Get into, and then master the "Alpha, Beta and Gamma" of Market Research @Persistence Market Research !

Casting a replenished Shadow on the Canvas of Market Intelligence

Casting a replenished Shadow on the Canvas of Market Intelligence

The Alpha Employee

Leading from the front even during hurly-burly situation. Making a difference to the company. Peacemaker. Well-aware of one’s own plus and minus points.


Always willing to learn with a positive mindframe. Inquisitiveness and optimism fully loaded. Always conspired to inspire. There to extend support even at odd hours.


Productive sans micromanagement. Able to improvise along with grit and own decision-making instincts.

Research of the Future

An unquenched thirst for new piece of information. Analytics mindset with being adept at taking calculated risks. In line with industry standards.

Fast & Bold

Fast thinker with cohesive thinking percolated down under in the form of “strategic planning”

Small teams, Big Ideas

Broader area of research, Polycentric. Teamwork (TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More). Fixated.

We Believe in Reciprocation

We Believe in Reciprocation

Our employees are our asset. We continuously strive for building an environment that accelerates innovation and creativity in our employees. We give employees their space with regards to growth and development and make sure that their career graph continues to be vertical. Our healthcare coverage ascertains employees’ safety. Moreover, it’s not just “Work, Work, and Work”. We are committed to safeguard our culturally diverse workforce. The employees are being driven by recreational activities, festivities, and a supple vacation policy.

Persistence Market Research for Everyone

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