Bioadhesives Market

Bioadhesives Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2015 to 2021

Bioadhesives Market Segmented By types such as natural adhesives, biological adhesives, biocompatible adhesive, biomimetic adhesives comprised of major substances such as protein and carbohydrate.

Market Overview

Bioadhesives is a natural polymeric material which is used as adhesives (substance applied to the surfaces of materials that binds them together and resists separation) between two separate materials. Bioadhesives are mostly used to describe glue which is used to bind the substance and resist separation between two materials.

Glue is synthetically (execution of chemical reactions to obtain a product) formed by using biological monomers (molecule that is used to chemically bind two molecules to form a polymer) such as sugars or by any synthetic material designed to adhere to biological tissue.

Bioadhesives materials have the property to build durable interface between two classes of materials such as hard and soft materials, which are of disparate scale and exhibit certain characteristic which makes them different from synthetic adhesives. Protein and carbohydrate are the major substances used to make bioadhesives. Proteins (gelatin) and carbohydrates (starch) have been used as general-purpose glues by general public since ages.

Bioadhesives have biocompatible property; hence it is used for biomedical applications involving body skin and other body tissue. Some bioadhesives can work in wet environments condition or under water, while other can only operate in low surface energy (non-polar surfaces such as plastic).

On the bases of extraction global bioadhesives market can be bifurcated into natural adhesives (substances that are partially or completely formed from bio-based raw materials), biological adhesives (adhesive secretions from natural organisms in marine and other wet environments such as under water), biocompatible adhesives (natural or synthetic adhesive which interfaces with living tissues and biological fluids), biomimetic adhesives (synthetic adhesives design to copy or mimic the molecular structure and mechanisms of adhesion found in external environment) and others.

Bioadhesives are mostly applied in the healthcare sector in biomedical application, as it can interfaces with living tissues and biological fluids within the human body. Other major applications of bioadhesives are in the field of personal care and paper & pulp industry. Healthcare sector is expected to dominate the market in the forecasted period.

North America has the largest market share for bioadhesives, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. The U.S. is the largest consumer of bio based adhesives owing to technological advancement and consumer tilt towards using natural products. North America is expected to maintain its dominance in the forecasted period; Europe is expected to show average growth. However, Asia Pacific is expected to witness highest growth in the coming years owing to technological advancement in the developing countries such as India and China.

Increasing demand from the healthcare sector for biomedical application is driving the global bioadhesives market. Additionally, increasing stringent environmental regulations and consumer awareness towards the adverse effects of synthetic materials is further driving the global bioadhesives market.

Also, industrial and individuals inclination toward using bio-based product to keep the environment green or eco-friendly is further expected to drive the global bioadhesives market to some extent. Governments are coming up with regulation for the chemical industries to reduce the use of fossil products, which is further expected to increase the demand for bio-based adhesives in the global market.

Increasing government’s regulation to use more of bio-based products has influenced the bioadhesives manufacturing companies to come out with more advanced bioadhesives materials in the market. Some of the major companies operating in the global bioadhesives market are Bioadhesive Alliance Inc. CryoLife Inc., Ashland Inc., Everis Group, Adhbio and Columbia Laboratories, Inc.

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