Synthetic Gypsum Market

Global Market Study on Synthetic Gypsum: Increasing Demand from Drywall/Plasterboard Manufacturers Driving Growth

Synthetic Gypsum Market: About the Report

With high demand from the construction industry, the global synthetic gypsum market is slated to progress at a steady pace over the coming years. There is particularly high demand for the FGD gypsum type across regions. PMR’s report dives deep into the reason why the regions of Europe and East Asia hold a major share in this global industry.

There is increasing focus by stakeholders on innovative technologies that can reduce overall environmental and carbon footprint. With the COVID-19 pandemic creative havoc across industries, players in the synthetic gypsum market are resorting to asset optimization, cost management, and operational efficiency to negate resultant losses.

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  • LafargeHolcim
  • Compagnie de Saint-Gobain S.A
  • National Gypsum Properties LLC
  • Knauf Gips KG
  • Boral limited
  • PABCO Building Products, LLC
  • USG Corporation
  • American Gypsum
  • FEECO International, Inc.
  • Synthetic Material LLC
  • Georgia Pacific Gypsum LLC
  • Gyptec IBERICA
  • Delta Gypsum

Synthetic Gypsum Market Trends

Rising Demand for FGD Gypsum Type: Over the past few years, new FGD system purchases have declined, and thereby, the replacement component market is larger than that for new components. The market for components is due to high annual cost of FGD systems, which include O&M (operation & maintenance) labor costs, reagent costs, auxiliary power, and maintenance costs & others.

High market demand for FGD gypsum is expected to encourage companies to install FGD system in their power plants. More than 85% of FGD systems installed across the globe are wet systems, owing to their lower reagent and operating cost, possible use of by-products, and more fuel flexibility.

The major market for dry FGD gypsum by-product in the U.S., for soil stabilization, structural embankments, waste solidification, and mining application. Rise of the construction industry and agricultural sector is expected to create opportunities for FGD manufacturers over the coming years, which will aid the expansion of synthetic gypsum market size as well.Increasing Focus on Providing Economic Range Products: Owing to increasing demand from construction and other allied industries, key players in the global synthetic gypsum market are continuously planning to increase production levels at existing plants, and simultaneously focusing on developing innovative technologies that can reduce overall environmental and carbon footprint, along with increasing product yield.

The global synthetic gypsum market is a moderately competitive market, with major players based in the East Asia region, especially China. In order to meet overall demand for synthetic gypsum, manufacturers are developing high quality/ purity grade products. This factor is also responsible for product innovation, which increases demand for and sale of synthetic gypsum across the world.

Increasing Demand for Cement: Continuously growing population, which is leading to increasing need for housing and lodging, with rapid industrialization, supported by governments, are also key factors driving the global cement market. Also, India’s cement industry is a vital part of its economy, which is providing employment to more than a million people.

Europe has a noticeable share in the cement market, and attributed to environmental norms and strict legal and regulatory policies, there is high use of cement as a heading for different purposes due to cement being less harmful to the environment and cost-efficient over other binding agents. The situation is a result of growth in demand from the construction Industry.

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COVID-19 Impact on Synthetic Gypsum Market

As a result of the situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak, key players across the globe are experiencing weak demand and prices for raw materials and as well as for their end products, which has slumped as a result weakness in many key end-use industries such as construction, agrochemicals, and others. To overcome this situation, key players across the world are focusing on higher operational efficiency, cost management, and asset optimization.

This new approach toward revenue generation is estimated to be helpful for manufacturers in the synthetic gypsum market, a trend that is expected to continue over the coming years as well.

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Synthetic Gypsum Market: Fairly Competitive Space

The global synthetic gypsum market is a moderately competitive market structure, with the presence of a handful of global players such as LafargeHolcim, Compagnie de Saint-Gobain S.A., National Gypsum Properties LLC, Knauf Gips KG, Boral limited, PABCO Building Products, LLC, USG Corporation, American Gypsum, FEECO International, Inc., Synthetic Material LLC, Georgia Pacific Gypsum LLC, Gyptec IBERICA, and Delta Gypsum. Tier-I players in the synthetic gypsum market are focusing on enhancing R&D capabilities and collaboration with smaller players to strengthen their market positioning across the world.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

In order to successfully navigate this challenging situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak crisis, key players are focusing on strategies such as asset optimization, cost management, and operational efficiency. Players in this space can look to Europe and Asia Pacific for increased sales and profit margins.


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