Trends Analysis and Estimates for the Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems Market

  • Published On : Nov 25, 2014
The global computerized physician order entry system market is quite the burgeoning one, with a CAGR of 6.5% from 2014 to 2020. This means that the market which was valued at US$999.4 million in 2014 will be worth US$1,481.7 million in 2020.

About CPOE

A computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system in healthcare will capture, store, relay, and manage data for a medical practitioner. This data is usually medical instructions in an electronic format, and pertains to a patient’s treatment process. The basic idea of a CPOE system is to mimic the workings of a regular medical chart. Studies have shown that almost 90 percent of the errors in medical data occur during the ordering or the transcribing phase. These errors can be caused due to multiple reasons, the most common of them being ambiguous abbreviations, poor handwriting, or even lack of knowledge.

A clinician will always use a CPOE system to enter orders for medication into a computer system. The computer then transmits the order directly to the pharmacy. More and more inpatient settings are beginning to employ CPOE systems in a bid to reduce processing errors. This forms the basic utility of a CPOE system: it minimizes errors, ensures legible, standardized, and completed orders that consequently improve efficiency at the ordering and transcribing stages.

An average CPOE system is usually collated with a clinical decision support system. These systems offer standard values of drug doses, frequency and routes of administration. Clinical decision support systems also offer improved safety features for drug administration such as checking for allergies or interactions with other drugs.

Theoretically speaking, CPOE systems possess the ability to integrate with all kinds of electronic medical records, negative drug event reporting systems, or decision support systems. This should result in faster transmission procedures for a pharmacy and increasing cost effectiveness.

Advantages and Limitations of Implementation in the CPOE Market

The greatest advantage that a CPOE system can impart is the reduction of errors created by inaccurate measurements, poor handwriting, and faulty transcription of medication orders. There is an overall increase in demand for more efficient healthcare organizations to treat a rapidly growing aging population and the consequently increasing prevalence of chronic diseases along with cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. Government investments and awareness drives also contribute growth to the CPOE market. This means there will be an increased use of computer systems in medical processes in both developed and emerging nations.

There are, however, quite a few restraints on the global CPOE market. The most common limitation experienced everywhere is the lack of professionals that are trained or qualified enough to use CPOE systems. Other problems include the inability to quickly access records during emergencies. Failure of CPOE systems will automatically jeopardize the workflow of an entire healthcare organization. There needs to be a careful and well thought out planning in the implementation of CPOE systems. Failure to do so could result in a constant disruption of workflow at unpredictable times. There are also the additional costs of integrating a CPOE system to a clinical decision support system. Another problem that CPOE systems create is the concept of “alert fatigue”. Alert fatigue occurs when a practitioner experiences too many non-vital warnings from a CPOE system and eventually fails to sometimes recognize critical warnings.

Overall, the CPOE market is led by North America, where the market is expected to reach US$870.3 million by 2020. The largest mode of delivery in the CPOR market is web-based CPOE. As far as fastest-growing sections are concerned, Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region while cloud-based systems form the fastest-growing delivery mode.

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