Key Benefits of Using Chelated-Iron as Agricultural Micronutrient

  • Published On : Jun 10, 2019

Rising consumption of food around the world has hustled the pace of developments in global agricultural sector. Scientific research on developing better agricultural additives is amplifying the potential of several micronutrients, including the existing ones such as iron chelates. Improving the yield quality has enforced extensive adoption of chelated iron as an agricultural micronutrient. In fact, owing to its effective and affordable use in farming and crop cultivation, chelated iron are commonly being considered for being an ideal agricultural micronutrient. 

The value of global chelated-iron agricultural micronutrient market is anticipated to procure an estimated US$ 51.4 Mn by the end of forecast period 2015-2020, registering a CAGR of 6.8%. Ethylenediaminetetraacetate (EDTA) and EDDHA, among others, are common chelating agents dominating the global market by providing cost-effective production of chelated-iron agricultural micronutrients. These agents solubilize iron in water and allow its access to plants through assimilation. 

The global market for chelated-iron agricultural micronutrients is majorly driven by the challenges faced in agricultural activities. Particularly, poor soil quality is observed to be the foremost factor fuelling demand for chelated-iron as agricultural micronutrient. Since chelated-iron is primarily used to improve soil quality, several agricultural sectors are being benefitted by pervasive use of this micronutrient. Another factor urging the growth of the global market is rising consumption of “quality” food products. The quality of crops or other farm yields can be defined by the presence of functional nutrients. Since iron is an essential component for living cells and is the key source of hemoglobin in bloodstream, consumers are more likely to consume food enriched with iron particulates. Correspondingly, plants absorb chelated-iron micronutrients from soil and enhance the nutritional quality of food products derived from them. 

Key Benefits of Chelated-Iron Agricultural Micronutrients

Iron chelates are a part of wide range of agricultural micronutrients, which is why it’s important to understand genuine benefits of using them in farming activities. Chlorosis treatment remains to be the main benefit derived from agricultural use of iron chelates as they boost chlorophyll production in leaves. Some other benefits of chelated-iron agricultural micronutrients include, 

  • Horticultural Benefit

As agricultural micronutrient, iron chelates provide beneficial support to horticultural process by being a “sequestered iron”. Chelated-iron micronutrients used as plant tonics are recommended for enhancing ornamental horticulture. Such measures can prevent lime-induced chlorosis, thereby keeping quality of soil intact.

  • Optimum Pest Control

Chelated-iron agricultural micronutrients are beneficial for pest controlling purposes. The inflammatory effects of exposure to iron chelates is said to work as irritants for pests. While it is mildly irritating for humans, it can be severely poisonous for slugs, slaters and snails. Such pests can degrading crop yield, thereby necessitating a chemical control that can reduce their presence in fields. As an alternative to harmful and toxic pesticides and germicides, chelated-iron micronutrients can act as a bait to exterminate such pests without any adverse effect on crop or soil quality.

  • Eradication of Iron Deficiency in Crops

Agricultural professionals have been dealing with discrepancies in terms of crop quality, especially the iron quotient in them. After trials of several micronutrient and additives, iron chelates are being regarded optimal for correcting iron deficiency in crops. Irregular medium pH absorption renders crops deficient of iron. Increasing fertilizer application may resolve this to some extent. But, using chelated-iron micronutrients can be a key solution to intensify iron levels in soil. As a result, plants and crops will be cultivated on ample supply of iron, thereby eradicating the risks of deficiency. 


 The global market for chelated-iron agricultural micronutrients to be influenced by beneficial factors. Chelated-iron as agricultural micronutrient to boost soil quality. 

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