Food Grade Xanthan Gum Market

Global Market Study on Food Grade Xanthan Gum: Rising Healthy Food Ingredients Trend Complementing Demand Growth

Food Grade Xanthan Gum Market Segmented By Thickener, Stabilizer, Texturizing agent Function

Food Grade Xanthan Gum Market: About the Report

With ever-increasing demand for ready-to-eat food products, food grade xanthan gum is gaining immense importance across regions. PMR’s report also elaborates on how players in the food grade xanthan gum market space are leveraging growing demand for food products to increase their sales and market share in this competitive space. While North America and Europe enjoy the top spots in the global food grade xanthan gum market, stakeholders will find a lot of opportunities coming their way from the developing markets of South Asia and East Asia as well. Another factor aiding market growth is rapidly rising demand for dairy alternatives across many regions of the world.

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Company Profiles

  • Tate & Lyle PLC 
  • Jungbunzlauer Holding AG 
  • Nestlé Health Science S.A..
  • Fuerst Day Lawson Limited 
  • CP Kelco 
  • Lubrizol Corporation
  • Fiberstar, Inc 
  • Fufeng Group Company Ltd
  • Other

Food Grade Xanthan Gum Market Overview

Xanthan gum is a food additive created by sugar that has undergone the process of fermentation by bacteria. It is commonly added to different food products as a thickener, stabilizer, or texturizing agent. Xanthan gum is gaining immense popularity in the food & beverage industry, owing to its ability to quickly disperse and create a viscous and stable solution to improve the texture, flavor, consistency, shelf life, and appearance of many foods.

Apart from this, xanthan gum is known for its ability to prevent the separation of oil by stabilizing the emulsion, in foods like dressings and sauces. It dissolves in hot as well as cold water, provides uniform brine distribution, and offers a pleasant texture in food & beverages. As such, the food grade xanthan gum market size is set to witness significant 1.5X volume growth over the forecast period of 2020 to 2030.

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Food Grade Xanthan Gum Market Trends

Global Healthy Food Ingredients Trend Positively Impacting Market: Increasing popularity of food grade xanthan gum as a bakery ingredient is triggered by the gluten-free movement around the world. Xanthan gum is considered to be an easy alternative for gluten in food products, owing to its ability to provide the desired texture that was earlier monotonous to achieve. The gluten-free movement is expected to drive increased demand for xanthan gum in different regions, including North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, due to increasing demand for gluten-free food products.

Consumers Shifting Diets for Sustainable Food Future to Promote Use of Dairy Alternatives: Consumers are increasingly adopting sustainable and nutritional diets owing to increasing awareness regarding healthy lifestyles. This has led to increased adoption of dairy alternatives in recent years. Xanthan gum is used as a thickener in most forms of dairy alternatives to retain the required consistency, since milk alternatives are difficult to utilize in terms of viscosity and texture. It is considered to be an important additive in the food processing industry for stabilization. Changing consumer preference for dairy alternatives over dairy products is expected to have a constructive impact on the demand for food grade xanthan gum in the dairy alternatives industry.

Food Grade Xanthan Gum Market

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Regional Outlook of Global Food Grade Xanthan Gum Market

The regions of North America and Europe are expected to dominate the global food grade xanthan gum market share in terms of volume as well as volume over the forecast period, owing a well-developed food & beverage industry. These regions are also expected to witness rise in demand for processed food products due to rapid urbanization and rising disposable income. The business to consumer segment is expected to witness significant growth in developing regions such as East Asia, South Asia, and Latin America, owing to increased presence of specialty stores and online retail formats offering food grade xanthan gum.

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COVID-19 Impact on Food Grade Xanthan Gum Market

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy continues to combat various daily challenges to adjust to new guidelines set up by governing institutions. The food & beverage industry is also expected to witness numerous obstacles, owing to the shortage of raw materials, disturbed supply chains, and delicate financial positions of organizations. Trade channels are largely affected due to acute restrictions imposed by governments in different regions. However, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the food grade xanthan gum can be expected to be moderate, owing to increased adoption of ready-to-eat food and rise in the number of on-the-go consumers.

Analysts’ Viewpoint

Key players operating in the food grade xanthan gum industry are investing huge amounts in emerging markets to create room for increased opportunities to enhance sales prospects. They are strategizing on catering to the evolving needs of customers to strengthen their position in the dairy, beverage, and bakery sectors of developing nations. Apart from this, key players engaged in the production of food grade xanthan gum are also focusing on expansion of specialty ingredient products portfolio by enhancing their global supply chain and leveraging other capital investments, in light of increased demand for ‘clean label’ food ingredients. Constant efforts taken by key manufacturers to launch innovative food grade xanthan gum products in the market are expected to further contribute toward high market growth, with an expected volume of 17,875 tons in the year 2030.


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