De Icing Vehicles Market

De-Icing Vehicles Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2013 to 2018 and Forecast 2018 - 2028

De-Icing Vehicles Market: Introduction


When ice formation occurs on the surface of an aircraft, it causes major issues affecting the flight operations. The formation of ice can add considerable weight on the aircraft causing several changes in fuel requirement, aerodynamics, controllability, safety etc. which may damage the aircraft body and can affect its interiors as well. In order to tackle such situations a special ground support equipment is used for deicing in the airports. Deicing operation are critical and time sensitive which demands high maneuverability. The equipment or deicing vehicle generally consists of chassis, van, lift device, hydraulic system, fluid tank, dynamic system, electric control system, fire-extinguishing system, communication system and so on. The process of deicing is done through two means that includes spreading and spraying. Countries with harsh weather environment particularly during the winters have to use deicing vehicles in order to ensure safe and reliable flight journey for the passengers.

Owing to the factors such as increasing requirements from modernization of air terminals, frequent flight delays amidst snowfall, the demand for de-icing vehicles is increasing with good pace. This in turns is expected to add to the growth of global deicing vehicle market during the forecast period.

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De-Icing Vehicles Market: Dynamics


Growing air transport industry owing to increasing number of people than ever traveling through aircrafts is leading towards airlines achieving sustainable levels of profitability. The problem of ice generation on aircraft surface is one of the most common cause of accidents in aviation since last three decades. Increasing safety concerns and regulations governing aircraft de-icing system operations is one of the key factor driving the growth of de-icing vehicle market across the globe. Snow, rain and ice are some of the major hindrances of aircraft transportation systems. Modernization of airports along with increasing concern for flight delays during the snow are also some of the major factors propelling the demand for de-icing vehicles.

The ongoing development in the aviation industry and upcoming projects for new as well as existing airports is expected to offer significant opportunities for the growth of deicing vehicle manufacturers in the coming years.

Although the global de-icing vehicle market has bright opportunities in the future still the manufacturers in the global market have to face some challenges regarding the geographic locations. The deicing vehicles finds its application only in region with harsh environment which are prone to ice and snowfall. Hence the manufacturers have to focus their market merely in northern countries.

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De-Icing Vehicles Market: Segment

basis of tank capacity
  • Low capacity
  • Medium capacity
  • High capacity
basis of number of operators
  • Single operator
  • Two man operator
basis of technology
  • Sprayer type
  • Spreader type

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De-Icing Vehicles Market: Regional Outlook


The global de-icing vehicle market is anticipated to witness significant increase in its valuation and size over the forecast period. The market is expected to be dominated by colder countries prone to snow and frost.  North America, on account of its extreme weather conditions is expected to witness significant demand for de-icing vehicles, considerably contributing to the global de-icing vehicle market. Various countries in Europe also witness harsh weathers which in turns demand for de-icing vehicles adding to the market growth. Countries such as China and Japan are also expected to witness a surge in the demand for de-icing vehicles and thus lift the growth of global de-icing vehicle market in the coming years

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De-Icing Vehicles Market: Key Participants


Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global de-icing vehicle market include:

  • Cartoo GSE
  • Vestergaard Company A/S
  • Aebi Schmidt Holding AG
  • TUG Technologies Corporation
  • JBT
  • Global Ground Support, LLC
  • Laanga Industrial

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