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There has been a growing trend toward consolidation in the automotive sector, with the output of motor vehicles resting mainly in the hands of a few large companies and smaller independent manufacturers gradually disappearing. At the same time, where the US was once the clear frontrunner in the automotive sector, other countries such as South Korea, Japan, and those in Western Europe have been rapidly emerging as strong contenders. China’s rapid growth in vehicle sales for over a decade has taken a new turn with the introduction and adoption of new energy vehicles (NEVs).

The auto industry has been witnessing a sharp shift toward alternative and unconventional fuels, a trend epitomized by Tesla’s business model. Tesla Motors’ game-changing move of focusing on a cleaner, fossil-fuel-free future only indicates the new direction that the automotive sector is headed toward.

Persistence Market Research’s proactive approach identifies early innovation opportunities for clients in the global automotive sector. Our insights on next-generation automotive technologies such as connected cars, automotive emissions control, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), autonomous cars, electric and hybrid vehicles, and augmented reality dashboards ensure clients stay at the forefront of innovation.

Our competencies go beyond regular market research to deliver tailored solutions in an industry marked with increasing environment regulations, evolving consumer preferences, and a shifting landscape of emerging markets.

Connected Vehicles

Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles come with an array of advantages that include not just improved vehicle safety but also enhanced vehicle efficiency and shorter commute times. The development and use of a number of different technologies that...

Automated Vehicles

Automated vehicle technology has the potential to alter the face of motoring. This game-changing technology, made popular by Tesla Motors autopilot system, has caught the fancy of prominent automakers such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes...

Automotive Emission Control

Automotive Emission Control

The significance of automotive emission control was appreciated even before the Volkswagen scandal tore into the automotive sector. The escalating levels of air pollution have alarmed concerned parties and different countries and...

Original Equipment Manufacturers

The intense competition in the automotive parts industry makes it imperative for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to distinguish themselves on the basis of economies of technology, scale, cost of production, and quality....

Automotive Aftermarket

Automotive Aftermarket

Even though automotive aftermarket parts may not always work at the same level as original equipment in terms of quality or compatibility with the vehicle, their role in the automotive parts industry is just as crucial as that of...

Automotive Components

The rapidly globalizing world has been giving way to new avenues when it comes to the automotive sector and the transportation industry in particular, as it shifts focus toward electronic, electric, and hybrid cars. These more...

Vehicle Types

Vehicle Types

Triggered by the accelerated rise of new technologies, changing consumer preferences, sustainability policies, and the developments in emerging markets, the automotive sector has been undergoing transformational changes. Like almost...


Connected automotive infotainment is a trend that is quickly taking over the automotive sector, especially the personal car segment. This must-have feature for every automobile manufacturer performs a number of typical tasks such as...

Fuel Types

Fuel Types

Fuel efficiency has become the principal focus of auto manufacturers around the world owing to the urgent need to cut carbon footprints, fluctuating gas prices, and the need to cut reliance on oil-rich countries. With oil reserves...

In-Vehicle Payment Systems

The FordPass initiative by Ford for parking payments; Visa's mobile payment concept in collaboration with Honda for fuel and parking; and Parkopedia's partnership with several OEMs  these are just a few examples that...

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