Revenue in Body Temperature Scanner Market Surges During COVID-19 on the Back of High Demand. Says PMR

Date : Apr 29, 2020 Author : PMR Editorial Staff

COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a challenge for the health departments across the world owing to the absence of methods of containment.

COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a challenge for the health departments across the world owing to the absence of methods of containment. The governments are deliberating over the reopening of the economy amid the growing COVID-19 crisis. In any condition, temperature screening and temperature management of corona virus patients occupies a vital space. Health authorities are in a continuous lookout for body temperature scanners that deliver quick and accurate results. Fever, being a common symptom is the major patients pool of corona virus, is eyed as an early sign of disease. Early diagnosis of COVID-19 infection aids in effective treatment. Moreover, the reopening of the economy makes temperature management a critical aspect. 

High demand for body temperature scanner is witnessed in all the areas that deal with mass gatherings and people transit. Commercial spaces such as offices, laboratories, health care institutions, and police stations account for a major percentage of the demand. Hotels such as Marriot and the Oberoi Group have amped up their efforts of body temperature scanning, positively influencing the market growth. These hotels are conducting temperature screening of guests along with the staff in their arrival daily.

The safety measures issued by government officials also influences the adoption rate of body temperature scanners. Airports also form a major end-use of body temperature scanners. Their application becomes even more important with increasing chances of resuming travel operations post-lockdown. Temperature scanners are widely used for checking the possibilities of infection in international travelers, especially from infected nations such as China. 

Thermal Scanners Gain Traction

Thermal scanners are preferred over traditional mercury-in-glass thermometers owing to their positive attributes such as cost-effectiveness, contactless temperature measurement, reduced psychological impact, and enhanced data collection and integration capabilities. Contactless temperature screeners are gaining rapid traction in the market for individual and mass screenings as they mitigate the chances of transmission of corona virus from touch. 

Owing to the surged demand, low-cost temperature guns have made way into the market. Hand Infrared (IR) temperature guns are widely used to measure temperature from a safe distance. These IR guns are equipped with infrared sensors and microcontroller-integrated LED display to display the temperature. The growing importance of temperature guns has inflated the prices, compelling the end-use industries to develop in-house temperature guns. Such instances are projected to boost the market economy. 

Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging products are also gaining rapid traction in the market for temperature measurement. The flexibility to use this device in a hand-held or fixed system imparts a competitive edge to it, creating grounds for its growing popularity in the consumers. Besides effectiveness, FDA's approval for these products also provides thrust to its market. 

Smart Scanners Enhance Accuracy And Efficiency

Market players are introducing smart temperature sensors as effective scanning solution. iWEECARE, a Taiwan based healthcare wearable company has developed Temp Pal, a smart product that can be used hospitals as well as during self-quarantine. It is gaining rapid popularity in the market as the world's smallest smart thermometer. Its cloud-based functionality that sends alerts for suspected body temperatures is highly demanded functionality in the market during the COVID-19 pandemic. It comes in the form of temperature monitoring patches that weigh less than 3 grams. The integration with smart devices enables the generation of alerts on the user device. Market players are marketing this product as a real-time temperature monitoring system for masses. 

Psygig, a Japanese startup is also marking its presence in the temperature scanner market with Microsoft azure-based solution. Integration with thermo graphic cameras that scan the body temperature an alert the authorities in the suspected case, makes it an ideal choice for end-uses such as airports. 

Health authorities have started using advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to gain fast and accurate results. The further progression towards the inclusion of face recognition technology in body temperature scanners is projected to create a new era in the temperature scanners ecosystem. Facial recognition is expected to enhance maintenance and reduce the tracing time of the suspected individuals. The temperature scanner market is progressing in terms of ease of operation for mass scanning. COVID-19 has substantially surged the manufacturing of body temperature scanners, increasing the stock of the scanners. The fast-paced developments in temperature scanners ecosystem are projected to drive the market towards a highly technologically advanced future. PMR expects the revenue in the market to continue scaling in the coming years owing to the long-term impact of the corona virus. 

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