Cranio Maxillofacial Implants Market Triggered by High Rate of Car Accidents

  • Published On : Apr 13, 2015
Cranio Maxillofacial (CMF) surgery refers to a highly specialized procedure in orthopedic surgery that focuses on treating facial injuries or skull disorders. Injuries affecting the face, mouth, neck, or jaw not only trigger anxiety in patients, but also affect their appearance, thereby leading to mental trauma. Cranio maxillofacial surgery assists in the treatment of such severe injuries, wherein the surgeons operate patients to revert their cranial and facial bones to the original appearance and function, as much as is possible surgically.  

Such procedures are performed by specialists also referred to as maxillofacial surgeons. Assistance of an orthopedic trauma specialist is often needed during the procedure to give solace to the patient in critical condition. The use of internal fixators such as flap fixation devices, screw fixation systems, plate, bone graft substitutes, and others is integral to the surgical procedure. 

Road and Industrial Accidents Cause a Majority of Maxillofacial Injuries

Car accidents are identified as the most common cause for maxillofacial injuries. Other incidents such as falls, slips, and industrial accidents might also lead to maxillofacial injuries and other trauma fractures. A noticeable rise in the number of people suffering from facial injuries, or injuries in the neck region is observed in the last couple of years. High incidence of road accidents attributes to a majority of such occurrences. This has increased the number of cranio maxillofacial surgeries being performed globally, which is significantly projected in the rising demand for more effective and better cranio maxillofacial implants. 

There are many devices that abet maxillofacial surgeons while performing surgeries. The most commonly used devices in the procedure include, internal fixators such as plate and screw, bone graft substitutes, and other flap fixation devices. For every cranio maxillofacial surgery performed, cranio maxillofacial implant is a compulsory inclusion. This has attributed to the significant rise in demand for cranio maxillofacial implants in the global market. High incidence of facial fractures coupled with the advent of advance procedural techniques have created an environment for the cranio maxillofacial implants market to thrive. The market is also aided by factors such as increased healthcare expenditure across nations, and lack of the availability of substitutes.

High Cost of Surgery to Limit Market Growth

Despite exhibiting strong prospects for growth, the market for cranio maxillofacial implants might suffer from the high cost of surgery and absence of adequate awareness about the surgical procedure among the global population. Furthermore, inadequate health insurance and double surgery common in developing countries are also limiting the market growth. Nevertheless, driven by market opportunities, the cranio maxillofacial implants market, which valued US$1,044.7 million in 2014, is poised to grow at 6.2% CAGR to reach US$1,498.6 million by the end of 2020. 

Asia Pacific to Emerge as the Fastest Growing Market

North America is regarded as the largest market for cranio maxillofacial implants, facilitated by the high demand in the U.S. Asia-Pacific, on the other hand, will emerge as the fastest growing market for cranio maxillofacial implants. High demand registered by Japan, China, the Eastern Mediterranean, and other countries in South East Asia is expected to drive the market for cranio maxillofacial implants in Asia Pacific. 

The market for cranio maxillofacial implants in North America was worth US$586.1 million in 2014 and it is anticipated to be worth US$839.6 million by the end of 2020, registering growth at 6.2% CAGR. 

The global market for cranio maxillofacial implants is presently dominated by a Johnson & Johnson company, named DePuy Synthes. In 2013, the company accounted for 47.5% of the market share. Other major players in the market include Zimmer Holdings Inc., Stryker Corporation, and others.

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