Latin America Capnography Equipment Market to be Dominated by Brazil owing to Increased GDP Expenditure in Healthcare Sector

  • Published On : Jul 20, 2015
Capnography refers to the technique used to monitor the partial pressure and concentration of carbon dioxide in respiratory gases during anesthetics and procedural sedation. The technique is also relied upon when a patient is admitted in the intensive care unit. The monitoring tool displays analysis depicted in form of graphs, called capnograph. These graphs represent the CO2, measured in terms of millimeters of mercury (mmHg), plotted against time or expired volume. When the capnograph depicts irregularity in curve formation, it indicates some form of obstructive condition in the lungs or a lung disease such as bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema, or some form of congenital coronary ailment. 

Increasing Use of Capnography in Medical Procedures to Boost Latin America Capnography Equipment Market

Medical tools such as capnography equipment market have found wide acceptance across the global healthcare industry. Increasing demand for tools and equipment for niche applications has encouraged medical equipment producers to manufacture sophisticated products such as capnography equipment.

Various standards and recommendations issued by individual regulatory bodies are also favoring the use of capnography equipment. In Latin America, high demand for plastic surgery, high incidence of respiratory diseases, and rapid technological advances in the field of healthcare technology are driving the capnography equipment market. 

Accelerating Demand from Brazil to Propel Capnography Equipment Market in Latin America

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has conducted a survey recently, according to which Brazil accounted for 9.1% of the total number of plastic surgery procedures conducted in Latin America. Brazil was trailed by Mexico, with 3.8% of the total number of plastic surgeries in Latin America conducted in the region during the same period. Procedural sedation constitutes one of the most important procedures during plastic surgery. Hence, the demand for capnography equipment is inevitably high in Latin America. 

Based on distinct product categories, the Latin America capnography equipment market can be segmented into capnographs and disposables. The disposables segment leads the market, as users frequently need to replace the sensors of capnographs after a scheduled time interval. In addition, reports published recently have also indicated that the market segment of disposables is most likely to witness the fastest growth in the forthcoming years. The significantly growing capnography market will therefore fuel the demand for capnography disposables and consumables. 

The capnograph segment is further sub-segmented into sidestream, mainstream, and macro stream capnographs. Of these, the sidestream capnography led the market in 2014. Sidestream capnographs enables doctors to monitor patients in non-intubated settings and it is also simpler to use, owing to which its demand has accelerated considerably in Latin America. 

Hospital Segment to Emerge as the Leading End User of Capnography Equipment

On the basis of end users, the Latin America capnography equipment market has been segregated into ambulatory, hospitals, and others. Among these, the hospital segment led the market in 2014. Considerably increasing medical tourism and growing recommendations for the use of capnography in a regular hospital setting implemented by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Uruguayan Society of Anesthesiologists are driving demand from the hospital end-use segment of the Latin America capnography equipment market. 

Based on regional distribution of the market, the Latin America capnography equipment market can be segmented into Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Rest of Latin America. Brazil dominated the market in 2014 and is projected by leading market intelligence firms to emerge as the fastest growing capnography equipment market in Latin America.

The dominance of this national market is mainly due to the increasing demand for plastic surgery, growing medical tourism, and increasing number of cardiac procedures recorded in the last couple of years. Brazil is also dedicating a large portion of its GDP expenditure to the healthcare sector, which is also significantly contributing to the Latin America capnography equipment market.

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