We would advise you to carefully go through the terms governing our return policy prior to buying:

  • Persistence Market Research charges the user for content and services as displayed on its official site. There would be 0% discrepancy on this count. It needs to be noted that the buyer is responsible for paying all the custom duties and taxes (use, property, sales, etc.).
  • All the buying’s made from Persistence Market Research’s website are termed as “final”. In case of any doubts regarding transaction, Persistence Market Research should be contacted before pressing the “purchase” tab on the “final checkout” page, or the payment gateway, wherever the user could be re-directed. This dual checking on the part of buyer would help in averting further glitches.
  • If the user, by any means, feels that an error has occurred at the time of transaction, he/she is entitled to contact the customer service team of Persistence Market Research. The team will make sure to address if the error is at our end.
  • No requests for returns would be entertained by Persistence Market Research after dispatching the product (digital format or physical format).
  • However, if the report/piece of information dispatched is found to be incomplete, missing or doesn’t match the one asked for, free customization will be provided.
  • Refunds may be initiated only under unforeseen circumstances, that too, at the sole discretion of Persistence Market Research.
  • Persistence Market Research stands by its word to deliver quality and timely stuff. Any delay in delivery after the stipulated time frame could be brought to the notice of Persistence Market Research through its customer service representative.

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