PMR for Supply Chain Leaders and Sourcing Professionals

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PMR for Supply Chain Leaders and Sourcing Professionals

Amidst the demand fluctuations and risks of the world economy today, the role of supply chain leaders and sourcing professionals in strengthening the company is to design as well as execute profitable, resilient, and agile strategies. Executives charged with the responsibility of designing and orchestrating complex supply chain systems need to be able to improve the flexibility, speed, and competitive differentiation of the supply chain. Sourcing professionals are given the task of identifying internal and external opportunities so as to improve third-party relationships, bring down total cost, and lend the company a competitive advantage.

Persistence Market Research offers clients the necessary guidance on processes, strategies, structures, and technologies required to boost performance and maturity in the major supply chain functions. Our experts work with sourcing professionals and supply chain leaders to build and authenticate strategies that are not only focused on driving profitability but also on improving the end-to-end supply chain.

 Sourcing Plan

Strategic sourcing plans help build and fortify partnerships with suppliers, gain access to new suppliers, and improve overall operational efficiency. Such a plan not only aids in the sharing of some the best practices across the organization but also examines various supplier relationships. The primary goal of a sourcing plan is to effectively manage the quality as well as the time of all sourcing events in the strategic sourcing program and reduce costs in the process. Persistence Market Research helps clients achieve this objective in the most sustainable way possible by carefully analyzing the situation at hand and taking into account the various factors that comprise the sourcing plan.

 Focus on Profitability

The target of any business should be long-term profitability and not just revenue growth. Profitability is actually the true measurement of efficiency and companies need to focus more on maximizing their profits. Both supply chain leaders and sourcing professionals are faced with a host of challenges at technology, business, or staff levels, which need to be addressed so as to achieve the ultimate goal of profitable growth. Persistence Market Research provides clients with sharp insights, valuable tools and methodologies, and expert advice to increase their returns and at the same time, reduce their risks.

Addressing Customer Variations

The impact of social media, smartphone penetration, and a thriving e-commerce culture can be felt in the remarkable way consumer habits have changed. While the basic principles of customer service are not very different today than they were a decade ago, the demands of the customer are vastly diverse. Rapidly changing consumer behavior and expectations have made it complex to “know your customer” and businesses need to stay up-to-date with evolving and addressing customer variations. Our expert analysts and consultants at Persistence Market Research track changing consumer trends and gather accurate information on what their demands are. Equipped with this knowledge, companies can efficiently fulfill their priority of superior customer experience.

Resilient & Ingenious Strategies

Risk management is a critical capability that is needed by every organization today. In order to survive in a dynamic and highly competitive business environment, each company needs to be able to quickly recover from adversities, strengthen the weak links, and be better prepared for similar disruptions in future. Organizations also need to be able to turn challenges into opportunities. Persistence Market Research helps businesses build a strategic mindset that encourages preparedness, ingeniousness, and opportunity at times of crisis and change. Our team prides itself in bolstering the confidence of clients even in the face of mounting challenges.

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