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IT and Telecommunication

Global Market Study on Enterprise Social Networks and Online Communities: Small Enterprises Forecasted to Grab Significant Market Share During 2018 - 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 24-Apr-2018

The global digital ecosystem has been continuously evolving over the last few years. The worldwide ICT sector has witnessed some key disruptions of late and governments of various economies are devising and implementing smart and inclusive regulations to govern sector penetration and facilitate technology connectivity to all parts of the world.

Global Market Study on Boundary Scan Hardware: Several Industries to Remain Reluctant of Using Boundary Scan Testing Method Owing to Evolving Technological Landscape

Price : $4900 | Published : 19-Apr-2018

The research report on the global boundary scan hardware market includes study of boundary scan hardware used for board level & PCB testing and hardware that meets IEEE 1149.X standards. The outcomes of this comprehensive research report reveals that the global boundary scan hardware market benefits the most with the rapid growth of the global electronics industry and growing demand for smart gadgets among people. Boundary scan hardware has the potential to facilitate advanced products testing an efficient and cost saving process.

Global Market Study on Automotive Cyber Security: Burgeoning Demand from Mobile Apps, Social Networking, and Cloud to Heighten Growth of Managed Security Services

Price : $4900 | Published : 05-Apr-2018

The global automotive cyber security market currently values around US$ 460 Mn and is likely to observe stellar growth over the next decade, reaching a value beyond US$ 1 Bn. The global market for automotive cyber security is expected to reach US$ 1,150.6 Mn by 2028 end, at a booming CAGR of 12.1% during the eight-year forecast period. The report has been segmented on the basis of the technology, component, and geography.

Global Market Study on Managed VPN: Cloud Service Providers to Witness the Fastest Adoption During 2018-2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 04-Apr-2018

The global digital ecosystem has been continuously evolving over the last few years. The worldwide ICT sector has witnessed some key disruptions of late and governments of various economies are devising and implementing smart and inclusive regulations to govern sector penetration and facilitate technology connectivity to all parts of the world. Even as the world of technology prepares for a massive revolution with unimaginable advancements powered by machine intelligence, here are some of the key drifts presently trending the global ICT sector

Global Market Study on 5G Network Equipment: Will Early Consumer Trials Facilitate Speedy Detection and Resolution of 5G Deployment Issues?

Price : $4900 | Published : 29-Mar-2018

There has been an extensive growth in the use of smartphones across the globe. This is also a result of the growing dependency of people on smartphones and the internet to undertake their daily chores. The growing number of internet users is also a result of decreasing internet prices and increasing adoption of IoT and other smart technologies. This increased the global internet user population to 3.42 billion in 2016 from 3.19 billion in 2015. In the period from 2012 to 2016, internet users across the world registered a growth rate of 8.3%. This reflects a bright future for the growth of the 5G technology as well.

Global Market Study on Smart Electric Heaters: Adoption to Increase at a Meteoric Pace in Europe in the Coming Years

Price : $4900 | Published : 29-Mar-2018

Emergence of smart technology has made tasks quicker, simpler and high convenient. According to industrial experts, with prevalence of smart technology, the world is on the verge of fourth industrial revolution, with the prediction that people would start living in a much advanced and connected smarter world. Application of smart technology has risen, starting from smartphones to smart heaters.

Global Market Study on Cloud API: Large Enterprises to Witness Substantial Growth During 2017 - 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 27-Mar-2018

Application Programming Interface (API) is emerging as one of the most important tools to provide access to data. Businesses are increasingly moving towards using APIs for digital transformation. API for companies is emerging as the important component to merge the old and new IT platforms and to capture and store a vast amount of data. A business model of the majority of the companies exists around the Software as a Service platform. 

Global Market Study on Industrial Wireless Sensor Network: Emphasis on Operation Efficiency to Drive the Market Growth During 2017 to 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 19-Mar-2018

Achieving high standards of industrial energy efficiency and safety has persisted as a major consideration among all industrial sectors worldwide. Factors such as low cost of installation and power efficiency have governed efficacy of industrial facilities, which entails remarkable challenges while using wired sensors. This has led industries around the world toward replacing wired sensors with wireless ones, as they facilitate realization of both energy and cost efficiency.

Healthcare AR VR Market: Healthcare Industry to Witness Exponential Growth in Adoption Despite High Prices of AR VR Devices: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2017 and Forecast 2018 - 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 19-Mar-2018

The global digital ecosystem has been continuously evolving over the last few years. The worldwide ICT sector has witnessed some key disruptions of late and governments of various economies are devising and implementing smart and inclusive regulations to govern sector penetration and facilitate technology connectivity to all parts of the world.

Global Market Study on Managed Security Services: Increased Application to be Witnessed in the BFSI Sector During 2017 - 2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 16-Mar-2018

Increasing complexities in network infrastructure and the pressure to comply with stringent regulations are some of the major challenges being faced by data security management.

Global Market Study on DIY Home Security Solutions: Need for Inexpensive Security Solutions in APAC to Present Market Players with Extensive Opportunities in the Region

Price : $4900 | Published : 27-Feb-2018

A rise in crime rates and burglaries in commercial as well as residential complexes across the globe has intensified the adoption of security solutions. 

Global Market Study on Cinema Point of Sale (POS) Solutions: Emerging Economies to Give Tough Competition to Developed Regions Owing to Increased Number of Multiplexes

Price : $4900 | Published : 09-Feb-2018

The companies offering point of sale solutions are now focusing on expanding their businesses across countries in Europe and Asia Pacific where growth of modern retail and rapid urbanization are offering investment opportunities for point of sale solutions vendors.  The APAC cinema point of sale (POS) solutions market is expected to witness a relatively high growth rate over the forecast period.

Global Market Study on Network Forensics: Services Segment by Component Anticipated to Increase 4.3X Between 2017 and 2025

Price : $4900 | Published : 29-Jan-2018

It has been witnessed that the number of players in the global network forensics market are increasing day by day and the reason behind it is the rising demand for advanced security solutions among enterprises. The presence of a large number of companies in this market is beneficial for consumers as they get a wide variety of choices while selecting network forensic platforms that are available at a low cost with greater accessibility. Another advantage to consumers is that they can get accurate knowledge about all the services available to them. 

Global Market Study on Physician Scheduling Systems: Clinics End Use Segment Poised to Grow at the Highest CAGR During 2017 - 2025

Price : $4900 | Published : 27-Dec-2017

According to Persistence Market Research, the global physician scheduling system market is anticipated to witness significant market valuation and a robust growth rate during the period of assessment 2017-2025. The physician scheduling system market has seen positive growth trend since 2012. In 2016, the global physician scheduling system market was valued at around US$ 105 Mn in 2016 and is estimated to reach a value of about US$ 330 Mn by the end of 2025.

Global Market Study on Connected Homes: Energy and Utilities Management Segment by Functionality Estimated to Cross US$ 34 Bn in Valuation by 2026 End

Price : $4900 | Published : 19-Dec-2017

Persistence Market Research uses a unique research methodology which is a strong blend of secondary and in-depth primary research. Extensive primary interviews with key market players, stakeholders, market observers and experts are carried out to collect necessary data and information pertaining to various segments and across key regions.

Global Market Study on Mobile Handset Protection: Mobile Operator/Carrier Protection Provider Segment to Reflect a Significant Market Valuation by 2026 End

Price : $4900 | Published : 19-Dec-2017

Mobile handset protection offers coverage against mechanical breakdown, theft loss and accidental damage. The mobile handset protection plan is generally offered by the mobile operator or carrier, OEMs and retailers. Smartphones are a basic necessity in everyone’s life and any disturbance in the usage and service of smartphone is undesirable in today’s world, especially when connectivity, networking and social media are the main tools of communication.

Global Market Study on Integration Security Services: Europe to Lead the Global Market in Terms of Revenue during 2017-2026

Price : $4900 | Published : 15-Dec-2017

Integration security service providers are offering integrated security solutions that can easily adapt to the changing environment along with the high level of intelligence, speed, and sophistication. Companies are also providing security solutions that integrate video management solution and access control to provide multi-tiered protection. 

Global Market Study on Deep Learning: APEJ Regional Market to Register High Y-o-Y Growth Rates During 2017 - 2027

Price : $4900 | Published : 29-Nov-2017

While North America is expected to hold the maximum value share in the global deep learning market (more than 40% during the forecast period), the APEJ deep learning market is expected to be a key regional market for sustainable revenue generation in the coming years. 

Global Market Study on ePRO, E-Patient Diaries and eCOA: E-Patient Diaries Solution Type to Register High Y-o-Y Growth Rates During 2017 - 2025

Price : $4900 | Published : 27-Nov-2017

Advancements in technology have caught up in a big way in the global healthcare industry. Doctors and healthcare professionals are seen experimenting with new and advanced instruments and are also adopting new methods of treating their patients, owing to an increase in the number of patients and mass casualties. 

Global Market Study on Consumer Cloud Storage Services: >=40 Years Expected to be the Second Largest User Age Segment in Terms of Value by 2025 End

Price : $4900 | Published : 22-Nov-2017

As stated by Persistence Market Research in its recent research report on global consumer cloud storage services market, the global market is expected to grow with a significant jump to attain a notable valuation by the end of the forecast period. The global market for consumer cloud storage services is projected to grow at a stellar rate to register a CAGR of 15.9% throughout the period of assessment, 2017-2025. 

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