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Online Tutoring Market

Market Study on Online Tutoring: Global Market to Quadruple in Value Over Next Ten Years

Online Tutoring Market by Type (Structured Tutoring and On-demand Tutoring)

Global Online Tutoring Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

The Global Online Tutoring Market stands at a value of US$ 7.8 billion in 2023 and is projected to surge ahead at a CAGR of 14.2% to reach US$ 29.4 billion by the end of 2033, as per the latest market study by Persistence Market Research.

Online tutoring has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years due to its convenience and flexibility. With an internet connection, students can access tutoring sessions at their convenience. Students who reside in remote or rural locations or who have hectic schedules that make it challenging for them to attend in-person tutoring sessions may find this to be especially helpful.

Online tutors offer personalized instructions by tailoring their teaching methods to meet the individual needs of each student. To assist students in reaching their academic goals and promote engagement, tutors may use various instructional techniques and tools such as interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, and screen sharing.

The market for online tutoring expanded at a CAGR of 10.8% from 2018 to 2022. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the market exhibited substantial growth. The prolonged period of lockdown due to the pandemic has had a positive impact on the market. The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in the closure of schools and colleges around the world. The education system underwent a significant transformation due to this situation, with a substantial rise in online learning and remote tutoring carried out through virtual platforms.

Growing investments by companies in e-platforms to improve user engagement are contributing to the growth of the market. The use of mobile apps and wearables in tutoring creates a distinctive learning environment for students. Instructors also employ a range of mobile apps to enhance their teaching in addition to incorporating VR into online courses.

Report Attributes


Online Tutoring Market Size (2023E)

US$ 7.8 Billion

Projected Revenue from Online Tutoring (2033F)

US$ 29.4 Billion

Market CAGR (2023 to 2033)


Market Share of Top 5 Companies (2022)

20% to 30%

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What are the Factors Driving Online Tutoring Demand?

“Increasing Adoption of Digitalization & AI in Education Sector”

Digital transformation has had a positive impact on every sector, but its emergence in education has been relatively slow due to the continued prominence of traditional education methods. The digital transformation in education systems has brought about a significant shift in teaching and assessment methods, as well as learning environments.

Artificial intelligence has demonstrated its effectiveness in education. Education providers have introduced virtual advisory services that are accessible around the clock and capable of addressing multiple queries simultaneously. Personalized learning has also been made possible through digital transformation. Digital transformation has enabled direct real-time interaction with peers.

“Rising Focus on Using Advanced Technology for Immersive Learning”

Educators today are increasingly adopting advanced technology to make education more interactive and collaborative. These transformative technologies further facilitate immersive learning, thus enhancing the learner’s experience.

  • Video conferencing applications like Zoom and Skype have simplified the process of real-time interaction between tutors and students. Learning management systems enable tutors to manage online classes by providing them with tools to monitor student progress, manage assignments, and provide feedback.

“High Demand for Personalized Online Education Due to its Improved Learning Outcomes”

Demand for personalized and convenient online education has been growing rapidly in recent years. This trend has been driven by several factors, including the flexibility offered by online education, which allows students to learn at their own pace and on their schedule.

Online education can be personalized to every student’s needs and preferences, providing tailored learning plans and resources that cater to unique learning styles and interests. Increased access to high-quality education, regardless of students’ geographic location, financial situation, or physical abilities, is also contributing to the growth of this trend.

Cost-effectiveness is another advantage of online education, with lower tuition fees and reduced expenses such as transportation or accommodation. Studies have shown that personalized and convenient online education can lead to improved learning outcomes, with students reporting higher levels of engagement, motivation, and satisfaction with their education.

The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated the adoption of online education as schools and universities had to transition quickly to remote learning.

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Country-wise Insights

Why is India a Lucrative Market for Providers of Online Tutoring Services?

"Increased Spending on Online Tutoring Services Targeting Entrance Exams"

Rising spending on tutoring is significantly driving the growth of the online tutoring market in India. Spending on online tutoring has increased as a result of parents' and students' growing awareness of the importance of education and how digital tutoring can help in this aspect.

High demand for online tutoring can be attributed to the increasing competition and the greater need for preparation for higher education entrance exams. Students are becoming more knowledgeable about the requirements for these exams and seeking out tutoring services accordingly.

  • For instance, to study for tests like the Common Admission Test (CAT) and the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exam (IIT-JEE), students in India sign up for online tutoring programs.

What is the Demand Outlook for Online Tutoring in the United States?

“Increasing Adoption of Data Analytics in Online Tutoring to Monitor Students’ Performance”

Over the coming years, it is anticipated that data analytics will have a favorable impact on tutoring services in the United States. There is a growing trend in the industry of vendors bundling data analytics with educational materials. This provides students with an opportunity to monitor their participation in learning activities impartially and insightfully.

Institutional and individual learners can track and analyze their performance and progress using embedded software analytics. Data analytics will likely become more popular in the market as a result of the rising need for personalized, one-on-one learning programs.

Market Research Methodology

Market Research Methodology

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Category-wise Insights

Which Type of Tutoring Accounts for High Revenue Generation?

Growing Adoption of Personalized Learning Fueling Expansion of On-demand Tutoring"

In 2022, the on-demand segment accounted for 70% share of the online tutoring market. Real-time updates on a student's progress can be obtained by content providers and tutors through the use of analytics tools and on-demand coaching. The on-demand tutoring segment is experiencing significant growth, which can be attributed to the increasing adoption of customized and personalized learning approaches.

  • In 2022, the Ontario government, together with Eureka and Mathify, invested in one-on-one digital tutoring as a means of enhancing the learning of both teachers and students.

Which Tutoring Style is Extensively Used in Several Countries?

“Increasing Need for Personalized & Flexible Coaching Support”

In 2022, subject-specific tutoring services accounted for 75% of the market. Subject tutoring offers a distinctive approach to supplement classroom learning in a personalized and private setting, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Private instructors offer a variety of services, including assistance with homework, study tips, and test-taking strategies, both online and in person.

  • For instance, in 2022, TutorMe partnered with Blackboard Inc. to offer approximately 11,000 K–12 students online tutoring services, including personalized learning, on-demand expertise, and advice or clarification of queries in person or online.

Which End User Occupies a Leading Share of the Online Tutoring Market?

“Emphasis of K-12 Model on Personalized Learning and Micro-learning”

In 2022, the K–12 segment accounted for a 52% share of the market. The K–12 market segment provides micro-learning opportunities that break down crucial concepts into manageable portions using various formats such as text, audio, video, and infographics.

  • For example, Stride Tutoring offers an effective tutoring program that is accessible for grades 7 through 12 and has been available in India since January 2023. It was launched by Stride Learning Solutions, an online education and curriculum provider.
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Competitive Landscape

To achieve a competitive advantage, major vendors operating in this market are focusing on expanding their customer base and global presence. To increase their presence in untapped markets, leading companies are anticipated to concentrate on modernizing online learning platforms.

Market leaders engage in partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as collaborations with other players.

For Instance:

  • In 2021, Vedantu and Canva collaborated to launch a unique Design Challenge in India, which includes a design boot camp aimed at teaching schoolchildren the basics of creativity and design thinking.

Online Tutoring Industry Report Scope



Forecast Period

2023 to 2033

Historical Data Available for

2018 to 2022

Market Analysis

US$ Billion for Value

Key Regions Covered

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Oceania
  • MEA

Key Countries Covered

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Northern Africa
  • GCC Countries
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Rest of the World

Key Market Segments Covered

  • Tutoring Type
  • Course Type
  • Duration
  • Tutoring Style
  • End User
  • Region

Key Companies Profiled

  • BYJU'S
  • Vedantu
  • iTutorGroup
  • Ambow Education
  • Beijing Magic Ears Technology Co., Ltd
  • Chegg Inc.
  • Club Z! Inc.
  • ArborBridge
  • Qkids Teacher
  • Varsity Tutors
  • Others (As per request)


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Key Segments of Online Tutoring Industry Research

By Tutoring Type:

  • Structured Tutoring
  • On-demand Tutoring

By Course Type:

  • Language Courses
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Courses
  • Others

By Tutoring Style:

  • Test Preparation Services
  • Subject Tutoring Services
    • Remediation
    • Maintenance
    • Support
    • Enrichment

By Duration:

  • Short-term Courses
  • Long-term Courses

By End User:

  • K–12
  • Higher Education
  • Others

By Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Oceania
  • MEA

- Companies Covered in This Report -

  • BYJU'S
  • Vedantu
  • iTutorGroup
  • Ambow Education
  • Beijing Magic Ears Technology Co., Ltd
  • Chegg Inc.
  • Club Z! Inc.
  • ArborBridge
  • Qkids Teacher
  • Varsity Tutors
  • Others (As Requested)

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Long-term courses accounted for 65% share of the global online tutoring market in 2022.

The global online tutoring market is estimated at US$ 7.8 billion in 2023.

Demand for online tutoring is set to increase at 14.2% CAGR through 2033.

Demand for online tutoring is expected to reach US$ 29.4 billion by the end of 2033.

BYJU'S, ArborBridge, Chegg, and Varsity Tutors are leading providers of online tutoring services.

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