Vision and Values

Actionable Insights & Transformational Strategies that Help you Make Informed Decisions

500 Clients, 200 Consultants, 5 Continents, 1000+ reports, 8 next-generation sector expertise – if it’s market research, we’ve got you covered.

PMR Vision and Values

Many novel technologies are changing the environment around us and many more emerging technologies are likely to transform the world entirely. Persistence Market Research (PMR) aims to provide the latest insights into these game-changing technologies and become the preferred research firm for businesses of any size that need data to respond to these relentless waves of change.

  • Passionately Curious: At PMR, we are passionately curious about disruptive technologies and are determined to transform these insights into strategic intelligence.
  • 360 Innovation: We strive to provide the best solutions, using our 360-degree innovation approach featuring real-time data analytics, big data, consumer behavior, and market research.
  • Safeguard Clients: We believe in building long-standing relationships with clients by ensuring client privacy and creating winning strategies for businesses of all sizes.
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