The First Flying Camera To Take You On The Tour To Discover Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Date : Nov 15, 2017 Author : PMR Editorial Staff Category : Lifestyle

The United Kingdom based selfie accessories company Airselfie started the AirSelfie team tour to discover the beautiful cities such as from Berlin to London, from Jakarta to Tokyo via Singapore, from New York to Los Angeles, up to Milan to Dubai and many others.

The tour covered the landmarks and monuments of all the main cities of the world from a new perspective for videos, photos and selfies that will be spread across the social media platform with hashtags such as #airselfieteamtour and #getanewperspective.

Consists of four effective propellers and a video camera of 5-megapixel, AirSelfie is small in size than a cell phone and can fly vertically up to 66 feet, enabling selfie lovers to take aeronautical selfies of themselves and their companions. The gadget associated with all popular cell phones, such as iPhone- 6, 6s, 7 and 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel. The gadget incorporates self-created WiFi and is equipped with a battery which can be recharged through a case of the mobile phone. There is also an option of buying additional power bank. Besides, its in-flight system of stability and vibration absorber system ensures steady, clear, streaming pictures.

With AirSelfie the users will be able to take group selfies from the distance of more than 60 feet which can capture panoramas and people. It is also possible to take outdoor as well as indoor photographs with aerial snaps of areas and subjects that would somehow or another be inaccessible that is landmarks and stadiums amid sporting events. AirSelfie users can also utilize the gadgets as a camera that monitors when the gadget is not flying and is associated with a power source. Utilizing the video as work instrument such as time-lapse shots of events of a company and taking recording through the eyes of AirSelfie which was earlier impossible. 

One of the key elements of AirSelfie is its usability. To initiate AirSelfie, the client basically expels it from its case and turns it on. The gadget interfaces consequently to cell phones by means of WiFi — the flying camera makes the WiFi (2.4GHz) arrange itself and it is instantly prepared for take-off. Utilizing the "selfie defer clock" work, clients can take coordinated photographs, surrendering them to 10 seconds to get into position and shroud their cell phone with the goal that it doesn't show up in photographs. Clients can likewise take up to eight continuous shots. AirSelfie's innovation incorporates straightforwardly with web-based social networking, making it simple to post photographs and recordings specifically to clients' records. AirSelfie comes furnished with 4 GB small scale SD memory card and a 260mAh 7.4v battery that empowers three minutes of flight time.

AirSelfie clients should just download the free iOS and Android application keeping in mind the end goal to control the gadget's developments through three distinctive flight modes. AirSelfie can come back to its flight point either automatically or manually. At the point when clients are done utilizing the gadget, it's easy to return it to its arrival spot — basically by tapping the button marked "slide to land" and AirSelfie drops and turns off. Consumers can likewise straightforwardly reposition the gadget by hand with no hazard at all of harming it or themselves. 

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