Glycated Haemoglobin Testing Market

Glycated Haemoglobin Testing Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

Glycated Haemoglobin Testing Market Segmented By function such as the single-use, small push-button device first sucks, cumulates, and stabilizes a capillary blood sample from the upper arm

Glycated Hemoglobin Testing Market – Overview

Serving to be a reliable index for long-term measure of glycemic level, glycated hemoglobin testing (HbA1c) is now considered as a cornerstone for diabetes management. Glycated hemoglobin testing is favorable for several factors, including stability in measurement values unaltered by fasting or post prandial states, requirement of singe blood sample, better reflection of glycemic level over a period of 6-12 weeks prior to testing, and standardized as compared to blood glucose testing among others.

The glycated hemoglobin testing market is divided on the basis of test type, end user, technique, and region.

The report pinpoints and analyzes each and every aspect that could influence demand within glycated hemoglobin testing market over the forecast period. Vital market indicators, demand dynamics, and competitive outlook are some aspects that are examined for valuable insights into the growth curve of glycated hemoglobin testing market in the forthcoming years.

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Glycated Hemoglobin Testing Market: Notable Developments

In a new development, OneDraw A1c test system developed by The Drawbridge Health is an apparatus for collection and stabilization of blood in a quick and convenient manner for healthcare professionals.

The novel disposable device draws blood painlessly for accurate measurement of glycated hemoglobin levels in individuals with diabetes.

By function, the single-use, small push-button device first sucks, cumulates, and stabilizes a capillary blood sample from the upper arm. Following this, blood is gently collected via the skin using minuscule lancets and light vacuum suction. The apparatus omits the need of use of invasive hyppdermic needle to puncture a vein.

For the examination part, the blood sample is stabilized on a paper matrix filter and held within a removable cartridge. The matrix filter is designed to protect the sample for safe transportation until it reaches a certified clinical laboratory for complete measurement of glycated hemoglobin levels.

Prominent companies operating in the glycated hemoglobin testing market include Abbott Laboratories, Alere Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., ARKAY Inc., Tosoh Corp., Beckman Coulter Inc., Roche Holdings AG, Bayer AG, Randox Laboratories Ltd., and A. Menarini Diagnostics Ltd.

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Glycated Hemoglobin Testing Market: Key Trends

Rapid adoption of glycated hemoglobin testing as a viable alternative of blood glucose testing for diabetes management is a key factor behind growth of glycated hemoglobin testing market. So much so, according to an International Expert Committee convened by the American Diabetes Association, International Diabetes Federation, and European Association for the Study of Diabetes, HbA1c testing is reckoned to be preferred for diabetes diagnosis except for individuals with some clinical conditions.

Availability of point-of-care HbA1c testing devices is serving to boost uptake of glycated hemoglobin testing market. Regulatory approval received by some point-of-care HbA1C testing devices boosts consumer confidence for these devices.

However, on the downside, risk of flawed results of point-of-care testing is leading to dwindling demand for glycated hemoglobin testing tools. Besides this, none point-of-care HbA1c testing devices have so far not received FDA clearance for the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

According to guidelines from an International Expert Committee for glycated hemoglobin testing, the latter is indicated as an alternative diagnostic tool, but not superior to blood glucose testing for diabetes management. This hampers growth of glycated hemoglobin testing market.

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Glycated Hemoglobin Testing Market: Regional Outlook

North America is anticipated to command leading share in the glycated hemoglobin testing market in the forthcoming years. Increasing incidence of diabetes in the U.S. and Canada due to hectic lifestyle and mindless eating habits has led to surge in demand for glucose testing. North America held leading share among all in the overall glycated hemoglobin testing market in the recent past too.

Asia Pacific excluding Japan and Europe are also anticipated to display strong demand for glycated hemoglobin testing market in the forthcoming years.

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