Global Market Study on Meningococcal Vaccines: Awareness and Accessibility Instrumenting Inroads into Untapped Markets

Meningococcal Vaccines  Market
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Meningococcal meningitis is a rare but potentially devastating bacterial infection that targets the brain. Despite growing advances in medical care, the disease can kill the host within a relatively lesser timespan. One in 10 meningococcal meningitis patients die from the disease, and ~15% of the survivors suffer from deadly complications, which typically include brain damage, deafness, or/and amputation.

Growing prevalence of different types of bacteria that cause meningococcal meningitis, the most common being A, B, C, W, Y, and type X that was more recently spotted in Africa, continue to underscore the criticality of more effective meningococcal vaccines to be available in the near future. Highly unpredictable circulation of this bacteria, and varying occurrences over time and across diverse age groups and geographies, have led to a significant rise in the number of clinical programs for effective meningococcal vaccines development, worldwide. There are currently ~30 ongoing clinical programs for meningococcal vaccines at different stages of development, at a global level. 

In view of such growing government and private initiatives towards development of meningococcal vaccines, and gauging the potential demand for these vaccines, Persistence Market Research (PMR) decided to assess this market. In its latest business intelligence, PMR has analyzed how growing shift towards a value-based healthcare model will shape the development of meningococcal vaccines, and thereby, push growth prospects of the market. 

Meningococcal Vaccine Market- Mapping the Evolution 

Development of vaccines to prevent meningitis was first attempted in the early 1900s with variable degrees of success. It was in the 1930s when safe, stable and effective meningitis vaccines against pneumococcal meningitis were produced for the first time, and followed in the 1960s by vaccines against meningococcal meningitis. Since then, research has been focused on creating more effective vaccines that can protect against the multiple bacterial causes of meningitis. 

Though there is still no single vaccine that can fight against all forms of meningitis, development of high-potential vaccines has grown substantially in the recent years. The world is witnessing 25% decline in bacterial meningitis incidences, wherein 90% of the reduction is attributable to the growing use of vaccination. This growing adoption of vaccination against meningococcal has been recognized by PMR, which estimated that revenues in meningococcal vaccine market reached ~US$ 2,228 Mn in 2018. PMR opines that meningococcal vaccine market is marching at a steady pace, and is envisaged to grow at 2.6X during 2019-2029. 

Key Growth Influencers – Meningococcal Vaccine Market 

Significantly Growing Usage Outside of Routine Immunization 

Meningococcal vaccines are witnessing a substantial demand in line with a notable rise in their use outside of routine immunization. Growing use of meningococcal vaccines for immunization of special risk groups, including travelers, or military personnel, and for recommended but not-reimbursed immunization, is fueling gains in the market. 

Increasing Inclusion in NIPs Unlocking New Windows of Opportunities 

Growing National Immunization Programs (NIPs) organized by several governments and supported by global organizations and private nonprofit organizations have been fueling the demand for effective vaccines for various diseases, which also includes meningococcal meningitis. Addition of meningococcal vaccines to NIPs with an aim to ensure vaccine supply sustainability and affordability in public and private sectors has been creating an ocean of opportunities for manufacturers. 

For instance, in February 2018, Ministry of Health, Government of Australia upgraded NIP to add Nimenrix-quadrivalent ACWY vaccines to the national immunization program of Australia, and pushed the sales of the vaccine in the region.

meningococcal vaccines market

Enhanced Access to Meningococcal Vaccines in Underpenetrated Regions 

Growing access to meningococcal vaccines in developing regions, such as some African countries, through the support of global organizations, which have been assisting with vaccine prequalification, procurement, and funding is reinforcing the lucrativeness of the market. Manufacturers are eying these under-penetrated markets to accelerate their growth in the meningococcal market. 

Meningococcal Disease Treatment – Greater Awareness Translating into Higher Demand 

Surging public health awareness initiatives to help prevent children, teens, and adolescents from getting infected by meningococcal disease points to an influx of opportunities for the market players. With an increasing number of individuals becoming aware about the symptoms, and impact of meningococcal meningitis and subsequent treatment options, vaccines are garnering notable traction, especially from the worst-hit regions. 

Unpredictable Threat of Pandemic Meningitis Outbreaks Triggers Investments 

Growing emergence of addressing meningococcal outbreak as a major public health challenge that is associated with high rate of mortality and long-term neurological defects among infants and young children has been creating an increased demand for promising vaccines. With several developing countries, including BRICS, taking significant steps to initiate the development and production of effective treatments, opportunities for manufacturers in these regions are likely to double in the near future. Potential partnerships between market players and leading companies in BRICS countries are highly likely to reshape the meningococcal vaccine market. 

Meningococcal Vaccine Market: Winning Imperatives 

Focusing on Expansion of Product Indication 

Market forerunners have placed their focus on expansion of product indication to increase the potential pool of patients to be treated with a vaccine. Companies are evaluating potential of existing vaccines for use in expanded age indication, and seeking approval of the regulatory organizations to uplift product sales.  For instance, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has agreed to review Sanofi’s meningococcal vaccine candidate, MenQuadfi, and will give the verdict on April 25, 2020. Previously, in April 2018, Pfizer’s meningococcal vaccine TRUMENBA received the Breakthrough Therapy designation from U.S. FDA for use in children aged 1 to 9 years. 

Leveraging Unique Marketing & Distribution Strategies 

Leading players have shifted their focus on direct vaccine sale to healthcare professionals and tender-based sale to public health agencies to expand their growth horizons. Through tender-bases sales, companies are eying long-term stability of vaccine sales via formation of longstanding contracts with national vaccination programs and agencies that conduct mass vaccination campaigns. For an instance, Sanofi SA, a leading player in meningococcal vaccine market, provides vaccine products to WHO campaigns in case of emergency outbreaks of meningitis. 

Penetrating Markets with High Unmet Needs 

Meningococcal vaccines manufacturers are eying Asia Pacific to launch their products and capitalize on the widening treatment unmet needs that are driven by high incidence of meningococcal disease in the region. As polysaccharide vaccines continue to witness high traction from developing countries due to limited supply by few vaccine manufacturers, market forerunners are collaborating with local distributers to expand their footprint. Moreover, market leaders, such as GlaxoSmithKline Plc., are investing efforts in broadening the range of age covered by meningococcal vaccines in matured markets, such as the U.S., by demonstrating impact in infants and meningococcal carriage in adolescents. 

Meningococcal Vaccine Market - Competitive Landscape 

The meningococcal vaccine market is highly consolidated with ~92% of revenue contributed by top 3 global players, including GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Sanofi SA, and Pfizer Inc. Market forerunners continue to place their focus on incorporating technical advances to develop and launch new and more effective vaccines. For instance, GlaxoSmithKline Plc. has been zooming in the focus on new formulations, such as a fully liquid presentation of tetravalent vaccine for MenACWY and Menveo.  Development of a single vaccine that can tackle all five of the most common serogroups, A, B, C, W and Y, remains the key area of focus of the companies.

meningococcal vaccines market Segmentation

Analysts’ Viewpoint

The research analysts at PMR who have prepared this report on the meningococcal vaccine opine that the growth of market will continue to be largely impacted by high adoption rate among young adults. In light of the growing awareness about new vaccines for treating meningococcal meningitis, the market is projected to grow at ~10 CAGR during 2019-2029. Increasing number of ongoing clinical programs for meningococcal vaccines across the globe, at different stages of development holds significant gains for the market players. The companies focusing on evaluating potential of existing meningococcal vaccines for use in expanded age indication are envisaged to reinforce their foothold in the meningococcal vaccine market through 2029.

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Improving Terms of Vaccine Deals likely to Encourage Mergers & Acquisitions 

As majority of research activities in biotechnology and life science research are implemented through collaborations and tie-ups, biotechnology science would not have existed without venture capitalists.

Although large biotechnology companies performed well in the vaccines market, the biotechnology sector is significantly dominated by relatively small loss-making manufacturers that have insufficient funds. These small companies have underperformed in terms of revenue and thus, investors and capitalists are unwilling to fund such capital-constrained firms. However, this is likely to benefit the sector by encouraging mergers and acquisitions, and consequently fuel the growth of the meningococcal vaccine market. For instance:

  • In 2014, GSK acquired Bexsero from Novartis AG
  • In 2014, Pfizer acquired NeisVac-C from Baxter International, which was incorporated into Baxter’s meningococcal vaccines portfolio after acquisition from North America Vaccines in 2002
  • In 2015, Pfizer acquired two more meningococcal vaccines from GSK 

Enhanced Access to Meningococcal Vaccines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 

Historically, new & improved vaccines have become available in middle-income and low-income countries several years after being introduced in highly industrialized countries. However, now, meningococcal vaccines are being introduced more rapidly in low-income countries such as African countries through the support of global partners such as World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). These global partners assist with vaccine prequalification & procurement, as well as provide funding for manufacturing and research. Expanding access to meningococcal vaccines in these under-penetrated markets is expected to accelerate the growth of the global meningococcal vaccine market.

For instance, according to a WHO immunization coverage report, within 6 years of the introduction of meningococcal vaccines in Africa, over 250 Mn people in Africa have been vaccinated with the meningococcal vaccine. 

Threat of Pandemic Meningitis Outbreaks Driving Investments by Governments & Manufacturers

Meningococcal outbreak is a major public health challenge, especially meningococcal meningitis. Even though effective and affordable treatment options for meningococcal disease are available, the disease is associated with a very high rate of mortality and long-term neurological defects among infants and young children. A majority of developing countries, which include BRICS, have taken a considerable number of steps to initiate the development & production of meningococcal vaccines. This is creating significant opportunities for multinational companies to invest in the production of meningococcal vaccines in BRICS countries. These partnerships among BRICS companies and multinational companies are expected to reshape the global meningococcal vaccine market. 

Moreover, the evolution of national regulatory authorities in these countries has also resulted in funding initiatives and the establishment of WHO’s program for meningococcal vaccine prequalification. With these revolutionary changes, vaccine production has become a research-based global business. 

For instance, ABIVAX Société Anonyme-a French biotechnology company collaborated with Latin American meningococcal vaccine manufacturer Finlay Institute of Vaccines. Abivax looks into Cuba’s strength as an affordable meningococcal vaccine manufacturer. This agreement gives Abivax exclusive rights to distribute Finlay’s Va-Mengoc-Bc vaccine against meningococcus groups B and C in Asia (India, Indonesia & Philippines), Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay), etc. Abivax is also undertaking a phase III clinical study for Va-Mengoc-Bc vaccine in Africa. 

Limited Supply and Dependency on Few Manufacturers    

Securing multiple meningococcal vaccine suppliers is essential to achieve positive outcomes from immunization programs. However, the meningococcal vaccine market relies on a limited number of suppliers with an inadequate production capacity. This is expected to limit the growth of global meningococcal vaccine market. 

For instance, majority of the volume supply of meningococcal vaccines across the world comes from three manufacturers: Sanofi SA, GSK, and Pfizer Inc.

Since 2010, UNICEF’s procurement of the meningococcal A conjugate vaccine has been reliant upon only one Developing Countries Vaccines Manufacturer (DCVM) from India, which supplies 90-98% of meningococcal-A vaccines. 

Only 3 WHO prequalified manufacturers of meningococcal vaccines supply these products to UNICEF for mass campaigns as well as at the time of emergency outbreaks. 


Conjugate meningococcal vaccines are prepared by the conjugation of the bacterial polysaccharide to a protein carrier such as tetanus toxoid. Conjugate meningococcal vaccines are available as monovalent serogroup A and serogroup C vaccines; bivalent serogroups A, C vaccine; and tetravalent serogroups A, C, Y, W-135 vaccine. Conjugated serogroup A meningococcal vaccine designed particularly for use in the African meningitis belt. Examples of conjugate meningococcal vaccines included in the report are BEXSERO (GSK), TRUMENBA (Pfizer Inc.), and NeisVac-C (Pfizer Inc.). 

About the Report 

PMR conducted a research study on the meningococcal vaccine market for the forecast period 2019 to 2029. The report offers a comprehensive evaluation of the business opportunities prevailing in the meningococcal vaccine market, along with insights on the meningococcal vaccine market value analysis based on the region, global & regional market trends, pricing analysis based on product type, regulatory scenario, macroeconomic factors, industry insights, pricing analysis by vendors, new disease indication forecast analysis, hazard analysis, and volume analysis by vendors. The meningococcal vaccine market report elaborates the macro-economic factors influencing the dynamics of the market and its futuristic potential. 

Meningococcal vaccine Market: Segmentation 

The report on the meningococcal vaccine market offers a comprehensive taxonomy of the market for meningococcal vaccine based on product type, age group, distribution channel, and region. By product type, the meningococcal vaccine market is segmented into Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine (MPSV4), Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MCV4), and Serogroup B Meningococcal Vaccine (MenB-FHpb/MenB-4C). The Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine is one of the commonly used meningococcal vaccines, which is incorporated into the vaccination programs of various countries. By age group, the meningococcal vaccine market is segmented into infants (0-24 months), children, adolescents & young adults, and adults. By distribution channel, the meningococcal vaccine market is segmented into institutional sales and retail sales. The institutional sales segment is further classified into hospitals, community clinics, and public health agencies. By region, the meningococcal vaccine market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East & Africa. 

Additional Questions Answered 

Some of the additional questions addressed in this report on the meningococcal vaccine market are:

  • What is the revenue potential of the meningococcal vaccine market across the regions of North America and Europe?
  • Who are the key competitors and what are their portfolios in the meningococcal vaccine market?
  • What are the major challenges influencing the growth of the meningococcal vaccine market?
  • How is the intervention of regulatory authorities shaping the growth of the meningococcal vaccine market?

A recent research study published by Persistence Market Research (PMR) evaluates the historical and current scenario of ‘Global Meningococcal Vaccine Market’ to accurately evaluate its futuristic development. It includes comprehensive information about the key dynamics influencing the market growth, including drivers, restraints, vital trends, and opportunities that are shaping the growth prospects of the meningococcal vaccine market to highlight the opportunistic business potential for market participants. The report also gives comprehensive information about how the meningococcal vaccine market will proceed during the study period, 2019-2029.

The report offers actionable insights about the key aspects and nuances of the meningococcal vaccine market to aid the market enthusiasts take winning decisions. PMR’s report also sheds light on the vital trends that are anticipated to impact the growth of the meningococcal vaccine market during the study period. The report covers a key indicator assessment to highlight the various growth prospects of the meningococcal vaccine market and forecast statistics pertaining to the growth of the market in the terms of value (US$ Mn).

The report presents a clear segmentation of the meningococcal vaccine market along with actionable insights on competitive landscape. The report covers the company profiles of the players that are operating in the meningococcal vaccine market, wherein, various development and growth strategies formulated and employed by the market goliaths have been provides in a comprehensive way.

Meningococcal Vaccine Market - Segmentation

PMR’s study examines the meningococcal vaccine market on the basis of product, age group, distribution channel, and region. The report presents the market dynamics and rapidly changing trends related to the various market segments and how they are impacting the growth of the meningococcal vaccine market.


Age Group

Distribution Channel


Polysaccharide Vaccine


Institutional Sales

  • Hospitals
  • Community Clinics
  • Public Health Agencies

North America

Conjugate Vaccine


Retail Sales

  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Mail Order Pharmacy

Latin America

Serogroup B Vaccine

Adolescents & Young Adults






East Asia



South Asia







Middle East & Africa

What are the Key Questions Answered in PMR’s Report on Meningococcal Vaccine Market?

The report offers unique information about the meningococcal vaccine market on the basis of detailed research related to the macro and microeconomic factors that are instrumental in shaping the progress of the meningococcal vaccine market. The information mentioned in the report answers to the salient queries for the operating market players and the companies that are eying entry in the meningococcal vaccine market, to assist them formulate winning strategies and make business-driving moves.

  • What are the key development strategies of goliaths in the meningococcal vaccine market?
  • Which meningococcal vaccines product will record highest market revenues in 2022?
  • How market big shots are turning the tables in terms of changing trends to unlock higher sales of meningococcal vaccines?
  • What will be the Y-o-Y growth of meningococcal vaccine market between 2019 and 2022?
  • Which age group created highest traction for meningococcal vaccines in 2018?
  • What ROI can meningococcal vaccine market expect through institutional sales in the next couple of years?

Research Methodology – Meningococcal Vaccine Market

The research methodology employed by the PMR analysts for making meningococcal vaccine market report includes detailed research on the basis of primary and secondary resources. By delving in the market-validated information compiled and verified by relevant resources, analysts have provided riveting insights and authentic projection of the meningococcal vaccine market.

During the primary research phase, analysts interviewed C-level executives, raw material suppliers, brand manager, vice presidents, sales and marketing managers, regional managers, and industry players and investors. Based on the information compiled through the interviews of relevant resources, analysts have underlined the development outlook of meningococcal vaccine market.

For secondary research, PMR performed inclusive study of multiple annual report publications, industry association publications, case studies, white papers, research publications, and company website to acquire necessary understanding of the meningococcal vaccine market.

Companies covered in Meningococcal Vaccines Market Report

Company Profiles: 

  • Sanofi Pasteur Inc.
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Meningococcal Vaccines Market

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