Uveitis Treatment Market to Significantly Benefit from the Development of New Adjuvant Therapies, Says PMR

  • Published On : Sep 17, 2019

Global revenues of uveitis treatment market reached ~ 567 million in 2018, unveils the new research study by Persistence Market Research (PMR). According to the report, the uveitis treatment market is estimated to grow by ~6% CAGR in 2029, primarily attributed to rising R&D activities in the field of ophthalmology, increasing number of clinical trials for eye inflammation disorders treatment, increase in the investment in molecular biology, growing cases of infectious diseases, and increase in prevalence of uveitis.

The corticosteroids market is increasing a great deal of footing in the treatment landscape, as it has been the primary choice of medication for uveitis treatment by ophthalmologists. As corticosteroids are inexpensive, potent, and act fast, it has been used as a first line of therapy for patients with non-infectious ocular inflammatory diseases. Corticosteroids may be administered either topically, systemically or periocular injections. The antibiotics treatment type segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment in the uveitis treatment market during the forecast period, owing to rise in infectious ocular disorders globally.

Monoclonal antibodies in uveitis treatment is also expected to emerge as the most preferred treatment type for patients globally, during the forecast period. According to the report, in 2018 corticosteroids, monoclonal antibodies, and antibiotics constitute more than 50% of the total market revenue in the uveitis treatment market. Anterior uveitis is the most common form of uveitis constituting 75% of all cases of uveitis with annual incidence, 12 per 100,000. It is a prominent segment among the uveitis treatment markets diseases type which represents ~57% share of total market.

Infectious etiologies represent between 15–20% of all instances of uveitis in certain part of the United States, and likely represents a substantially more critical extent of uveitis around the world. Infectious uveitis holds a strong market share ~87% of the total uveitis treatment market due to growing cases associated with certain form of bacterial, viral, fungal, helminthic, and parasitic uveitis.

Emerging Therapies for Uveitis Treatment to Create Opportunities for Key Market Players

According to the PMR report, most ophthalmologists depend heavily on corticosteroids in uveitis treatment. But repeated use of corticosteroids in long term result in eye related complications.

Adjuvant treatment comprising cycloplegics, newer non–steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) therapy are used in uveitis treatment. In case of anterior uveitis, periocular corticoids, and unilateral intermediate, treatment is effective when rapidly administered along with anti-inflammatory drug at high concentration. Adjuvant immunosuppressors have often been utilized nowadays, which indicated better outcomes in the past.

Ongoing advances in local corticosteroids delivery and outside of the conventional injectable course have opened new opportunities for manufacturers for uveitis treatment and as an option for patients who experienced unilateral diseases, or the ones having an aversion to systemic medications. The new and running primary trend in the uveitis treatment market is the use of local steroid implants, that are proving out to be significantly accepted for drug delivery in case of noninfectious posterior uveitis.

Investments in Asia Pacific Representing Scope for the Uveitis Treatment Market Growth

According to the PMR report, North America shares the largest market share, while Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing uveitis treatment market. The uveitis treatment market is seeing huge development, because of increasing pervasiveness of uveitis and related eye disorders. The worldwide uveitis treatment market as of now has numerous technologically manufactured products in the clinical trials pipeline, which are relied upon to improve efficiency and safety profiles in the clinical preliminary phase of development.

Moreover, increasing healthcare spending and developing awareness among doctors and patients in developing Asia Pacific nations are relied upon to bring about real opportunities for key players in the worldwide the uveitis treatment market. A research study by Persistence Market Research (PMR) reveals the Asia Pacific market for uveitis treatment market is relied upon to develop by CAGR ~6% and shares ~23% of market share and opens new doors for key players to grow their revenue by penetrating in this region.

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This study underlines key opportunities in the uveitis treatment market and finds that the uveitis treatment market would exhibit growth at a value CAGR of ~6.0% during forecast period. For in-depth information on uveitis treatment market, write in to media@persistencemarketresearch.com

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