The Wide Ranging Benefits Of Effervescent Tablets In Pharmaceuticals

Date : Oct 06, 2017 Author : PMR Editorial Staff Category : Healthcare

The effervescent tablets and granules are more useful for patients that are suffering from low level production of gastric fluids.

The main property of effervescent tables is that a large number of active pharmaceutical ingredients or APIs can be ingested in a singular dosage. Generally, manufacturers take care to make effervescent tablets to taste better even if they comprise of unpleasant or hard to process active pharmaceutical ingredients. This type of good taste of the effervescent tablets are especially significant for children and for those individuals who have been taking medication during long periods of time. With the creation of diverse tastes, it becomes easy to offer a choice to the consumers who are taking the medicine, which significantly improves their experience and also in turn increases their compliance.

The effervescent tablets and granules are more useful for patients that are suffering from low level production of gastric fluids. Chief among them are people with advanced age and who are taking the medication under proton pump inhibitor. On the similar lines, some people suffer from problems if they try to swallow solid tablets or capsules. For such kind of people, the effervescent tablets are a good option since the tablet is already melted before it enters the esophagus. 

Some special kind of medications such as mucolytics can have a more beneficial effect if patients take a large quantity of liquids. In such kind of cases, effervescent tablets are perfect of such kind of medications as they encourage the patients to drink water. On the similar lines, effervescent tables can be used in the place of electrolytes in case of fluid loss in the case of diarrhea. The benefits of effervescent tables are that they help in the fast absorption of the API as they get dissolved very fast and they give a better compliance rate since they are good to taste. Other benefits of effervescent tablets include that such kind of tablets are ideal for patients who have difficulty in swallowing. Also, there is an increased intake of liquids by patients taking effervescent tablets. 

Some of the people can suffer from problems when the tablet they consume becomes stuck in the esophagus and gets dissolved while still in contact with the esophagus lining that is very sensitive. People who suffer from such type of problems are patients who regularly take more amount of medications and patients with an advanced age, who have a weakened esophagus muscle. The effervescent tables and granules help to avoid such kind of problems in such patients. 

The configuration of effervescent tablets and granules is made in such a manner so as to increase the absorption of the active pharmaceutical ingredients. In addition, since the API is already dissolved while it enters the body, it can be absorbed quickly. In addition, since the dosage of effervescent drugs produces more amount of carbon dioxide, it facilitates the absorption of the API via the cells.