Disinfection Market Expands at Stellar Rate During COVID-19, Demand to Stay Prominent in Future, Says PMR

Date : Apr 27, 2020 Author : PMR Editorial Staff

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the governing authorities across the globe are taking measures to contain the spread of the virus which results in respiratory disorder.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the governing authorities across the globe are taking measures to contain the spread of the virus which results in respiratory disorder. Established research organizations are involved in creating drugs and vaccines for corona virus. However, in the absence of any cure, disinfection becomes of utmost importance. The disinfectant market is witnessing a stellar surge in demand whose implications can be directly felt on the disinfection equipment market. With the touch-based transmission of corona virus, people are demanding equipment that requires minimal human intervention. Manufacturers of disinfectants and disinfection equipment are amplifying their production to meet the growing demand.

Hospitals and other medical facilities that deal with corona virus patients have emerged as primary end-users of disinfectants. With disinfection is done every few hours, the rate of utilization of disinfectant equipment is very high. Owing to the high risk of corona virus transmission from different equipment used in hospitals, hospital-acquired infection control becomes very important. Long term care facilities such as rehabilitation centers and nursing homes which deal with mentally and physically challenged patients are highly vulnerable to corona virus. The close and continued proximity of these patients enhances their susceptibility to infection from corona virus. Disinfection plays a vital role in maintaining the safety of such spaces, creating a robust revenue pool in the disinfection equipment market.

Commercial Spaces Enhance Adoption Rate

Different types of disinfectants have lately emerged in the market with different levels of impact. Disinfection spray tunnels are expected to gain rapid traction in the market. Their adoption rate has significantly increased in commercial areas such as factories, airports, and offices. The hassle-free mass disinfection makes it a highly desirable product. Portability of this equipment makes it a very lucrative disinfection option. Authorities are employing innovative strategies such as catchy taglines to encourage people to use these tunnels. Major players in the disinfection equipment market are manufacturing spray tunnels to satiate the growing demand. The easy architecture is encouraging the local players to invest in spray tunnels to gain benefit from the high demand.

Multiplicity In Equipment Drives Market Growth

Mist cannons are being employed at every level to disinfect roads and streets. High efficacy and low cost are collectively responsible for the surging adoption rate of these cannons. Drones are employed in densely populated areas for disinfection. At local levels, the health authorities are even using butterfly sprinklers for disinfection. Jets spray guns attached with anti-bacterial containers are used in many places. High demand for these locally engaged disinfection equipment is projected to create opportunities for regional market players.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays have come into the limelight as an effective disinfection medium. Companies of UV disinfection technologies are actively participating in mitigating the transmission of corona virus. Different experts across the globe are collaborating to develop effective UV technology disinfection equipment for prevention of COVID-19 virus transmission. Performance standards are under consideration for developing effective UV-based disinfection equipment. Disinfection imaging equipment used to scan people for COVID-19 contaminations is projected to contribute a major revenue in the market.

Advanced Technology Strengthens Growth Trajectory Of Market

Autonomous robots have been introduced in the market in regions like China for disinfection. Minimal physical interference makes these robots a potential disinfection equipment. Market players are leveraging advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to enhance functionalities to these robots. The Robot disinfection market is getting thrust from the high adoption rate of robots for patrolling and monitoring of corona virus patients. CRUZER, an intelligent service robot is equipped with a petrol car version and satellite TV to assist the police force in disinfection across the city in China. Such activities are generating growth opportunities in the disinfection market. Market players are engaged in developing cost-effective and self-sufficient robots that can disinfect and identify the infected patient at the same time.

PMR expects these technological developments to leave a very long term impact on the market. The revenue from disinfection equipment is projected to surge with more growth in number and type of equipment. As a preventive measure, disinfection drives are anticipated to continue for many more months after the corona virus crisis subsides. Moreover, it will aid in maintaining regular disinfection activities.

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