the demand for AODD pumps.

  • The Chinese government secured urban wastewater infrastructure investments of around US$ 60 Bn in 2015
  • The Canadian government is targeting investments worth US$ 20 Billion to improve its local wastewater and water infrastructure
  • In the U.S., the government has increased focus on developing storm water, desalination and water re-use systems, which will create huge growth opportunities for the AODD pumps market

AODD Pumps Market Structure                                                   

The global AODD pumps market is largely fragmented, due to the high number of global multi-national companies as well as a large number of local manufacturers spread across various regions, especially China, India and Europe. The presence of numerous domestic as well as global market leaders in the AODD pumps market has led to a competitive environment for manufacturers. The established players are estimated to account for approximately 43%-47% of the AODD pumps market, while the rest of the players are estimated to account for approximately 53%-57% of the total market share. Few of the key global market leaders in the AODD pumps market are Graco, Inc., Dover Corporation, Yamada Corporation, Crane Co., Ingersoll Rand, Blagdon Pump, Xylem, Inc., SPX Flow and Flowserve, among others.

Key Questions Answered in the AODD Pumps Report

  • How is the AODD pumps market expected to grow over the projected period?
  • What direction is the AODD pumps market expected to take in terms of volume and value during the forecast period?
  • What are the key macro-economic factors affecting the growth of the AODD pumps market?
  • What are the key market drivers in the AODD pumps market?
  • What are the key opportunities and improvement areas for AODD pumps market players?
  • What are the predominant developments and trends taking over the AODD pumps market?
  • What are the emerging countries that are expected to create significant growth opportunities in the AODD pumps market?

Persistence Market Research’s recently published research study on the AODD (Air-Operated Double Diaphragm) Pumps market titled “AODD Pumps Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013-2017 and Forecast 2018-2028” offers a detailed value-volume analysis of the AODD Pumps market along with insights via BPS analysis (US$ Mn), attractiveness analysis and Y-o-Y growth on the basis of diaphragm material of construction, flow rate, application and end use industry. The volume analysis, for AODD Pumps market, has been done in units (i.e. the number of AODD Pumps) covering data for the historical period ranging from 2013-2017 and forecasted up to 2028 with 2018 as the base year.

In addition to the quantitative analyses provided by market size estimates and growth trends, the report on the global AODD Pumps market also provides qualitative analysis in the shape of market dynamics, such as drivers, restraints, trends and opportunities, forecast factors, macroeconomic factors, market definition, Porter's analysis and other factors, that are capable of influencing and impacting the global AODD Pumps market.

The report on the global AODD Pumps aims to provide insights with regards to market size and associated developments for the interested stakeholders. Marketing and business intelligence has been facilitated through information based on competition landscape, business strategies, flow rate roadmap and list of market participants with relevant information on AODD pumps. PMR has not only presented the research findings but also has added suitable recommendations which can be helpful in market entry, business development and sustenance in the market space.

Report Description

For a comprehensive understanding of the readers of AODD pumps, the report has been categorically segmented into a multitude of categories on the basis of material of construction, flow rate, fluid inlet & outlet size, application, end use industry, consolidated and by individual sub segments. The market size estimation and analyses have been provided for global as well as by prominent regions and associated countries of North America, Europe, South Asia & Pacific, East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

The first section of the AODD Pumps report includes market introduction/definition wherein product definition, taxonomy and market definition by segments have been briefed. The market definition also provides an outline of research assumptions/ limitations binding on the research study on the basis of which the entire framework has been devised.

The second section of the global AODD Pumps market report discusses macroeconomic factors along with value chain analysis, drivers, restraints, trends and opportunities having a profound rate of influence on market growth. The information has been backed up with suitable examples and facts obtained from official and authentic data credentials. In the subsequent sections, the AODD Pumps market viewpoint has been covered, which includes the global value and volume analysis.

Market Segmentation

By Material of construction

By Fluid Inlet & Outlet Size

By Flow rate

  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • PVDF (PolyVinylidene Fluoride)
  • SS (Stainless Steel)
  • Aluminium
  • ¼ inch
  • ½ inch
  • ¾ to ? inch
  • 1-3 inch


  • Upto 20 LPM
  • 20-50 LPM
  • 50-100 LPM
  • 100-200 LPM
  • 200-500 LPM

By Application

By End Use Industry

By Region

  • Chemical Transfer
  • Water Transfer
  • Oil Transfer
  • Other Low Viscosity Material Transfer
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
    • Paints & Coatings
    • Personal Care Products
  • Manufacturing
    • Paper & Print
    • Food & Beverages
    • Textiles & Leather
    • Ceramics & Sanitaryware
    • Semiconductors & Electronics
  • Energy
    • Power Generation Units/ Plants
    • Oil & Gas Refinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Transportation
    • Automotive
    • Marine
    • Railways
  • Mining & Metallurgy
  • Construction
  • Waste Management
  • North America
  • Europe
  • South Asia & Pacific
  • East Asia
  • MEA (Middle East and Africa)
  • Latin America

The report provides significant information pertaining to the above-mentioned segments in the global AODD Pumps market. The final part in the market background studies the impact of forecast factors and includes a study of the factors that are expected to have an impact on the AODD Pumps market, such as technological growth, investments and other key insights pertaining to the market.

A section dedicated to pricing analysis of AODD pumps has been provided on the basis of Fluid Inlet & Outlet Size on regional fronts. The pricing analysis provides pricing by each configuration for the present scenario. Assumption and key considerations for the same have also been elucidated.

The sections that follow consist of the global AODD Pumps market analysis by material of construction, flow rate, fluid inlet & outlet size, application, end use industry and region/country. The overall analysis of the AODD Pumps market begins with overall global market assessment followed by analysis for numerous regions citing the macroeconomic environment of the particular regions. Each regional section of the report discusses qualitative data and quantitative aspects of the global AODD Pumps market.

In the final section of the report, we have provided a competition analysis with company market share analysis pertaining to the AODD Pumps and performance of manufacturers by tier down structure of global AODD Pumps market. In the competition dashboard section of the global AODD Pumps market, we have provided a dashboard view of major players along with the market share and their key business strategies. This would enable clients to evaluate strategies deployed by market leaders and help them develop effective strategies consequently.

Research Methodology

The first stage of research included the formulation of a preliminary hypothesis, which was considered from primary as well as secondary approaches. The subsequent stages involved triangulation of data gathered from two approaches. To determine market trends and opportunities, the global AODD Pumps market report has been segmented on the basis of five criteria: material of construction, flow rate, fluid inlet & outlet size, application, end use industry, and region/country.

For the final data analysis of the AODD Pumps market, we have considered 2018 as the base year and basic data has been collected from public sources as well as other sources, such as the company annual reports_bk_01_01_2020, investor presentations and press releases, World Bank Statistics on revenue sales, newsletters, published reports_bk_01_01_2020 on public domain, industry associations’ reports_bk_01_01_2020 and paid databases on finance and corporate information. The collated data from the aforementioned sources was further validated from product manufacturers, end-user procurement agencies, distributors and regional representatives.

For market estimation, we have considered both demand side as well as supply-side drivers and trends. Historical data includes data for the period 2013-2017 and forecast estimation for the period 2018-2028. We have considered the product and flow rate developments, market trends, mergers and acquisitions and strategic developments among the manufactures of AODD Pumps. The forecast presented in the global AODD Pumps report evaluates the actual market size (US$ Mn) in 2017 with regard to the product (AODD Pumps) and the expected market value in the global AODD Pumps market over the forecast period. Moreover, the report shows the market attractiveness for the upcoming ten years. This market attractiveness value will help clients to identify real opportunities in the global AODD Pumps market.

Further, we have also considered the mandated industry standards and regulations related to AODD Pumps for consumption of AODD Pumps for every region. Furthermore, to analyze the market share and competition analysis section, we tracked key developments, such as collaborations, expansions, mergers & acquisitions, new orders, product launches, awards and recognition. For market share and tier analysis based on key and regional players of AODD Pumps, we collected data from annual reports_bk_01_01_2020 published by the manufacturers of AODD Pumps and estimated the market share of players on the basis of the distribution of the product at the regional level. Competition benchmarking has been provided for top 5 competitors with respect to sales performance of AODD pumps.

Companies covered in Aodd Pumps Market Report

Company Profiles

  • Flowserve Corporation 
  • Xylem Inc. 
  • Graco Inc. 
  • Dover Corporation 
  • Verder Group
  • IDEX Corporation 
  • Crane Co. 
  • SPX Flow, Inc. 
  • Lutz Pumpen GmbH 
  • Yamada America Inc.
  • Iwaki Air
  • Other
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