Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Films and Sheets Market to be wept by the automotive & transportation Vertical

Published On : Jun 08, 2021

As per Persistence Market Research, the global anti-fog polycarbonate films and sheets market will witness a commendable CAGR between 2021 and 2031.

Categorization of Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Films and Sheets Market

The anti-fog polycarbonate films and sheets market, by thickness, spans above 7 mm, 5-7 mm, 2-5 mm, 0.5-2 mm, and up to 0.5 mm. By type of grade, it’s clear grade and optical grade. Application-wise, it’s mirrors, lenses, windows, windshields, display panels, roofing, and many others. End-use-wise, it’s healthcare & pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, automotives, electrical & electronics, building & construction, consumer goods, and others.

It needs to be noted that initially anti-fog polycarbonate films and sheets were tabled for addressing demand for medical face shields. However, the same films and sheets, with the passage of time, got readily accepted on the count of commercial ophthalmic dyes, that too, at the ambient temperatures on coated side. As such, they are broadly used in sports eyewear, sunglasses, display panels, and motorcycle visors. The automotive sector is the highest revenue generator to the anti-fog polycarbonate films and sheets market and the scenario is expected to remain the same even in the forecast period. Of Course, these come with diverse levels of optical clarity and scratch resistance.

These days, anti-fog polycarbonate films and sheets are being used to cater to several recreational activities like water and snow skiing. Also, lights, canopies gauges, and sun/moon roofs use anti-fog polycarbonate films and sheets. In addition to tint ability, the anti-fog polycarbonate films and sheets possess dimensional ability, emboss ability, and printability. Plus, resistance is provided against stains, chemicals, and abrasion.

By Geography

Europe holds the largest market share. North America stands second. This could be attributed to an excessive demand by automotive and transportation industry for designing numerous spare parts. Plus, economies like France, the U.K., and Germany are into extensive usage of sportswear and tinted sunglasses. The Asia-Pacific is expected to pick up pace in the upcoming period with increase in awareness with regards to the same.

The Competitive Zest

The key players in the anti-fog polycarbonate films and sheets market include SABIC, 3M Company, Kafrit Group, TEKRA, LLC, Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd., WeeTect, Suzhou Fulang Optical Material Co., Ltd., Excelite, and likewise. Ningbo Zhongding Plastic Co., Ltd. makes use of raw materials from GE Lexan and BAYER Makrolon coupled with highly skilled workforce and advanced machinery to churn out products of the highest quality. The company also holds the distinction of exporting its polycarbonate sheets to Mid-East, West Europe, Africa, and LATAM.

WeeTect Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch PC Sheet, better known as WAFASPCS, makes way for protection against the debris resulting out of woodworking, grinding, cutting, hazards out of mechanical work, lawn care, DIY projects, and liquid chemical splash. The anti-fog anti-scratch sheet provides advantages like resistance against UV rays, lower distortion, and compliance with EN170, EN166, and ANSI Z87.1.

Anti Fog Polycarbonate Films And Sheets Market

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