Cleanroom Doors Market

Cleanroom Doors Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Market Overview

Cleanrooms are controlled environment rooms with low levels of pollutants such as microorganisms, dust, chemical vapors and others. Cleanrooms are used in a wide range of industrial processes, where pollutants may obstruct and depreciate the quality of production. Cleanroom doors are vital section of cleanrooms.

Cleanroom doors with poor quality may cause alteration and degradation of the quality of products manufactured in cleanrooms. Cleanroom doors are airtight with high cycle speed that keep the cleanrooms sterilized. In healthcare industry, cleanrooms are used in manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and also in research activities.

Cleanrooms are classified according to the size and number of particles allowed per volume of air. Cleanrooms in different countries are governed under guidelines and regulations laid by regional agencies.  The cleanroom doors market is largely driven by burgeoning demand for pharmaceutical and medical devices products globally.

Various pharmaceutical products, such as injections, vaccines, and ointments, need to be prepared in particulate and microbe free environment. Also, the medical devices, such as surgical equipment and implantable devices need to be manufactured in sterilized conditions with minimal pollutants.

Regulations have been implemented globally concerning the manufacturing of pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology products in cleanrooms. These regulations focus on the manufacturing of high quality products that are contaminant free and can be used without the threat of infection. 

Size and speed of cleanroom doors are critical factors for efficient operations in cleanrooms in research institute, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.  Roll up doors offer beneficial features in terms of size and speed as compared to traditional doors.

Cleanroom doors reduce the open time and save energy that makes them more efficient. Also, roll up cleanroom doors consume less space compared to other traditional cleanroom doors. Therefore, the adoption of roll up cleanroom doors is high among end users which is anticipated to drive the growth of the global cleanroom doors market.

In addition, technological advancements in the manufacturing process of cleanroom doors is helping in increasing the quality of cleanroom doors. The growing number of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry in emerging countries such as China, Brazil and India are expected to lead the growth of the Asia Pacific cleanroom doors market during the forecast period. However, high cost of raw materials with specific characteristic and country wise varied cleanroom regulations make international trade difficult for regional players and is anticipated to hamper the growth of the global cleanroom doors market. 

The global cleanroom doors market has been segmented by type of doors, by end user and by geography. In terms of door type, the cleanroom doors has been categorized into sliding doors, roll up doors, swing doors and other traditional doors. Increasing adoption of roll up doors and swing doors is anticipated to drive the growth of these segments in the global cleanroom doors market.

In terms of end users, the cleanrooms market has been categorized into pharmaceutical companies, biotech & medical device companies, research laboratories, and hospitals. Geographically, North America accounts for a significant share in the market for cleanroom doors owing to extensive research and development activities in the region. Presence of many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and research laboratories is expected to propel the growth of the North America cleanroom doors market.

Europe was the second large market for cleanroom doors due to enhanced healthcare product manufacturing processes and implementation of stringent rules and regulations in the region. Market in Asia Pacific is expected to increase at rapid pace owing to increased demand for cleanroom doors from countries such as Japan, China, and India.  Latin American countries such as Mexico and Brazil are expected to have considerable potential for driving the market growth due to the evolving healthcare manufacturing facilities.

The major players operating in the global cleanroom doors market include Avians, Chase Doors, GMP Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Nicomac Srl, Integrated Cleanroom Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Metaflex Doors Pvt. Ltd., Dortek, Clean Air Products Ltd., ISOFLEX systems Pvt. Ltd, Scott Doors Limited, among other significant players worldwide.

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