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Firewood Processors Market

Global Market Study on Firewood Processors - Downsizing Workforce and Upscaling Production Capacity Remains a Key Strategy

Firewood Processor Market Segmented By Portable, Stationary Product in Tractor Hydraulics, Electric Motor, Combustion Engine, Tractor PTO Drive with Gasoline, Diesel, Electric Power Source

Firewood Processor – Downsizing Workforce, Upscaling Production Capacity

As automation becomes the passage to move towards higher bottom lines, innovation has become unavoidable in the firewood processing industry. Since the popularity of wood as fuel has not yet paled completely, the firewood processor market continues to advance towards higher value at a steady pace. Viewing the big picture of the firewood processor adoption trends, key players focus on two types of product portfolio - new firewood processor, to acquire influential consumers and value-added used firewood processors, to target the low budgetary clientele.

As demand for wood for recreational activities surpasses the supply, time necessarily becomes money for manufacturers and technology becomes critical for the evolution of the landscape. This urges manufacturers to prioritize on the development of high-quality firewood processors with high operating speed and low supervision requisites. However, concerns apropos of the workforce safety has led to the formation of ergonomic standards that firewood processor need to conform to, thereby engendering the installation of a nexus of nets or chains around the saw to eliminate haphazard in industries.

Given the undercurrents that increase the dynamism of the firewood processor market, Persistence Market Research (PMR) presents an exclusive study covering distinguished information that aims at equipping stakeholders with crucial insights and aid them have an upper hand with firsthand insights into the market.

firewood processor market strategy

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Tracing the Evolution of the Firewood Processor Market

The firewood processor landscape has witnessed an evolution somewhere between numerous workers cutting wood with the saw to manufacturers leveraging firewood processors for cutting down the workforce. As automation enters into the inner circle of the mainstream production process, end users find it easy to capitalize on the high seasonal demand with their increased production capacity. In 2018, sales of 87,279 units of firewood processors were closed, which corresponded to a value of US$ 1,103.5 Mn.

Currently, firewood processor market is transcending its boundaries, as technology sets in and drives the acceleration of the landscape. Leading manufacturers are focusing on creating sales opportunities by leveraging the wide-exposure prowess of online channels.

To further stay abreast and be responsive to the evolving demands of end users, manufacturers resort to extensive research and development activities to differentiate their product offerings and create a high brand value. Such sustainable implications are likely to offer favorable growth scenario to the firewood processor market cites PMR. According to the study, the firewood processor market will record a CAGR of 2.1% over the course of the forecast period.

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Perpetual Appeal for Portability to Remain Stationary

As industrialists seek convenience to manufacturability, demand for portable firewood processor shows greater ascendancy. A majority of manufacturers prefer portable firewood processors, in light of the mobility as compared to their larger counterparts. Since stationary firewood processors are used for long-term contracts, they appeal only a smaller pool of end-users, thereby accounting for a low share of the market.

Since end users of firewood processor adopt the economic fuel concept, tractor PTO befits their needs to reduce the overall production cost by optimum use of energy. However, the combustion engine segment is anticipated to remain the second-most opportunistic segment in the global market, as numerous end users still prefer operating firewood processors using combustion engines.

firewood processor market europe

Among the other log diameters, firewood processors with a high capacity of over 15 inch remain the gold standard for end users. However, demand for log diameter - 10 inch to 15 inch - is likely to grow at a high rate over the course of the forecast period. However, the steady growth of the market can be hampered by an underlying restraint.

Firewood processor, in itself, is a hefty investment, which remains affordable only for the large to some medium-sized enterprises. However, leading players of the firewood processor market leverage the ‘reselling of used product’ strategy to get the small contractors into the demand-supply circle. In addition to the installation cost, firewood processor requires periodic maintenance checks to ensure seamless functioning, which is likely to restrict its infiltration in the price-sensitive developing countries.

Market Research Methodology

Market Research Methodology

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How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Firewood Processor Market?

A majority of the companies operating in the firewood processor market are heavily concentrated in the cold developed countries, which points towards a strong consumer base in the region. However, demand for wood has been growing in the residential sector of the developing countries, which surfaces new sales opportunities for the firewood processing manufacturers.

As a result, leading players direct their investments towards streamlining their distribution chain in developing regions. For facilitating the broad product exposure, other than brick-and-mortar stores, manufacturers are increasingly relying upon online sales channel. Since the firewood processors await proper penetration, key players leverage events and promotional platforms to create brand awareness and establish partnerships with distributors.

As firewood is highly used for temperature control activities, demand for wood surges during the cold season. Firewood manufacturers capitalize on this seasonal demand and broaden their brand exposure just before the onset of winter to have large sales closures. Additionally, in the competitive landscape, where the price tag of the firewood processor hampers the sales, besides government, leading manufacturers cushion the blow of heavy prices by offering financing options to end users.

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Mapping the Competition Intensity of the Firewood Processor Market

The firewood processor market remains fragmented with a large number of players operating at the regional level and only a small number of companies functioning at the global level. The market leaders include CORD KING, DYNA Products, TAJFUN Planina doo, HAKKI PILKE, Multitek North America LLC, and RABAUD S.A.

Targeting the end-use demand remains a key strategy for the players who account for 20-30% of the total market share. For instance, a leading company, DYNA Products, participates in numerous events to present its broad product portfolio, targeting the residential and commercial applications.

The leading players also expend their efforts towards product innovation by leveraging the research and development activities, while the regional players scramble towards increasing their geographical footprints.

The regional players possess a strong brand value in the local market, while they advance towards carrying the same status in other geographies. For example, Agromaster Oy focuses on strengthening its distribution network to have a wide horizon of sales opportunities. Since the prices of the feature-rich new firewood processors are on a heavier scale, market players resell the second-hand equipment to target small-sized businesses.

Analysts’ Take on the Firewood Processor Market

The author(s) of the report maintains a propitious outlook on the future growth trajectory of the firewood processor market. Manufacturers who conform to the ergonomic regulations of government will witness high adoption of firewood processors. Developing countries hold the opportunity to large sales closures, owing to the high demand for wood ascending from the construction industry. As eCommerce portals possess excellent product exposure capability, manufacturers can leverage the channel to unlock novel sales avenues.

An investment in portable firewood processor will remain lucrative over the course of the forecast period, as end users seek better mobility and convenience of operability. Manufacturers can leverage sales opportunities created by the seasonal demand for firewood processors. Since tractor PTO remains a favorable drive type, manufacturers can carry out research and development activities to broaden their product portfolio and distinguish their product offerings for the specific drive. As the cost of the firewood processors is anticipated to cause a hesitance among end users, manufacturers can offer financing options and leverage reselling strategy to widen their clientele.

firewood processor market segmentation

Market Overview

The global firewood processor market is expected to grow at an approximate CAGR of around 2%, and is estimated to reach a value of nearly US$ 300 Mn by the end of the forecast period.

A firewood processor is a machine designed to cut and split firewood with minimum manual work. Several categories of firewood processors are available in the global market, which can vary according to the log diameter and cutting capacity of the processor. These firewood processors are used for commercial as well as residential purposes.

The global firewood processor market has been continuously studied with a deep understanding of the macro and microeconomic factors. High efficiency, a significant number of wood cutting in less time, and automatic handling are some factors that are expected to drive the sales of firewood processors over the stipulated period.

Moreover, in the global study of firewood processors, PMR considers only the new sales of firewood processors across the historical and forecast period.

Portable Segment Expected to be the Most Attractive Segment over the Forecast Period

Based on the product type, the global firewood processor market is categorized into two segments: portable and stationary. The portable segment is estimated to be an attractive segment as compared to the stationary type segment. Furthermore, the portable segment is projected to gain traction in the near future, owing to the rising demand at the uptick level. However, the requirement of this product type segment depends upon the contract type.

For the long-term contracts, stationary type firewood processors are preferred and for short-term contracts, mostly portable type firewood processors are preferred. However, the portable type segment is estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 2% over the forecast period with a relatively low share in the upcoming years.

Tractor PTO Segment estimated to Register Substantial Business Opportunities over the Assessment Period

Based on the drive type, the tractor PTO segment is estimated to grow with a paramount share in the global firewood processor market. The tractor hydraulics and combustion engine segments are projected to be the second most opportunistic segments in the global firewood processing market. In the last couple of years, firewood processor manufacturers are providing one more options to operate firewood processors, which include an electric motor, owing to the increasing penetration of electric motor-operated wood processing equipment. This is, in turn, expected to accelerate the demand for firewood processors over the forecast period.

More Than 15 inch Segment Projected to grow with a Significant Share during the Forecast Period

Based on the log diameter, the global firewood processor market is segmented into less than 10 inch, 10 inch to 15 inch, and more than 15 inch. Most of the firewood processor manufacturers are focusing on manufacturing more than 15 inch type firewood processors or 10 inch to 15 inch type firewood processors.

Although the cost of these two firewood processors is high, both are highly beneficial as the more than 15 inch type fire wood processor can cut small diameter and large diameter firewood. Therefore, in the global study of firewood processors, PMR has estimated that the less than 10 inch segment is projected to grow with small share in the next ten years.

Electric Segment Expected to Witness Significant Growth Opportunities in the Global Firewood Processor Market

By power source, the diesel-powered segment is anticipated to be the most lucrative segment over the upcoming years. However, the gasoline segment is also estimated to hold a share of more than 30% in the global market. However, gasoline is costly as compared to diesel and therefore, the manufacturers of firewood processors are choosing to purchase diesel-operated firewood processors.

Over the past couple of years, the manufacturers of firewood processors are also providing another option, which is an electric motor to run firewood processors. Although this is the best option for the owners of firewood processors, electric motors can only be efficiently operated by three-phase electricity.

Europe and North America Regions Estimated to Create Healthy Opportunities as Compared to Other Regions over the Stipulated Period

In the global firewood processor market, the North America and Europe markets are projected to hold a significant share in the global market, owing to the rising demand for firewood processors from commercial and residential end users. The South Asia and Oceania regions are also creating opportunities in the upcoming years, however they are expected to be relatively lower as compared to the aforementioned regions.

In the North America region, some of the prominent brands of firewood processors are Multitek, Cord King, and Dyna Product, among others. Moreover, the East Asia region is projected to account for a share of less than 6% of the global firewood processor market owing to high cost and low awareness during the forecast period.

Firewood Processor Market Structure

The global firewood processor market is fragmented due to the presence of several companies in the market, which are generating more than US$ 40 Mn revenue through the sales of firewood processors across the globe.

However, the global market for firewood processors is consolidated in developed regions such as North America and Europe, owing to the increasing demand for firewood, especially from cold countries, over the upcoming decades. In addition, prominent players in the global firewood processor market are adopting expansion and product launch strategies to hold a strong foothold across the world.

Key Questions Answered in the Firewood Processor Market Report

  • How is the firewood processor market expected to grow over the projected period?
  • What direction is the firewood processor market expected to take in terms of volume and value during the forecast period?
  • What is the impact of macroeconomic factors on the firewood processor market in future?
  • What are the key market drivers in the firewood processor market?
  • What are significant opportunities and improvement areas for firewood processor manufacturers?
  • What are the key developments and trends taking over the firewood processor market?
  • Which are the emerging countries that are expected to create significant growth opportunities in the firewood processor market?

Firewood Processor Market – Segmentation

PMR’s report analysis the firewood processor market on the basis of the log diameter, product type, drive type, power source, and region. With the help of the segmentation, the readers will be able to measure the attractiveness of the firewood processor market.

Attribute Details
Log Diameter
  • Less than 10 inch
  • 10 inch to 15 inch
  • More than 15 inch
Product Type
  • Portable
  • Stationary
Drive Type
  • Tractor Hydraulics
  • Electric Motor
  • Tractor PTO
  • Combustion Engine
Power Source
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Electric
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • MEA

- Companies Covered in This Report -

  • DYNA Products
  • TAJFUN Planina doo
  • Multitek North America LLC
  • Fuelwood (Warwick) Limited
  • Officine Costruzioni Meccaniche S.p.A.
  • Wallenstein Equipment Inc.
  • Hud-Son Forest Equipment
  • Halverson Wood Products
  • Wood-Mizer LLC
  • Agromaster Oy
  • Farmi Forest Corporation

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