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Published On : Apr 05, 2021

Glancing through the Angiography Catheters Market

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheters Guidewires comes across as one of the processes of introducing the hollow plastic tubes (2-3 mm in diameter) termed as “catheters” into arteries and/or veins in arm, leg, neck, after which they are pushed to left and/or right sides of heart, and, not to forget – under local anesthesia. As the demand for minimum invasive surgeries is increasing at a substantial rate, the Angiography Devices Market is bound to grow incessantly in the years to come.

On having to choose between Catheterization Laboratories Monitoring Systems and guiding catheters, the former one is preferable, as guiding catheters do have stiffer shafts and larger lumens. These properties could result in less torque control. So, the overall outcome may not turn out to be that desirable.

Market Categorization

Application-wise, the angiography catheters market spans endovascular, coronary, and others. End-user-wise, it says ASCs (Ambulatory Surgical Centers), specialty clinics, hospitals, and others. Out of these, hospitals hold the largest market share with skilled labor available in an aplomb, improvised healthcare infrastructure, and they being infallible.

Plus, minimally invasive surgeries reduce the surgical pain, scarring, injury, hospital stay, and facilitate speedy recovery and higher precision. These factors are there to boost the angiography catheters market. So, cardiac catheterization is bound to keep the cash registers ringing between 2020 and 2030.

Region-wise Analysis

North America holds the largest market share with better penetration of the technological upgradations coupled with feasible reimbursement policies regarding cardiac diseases. Europe stands second with growing number of patients contracting cardiovascular diseases. The Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate with an ever-increasing awareness regarding early treatment needed for cardiovascular diseases.

The Competitive Perspective

The key players in the angiography catheters market include Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Terumo Medical, Merit Medical System, and Cardinal Health. On the developments’ front, Medtronic, in 2019, did come up with telescope-guided extension catheter for supporting complicated coronary cases. A year before, Cook did announce re-launching the Beacon Tip Torcon NB Advantage 5 Fr Catheter all across the US.

Also, there are Performa Catheters from Merit Medical available. They are 125 cm long and ideal for the Interventional Radiologists going for transradial peripheral procedures. The shaft material does make room for thermal stability, that too, at body temperature. There are “Performa Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters”, “Peerforma Vessel-Sizing Catheters”, and “FLO50 Hemostasis Valve”.

The Future Scenario

The angiography catheters market won’t see any stoppage in the years to come, as the chronic ailments are there to stay and catheters will be needed for diagnosis as well as deciding the further course of treatment. The emerging economies will be expected to have a say in this matter, as the developed ones are already at the saturation stage.

Angiography Catheters Market

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