Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Market

Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020

Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Market Segmented By various desired characteristics offered such as no contamination, hygienic conditions, and pressure control.

Market Overview

Pharmaceutical sector is growing at a significant rate due to increasing prevalence of diseases, growing awareness and rising government initiatives. Pharmaceutical spray drying refers to a process of rapid drying of pharmaceutical product with hot gas to produce dry powder from liquid or slurry.

Pharmaceutical spray drying market is expected to grow at a significant rate as a result of increase in demand for dried products. In pharmaceutical spray drying, even sized particles are distributed for producing industrial products such as catalysts. Air is the most commonly used medium for drying; however, when liquid is inflammable, the ethanol can be used as a drying agent.

If product is oxygen sensitive, then nitrogen can be used. Pharmaceutical spray dryers use atomizer or spray nozzle for easy dispersion of liquid or slurry into the area which has drying medium in it and results in powder formation.  Pharmaceutical spray drying is most commonly used for production of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

Pharmaceutical spray drying market is growing due to various desired characteristics offered such as no contamination, hygienic conditions, and pressure control.

North America dominates the global market for pharmaceutical spray drying, due to high demand for pharmaceutical products and technological advancement in the region. Europe, followed by the Asia, is expected to experience high growth rate in the next few years in global pharmaceutical spray drying market.

This is due to improvement in the healthcare facilities and increasing R&D initiatives in the region. Countries such as Brazil, Russia, China and India are expected to be the fastest growing pharmaceutical spray drying markets. Some of the key driving forces for pharmaceutical spray drying market in emerging countries rising standards of healthcare in these areas and government initiatives.

 Factors such as high efficiency and improvement in stability of products are driving the pharmaceutical spray drying market. Government initiatives for improvement of production procedures and technological advancement are driving the pharmaceutical spray drying market.

In addition, pharmaceutical spray drying offers various advantages such as improved compression properties of produced drugs and suitable for heat-sensitive materials. However, factors such as high cost involved and less awareness among manufactures for this advanced process is restraining the pharmaceutical spray drying market.

Introduction of new drugs in the market, such as vaccines and biologics, that require spray drying technology for their production are expected to offer good opportunities for pharmaceutical spray drying market. In addition, use of carboxymethyloxy succinic acid (CMOS) is expected to boost the pharmaceutical spray drying market.

One of the major trends that have been observed in the pharmaceutical spray drying market is increased use of lyophilization. Also, it has been observed that pharmaceutical spray drying is more used for drugs in pipeline. Some of the major companies involved in pharmaceutical spray drying market are GSK, Janssen, GEA Process Engineering A/S, LEWA GmbH, Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Nova Laboratories and others.

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