Decentralized/POC Coagulation Testing Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Decentralized Poc Coagulation Testing  Market
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Cardiovascular diseases present a wide range of blood disorders (haemostasis) that influences the development cardiovascular co morbidities. Patients exhibiting such symptoms are often prescribed on anti-thrombotic medications to prevent the onset of adverse cardiovascular events arising as a result of the sudden rise in blood coagulation factors. In addition, patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery also present haemostatic disorders along with their existing disease state besides their adjunctive medication or the presence of any coagulation disturbances induced by a cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. POC (Point of care) coagulation testing monitors are available for monitoring preoperative coagulation especially in procedures involving cardiovascular surgeries such as cardiac bypass, angioplasty, etc. According to the British Journal of Anesthesia, patients requiring coronary artery bypass grafting account for more than 10% of the total estimated 3.2 million annual recipients of RBC (red blood cell) transfusions in the U.K. The management of haemostatic balance is therefore very important process during the surgical procedures and after it, in order to prevent any unfavorable cardiovascular adverse event. Initially surgeons used to administer blood transfusion to patients during miscalculation or to prevent any miscalculated coagulation at an empirical volume. This was because the time taken for laboratory testing of blood coagulation was very long. However with advanced technology POC testing monitors have greatly reduced the testing time and have practically removed the need for operative blood transfusion. Beside cardiac surgeries, dialysis units, and intensive care unit surgeries also require POC coagulation testing monitors. The basic types of POC coagulation testing monitors include anti-coagulated plasma technology, whole blood specimen testing kits, satellite anticoagulation therapy and many more. In standard coagulation systems, prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time are commonly measured with anti-coagulated plasma. Activated coagulation time is measured with a specially designed coagulometer monitors that use whole blood specimens instead of only the capillary samples. Individual testing with self extracted capillary blood samples have enabled patients to monitor their prothrombin time and thereby maintain their health.

The global market for POC (Point of care) coagulation testing monitors has been, according to some estimates, growing at a slower rate in comparison to last few years due to the global recession and economic turn of markets especially of the North American and European region. The market is nevertheless expected to regain growth by the end of the forecast period with increased demand and supply from the Asian markets of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and India. In the North American continent, the U.S bill passed in 2013 and accepted in Jan 2014, regarding the healthcare act is expected to display a growth in the market by some experts. However skeptics are unsure whether the act, that obligates the requirement for a health insurance by every citizen, shall mean a positive sign for diagnostics market. For now the global focus is primarily on the Asia Pacific market, which seems to have the highest growth rate globally. The molecular diagnostics market which was teemed as the costlier evolution of the diagnostics market was the favorite among manufacturers as the segment gave better revenues. The Rest of the world (ROW) market is also expected to grow albeit in a low volume till the forecast period of 2020.

Some of the companies that participate in the POC coagulation testing market include: Roche Diagnostics, Abbott Laboratories Inc., Biosite Diagnostic Inc., Medtronic Inc., Trinity Biotech Inc., Polartechnics Inc., etc to name a few.

Decentralized Poc Coagulation Testing Market

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