Healthcare Chatbots Market to Surge at 21% CAGR; Increased Need for Remote Diagnosis & Treatment amidst COVID-19 Crisis Catalyzing Demand

Published On : Jan 08, 2021

The coming years will see the most definitive transformation of chatbot platforms into conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms. The rudimental and restrictive architecture of healthcare chatbots no longer delights end users. AI conversant healthcare chatbots, unlike rudimentary healthcare chatbots, are cognitive bots with the ability to decipher complicated scenarios and understand user sentiments.

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities of AI conversant healthcare chatbots empower end users to offer personalized support to patients and clinicians, as integration of NLP technology entails the ability to understand sentiments and act accordingly. As end users across every industry vertical focus on enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving higher Net Promoter Scores, the adoption of conversational AI healthcare chatbots is estimated to increase during the forecast period.

The global healthcare chatbots market was valued at US$ 121 Mn in 2019, and is estimated to grow at a high CAGR of approximately 21% over the forecast period of 2020 to 2030.

Key Trends to Look Forward to in Global Healthcare Chatbots Market

  • Suppliers harnessing PaaS deployment models as technological transformation gathers pace.
  • Availability of low code and no code chatbot development platforms.
  • Demand for technical integrations and personalization complementing cognitive intelligence.
  • End users relying on conversational AI bots to partially automate mundane operations.
  • Suppliers integrating capabilities offered by conversational AI into healthcare chatbots.
  • Healthcare chatbots with AR capabilities.

“Augmented Reality (AR) in healthcare chatbots is a unique feature that can take usage and engagement levels to new heights. Augmented reality is a new technology for mobile and web applications, and consumers are not used to the technology. Healthcare chatbots within mobile and web applications are finding new innovative use cases of AR,” says a PMR analyst.

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Focus of Key Healthcare Chatbots Market Players on Technological Innovation

Some of the key players operating in the global healthcare chatbots market are Nuance Communications, Inc.; Google; Amazon Web Services, Inc.; Artificial Solutions; IBM; SnatchBot; Acquire; Floatbot; Botsify; Chatfuel; ChatterOn; and Smartloop, among others.

  • Well-established companies are focusing on enhancing technological expertise and improving their attractiveness in the healthcare chatbots market by acquiring other participants with high technology expertise and strong local sales footprint.
  • Companies are also focused on harnessing the power of trending technologies, while making strong investments in the research & development of upcoming technologies.

More Valuable Insights on Healthcare Chatbots Market

PMR offers an unbiased analysis and forecast of the global healthcare chatbots market, analysing historical demand from 2015-2019 and offering forecast statistics for the period 2020-2030. The research unravels growth projections of the healthcare chatbots market on the basis of solution as chatbot platforms and services. Services are further segmented into development services, integration services, and support services With respect to type, the market has been segregated into scripted chatbots, contextual chatbots, and messaging chatbots, among others. Healthcare chatbots find common application in medical data repository, personal assistance, automated patient support, and marketing and sales, among others.

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Healthcare Chatbots Market

Global Market Study on Healthcare Chatbots: High Demand for Conversational Platforms as Suppliers Integrate Capabilities Offered by Conversational AI into Healthcare Chatbots

Healthcare Chatbots Market