Polyisoprene Latex Market to Reach US$ 236 Mn by 2030; Surging Demand for Protective Equipment amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Propelling Market Growth

  • Published On : Jul 16, 2020

Synthetic rubber such as polyisoprene latex has similar properties to natural rubber, along with additional protection and physical properties. Polyisoprene latex is extensively used for manufacturing products such as gloves, condoms, adhesives, and various PPE. Increasing demand from the medical sector is expected to drive the production of polyisoprene latex. As the preference of using PPE is increasing for the protection of medical workers and patients, manufactures are increasing investments toward product development in the polyisoprene latex market. Also, growing awareness regarding unplanned pregnancies and STDs is expected to propel the demand for polyisoprene latex from the wearable contraceptive market.

As per PMR estimates, the global polyisoprene latex market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 8% in terms of value over the forecast period of 2020-2030.

Key Takeaways from Polyisoprene Latex Market Study

  • The global polyisoprene latex market is expected to grow at a significant rate and remain highly consolidated, owing to the prominence of the top four market leaders.
  • Some prominent players involved in the global polyisoprene latex market are focusing on mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures to further strengthen their market presence in regional and international markets.
  • Tier-1 manufacturers involved in the polyisoprene latex market are Daelim Industrial Co, Ltd., JSR Corp., Linshi Chemicals (Puyang) Advanced material Co. Ltd., and Bangkok Synthetics Co., Ltd, who hold a significant share of the overall market.
  • East Asia and Europe, together, are expected to hold 50% of the global polyisoprene latex market share.
  • Growing use of technology & automation in the medical sector is anticipated to be a key challenge faced by manufacturers in the polyisoprene latex market, globally.

“The polyisoprene latex market is highly consolidated, and hence, there is low bargaining power of buyers. There has been a huge increase in the demand for PPE from the medical sector, which, in turn, has shored up the demand for polyisoprene latex. Although the impact of COVID-19 has impacted the value chain and disrupted the supply & demand scenario of polyisoprene latex, manufactures are expected to majorly focus on demand from domestic markets,” says a PMR analyst.

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Market Landscape Moving toward Consolidation

The global polyisoprene latex market is highly consolidated, with a few manufacturers holding a majority of market share. TMmarket participants are anticipated to opt for organic as well as inorganic growth strategies, owing to increase in demand from the medical sector.

  • On 30th January 2017, Ansell Limited acquired Nitritex Limited, a fast-growing U.K.-based manufacturer of premium cleanroom and healthcare life science consumables.
  • On 23rd May 2017, Malaysia's Top Glove Corporation acquired two plants, one a 43,300 sq. m and another a 7,700 sq. m facility, for a total of US$ 9.06 Mn, in a deal that is said will give the world's largest rubber glove producer greater access to China.

With increasing demand for surgical and industrial gloves from the medical sector, and for industry-specific operations, the polyisoprene latex market is expected to grow at a healthy rate over the forecast period.

What Does the Future Hold?

The polyisoprene latex market is expected to progress at a healthy growth rate over the forecast period, owing to increase in demand form the medical sector, manufacturing industry, and condom manufacturers. As such, prominent market players are focusing on improving product properties due to the availability of multiple alternatives in the market.

Manufacturers of industrial gloves are engaged in intense research & development activities to become market leaders by introducing new products and taking advantage of the exceptional properties of a diverse range of materials and polymers for industrial safety applications. Such market activities are expected to increase demand and open new opportunities for polyisoprene latex over the forecast period.

Want to Know More?

PMR has published a market research report on the polyisoprene latex market that contains global industry analysis of 20152019 and opportunity assessment for 20202030. The report provides insightful analysis of the polyisoprene latex market through three different segments – grade, end use, and region. The polyisoprene latex market report also provides supply and demand trends, a comprehensive list of suppliers and distributors in the market, and a detailed overview of the parent market.

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