Engagement Model

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Engagement Model

The Persistence Market Research engagement model is both agile and tactical as it is capable of being precisely tailored to client's needs. Whether it is an ad-hoc project or an on-going service engagement, our team aligns itself to your company structure so as to offer a customized, flexible, and dynamic engagement model.

engagement model

Three types of engagement models offered by PMR are:

Long-Term Solution-Based Engagement:

Retaining clients is just as vital as winning them. Persistence Market Research believes in creating long-term relationships with its clients based on trust and competency. We understand – and believe – in their goals to be more successful and strive to deliver better services and experiences.

Report-Based Engagement:

For clients looking for definitive answers to a specific problem, we recommend our report-based engagement model. Persistence Market Research provides clients access to a clearly defined scope and a comprehensive yet concise database to cater to their market queries.

Virtual Research Team-Based Engagement:

Breaking the barriers of geographies in business research and operations is virtual research environment. Persistence Market Research’s virtual research team-based engagement model offers clients access to a world of analysts in a manner that is comprehensive, innovative, flexible, and secure.

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