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Europe Plastic Valves Market

Europe Market Study on Plastic Valves: Use of Thermoplastic Valves to Remain High

Europe Plastic Valves Market

Europe Plastic Valves Market Outlook (2023 to 2033)

The Europe plastic valves market is estimated at US$ 543.2 million in 2023 and is expected to reach US$ 889.8 million by 2033, expanding at a CAGR of 5.1%.

Growth of the market is being aided by notable industrialization in both emerging and established countries and increased demand for diverse valve solutions in plant engineering. Plastic valves play a crucial role in controlling, dosing, and ensuring the safe operation of various industrial processes.

Plastic valves are beneficial for environmental technology applications, including their good processing characteristics. The ease of processing plastic-based materials allows manufacturers to produce valves on a large scale while maintaining consistent quality and performance.

Factors driving market growth:

  • Europe is witnessing rapid industrial expansion and ongoing infrastructure projects across sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and water management.
  • Due to growing concerns over water scarcity and the environmental impact of manufacturing processes, precise control and efficient management of water resources have become crucial priorities.
  • With the integration of sensors, actuators, and control systems, plastic valves provide accurate and responsive fluid control. They facilitate remote operation, real-time monitoring, and data collection, supporting Europe's drive for increased efficiency, productivity, and reduced human intervention in industrial operations.

Challenges faced by manufacturers:

  • Limited temperature and pressure resistance of plastic valves compared to their metal counterparts is a significant restraint that affects their applicability in certain industries, particularly those with high temperature or pressure requirements. This limitation restricts the use of plastic valves in industrial processes where extreme conditions are prevalent, such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, or heavy manufacturing.
  • Accumulation of plastic waste in landfills and oceans has become a global environmental crisis. As plastic valves are made from petroleum byproducts, their production contributes to the overall plastic waste stream.

Opportunities for market growth:

  • Commercial and infrastructure development projects are creating a lucrative scenario for plastic valve manufacturers. There is an ever-growing demand for efficient fluid control systems that can optimize operations and ensure smooth functionality.
  • Compared to their metal valves, plastic variants are easier to handle and install. This simplifies the installation process and also requires less labor and time.
  • European regulations also emphasize quality assurance in construction projects. Plastic valve manufacturers can capitalize on this opportunity by implementing stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process.
  • By offering plastic valves that meet the required certifications and industry benchmarks, manufacturers can position themselves as trusted partners, gaining a competitive advantage in the European market.

Trends influencing demand for plastic valves:

  • Plastic valves started to play a crucial role in applications where the impact on the environment and health issues is of utmost importance, such as generating drinking water and treating polluted wastewater.
  • The market is witnessing a growing need for valves that can cater to different applications and meet specific requirements. This includes a wide range of valve types, such as ball valves, diaphragm valves, butterfly valves, check valves, and solenoid valves. Each valve type offers unique advantages and functionalities, making them suitable for specific applications within plant engineering.
  • There is growing emphasis on providing customized solutions for handling a wide range of fluids, whether they are particle-loaded or technically clean.
Attribute Key Insights

Europe Plastic Valves Market Size (2023)

US$ 543.2 Million

Projected Market Value (2033)

US$ 889.8 Million

Value CAGR (2023 to 2033)


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Demand Analysis of Plastic Valves in Europe (2018 to 2022) Vs. Market Projections (2023 to 2033)

From 2018 to 2022, the Europe plastic valves market expanded at a CAGR of 4.7%, reaching a market size of US$ 543.2 million in 2023.

The market exhibited steady growth during the historical period due to the rising demand for water treatment solutions. Manufacturers recognized the need for valves that can meet stringent standards and regulations to ensure the protection of the environment and human health, as these valves are designed to maintain the integrity of the water treatment processes.

Demand for plastic valves is expected to rise at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2023 to 2033 to reach US$ 889.8 million.

The plastic valves industry is expected to continue its growth trajectory from 2023 to 2033, driven by increasing concerns over customized solutions for fluid handling. The growth of the industrial sector and the rising adoption of sustainable water handling and treatment solutions are expected to drive the demand for plastic valves during the forecast period.

The market in the United Kingdom is also expected to grow, driven by increasing investments in infrastructure development, such as the construction of water treatment plants, due to changes in environmental regulations and safety standards.

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Comparative View of the Market

Europe Plastic Valves Market:

Attributes Details

CAGR (2023 to 2033)


Market Value (2033)

US$ 889.8 Million


Ongoing commercial and infrastructure development projects in Europe creating excellent environment for plastic valve manufacturers.

Key Trends

Increasing emphasis on providing customized solutions for handling a wide range of fluids, whether they are particle-loaded or technically clean.

Buckling Pin Relief Valves Market:

Attributes Details

CAGR (2023 to 2033)


Market Value (2033)

US$ 1.68 Billion


Due to increasing demand for oil & gas, exploration, production, and refinement activities are on the rise.

Key Trends

Buckling pin relief valves are being used increasingly by chemical, oil & gas, petrochemical, and other industries to ensure the safety of their operations.

Deluge Valves Market:

Attributes Details

CAGR (2023 to 2033)


Market Value (2033)

US$ 2.48 Billion


Rising awareness of fire safety procedures and increased concerns about the security of property and life.

Key Trends

Increasing number of development projects in offshore areas boosting demand for corrosive-resistant deluge valves in marine projects. End users are choosing seawater in firefighting systems due to its ease of use and low cost.

Market Research Methodology

Market Research Methodology

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Country-wise Insights

What is the Demand Projection for Plastic Valves in the United Kingdom?

“Growing Concerns over Water Wastage Driving Deployment of Plastic Valves”

The United Kingdom market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 91.1 million by 2033, expanding at a CAGR of 6%. This growth is expected to be driven by the increasing focus on reducing water wastage in industrial processes. Due to increasing awareness about water scarcity, precise control and efficient management of water resources have become crucial in the United Kingdom.

Higher water bills for consumers and increased costs for businesses result from water wastage in the country, as it necessitates additional expenses for treating and transporting water. Several other factors are anticipated to contribute to the increased demand for plastic valves in the country:

  • Presence of a large number of manufacturers
  • Stringent regulations governing water treatment

Why are Plastic Valves in High Demand in Germany’s Commercial & Industrial Sectors?

“Cost-effectiveness and Durability of Plastic Valves Compared to Metal Valves”

The plastic valves industry in Germany is expected to reach US$ 89 million by 2033, expanding at a CAGR of 5.4%. The German market is projected to experience growth owing to the rising demand for plastic valves in the commercial & industrial sectors.

Plastic valves are generally less expensive than metal valves, which makes them a cost-effective option for industrial projects in Germany. This helps reduce the overall cost of the project. Plastic valves are typically more durable than metal valves, which reduces the need for frequent repairs and maintenance and saves time and money.

What is Contributing to Widespread Use of Plastic Valves in France?

“Increasing Investments by Government in Sustainable Infrastructure Development”

The market in France is anticipated to reach a valuation of US$ 93.2 million by the end of 2033, advancing at a CAGR of 5.6%. The plastic valves industry in France is expected to grow substantially as the French government has implemented several policies and regulations aimed at reducing water wastage and promoting the use of water-efficient technologies. This has created a favorable environment for the growth of the market, as plastic valves are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and water efficiency.

The market is expected to benefit from increasing investments in infrastructure development projects such as water treatment plants and transportation systems.

What are the Factors Influencing the Demand for Plastic Valves in Italy?

“Rising Adoption of Plastic Valves in Residential Sector Due to Their Ease of Installation and Low Maintenance”

By 2033-end, the market in Italy is projected to reach a value of US$ 92.5 million, progressing at a CAGR of 5.2%.

The market in Italy is predicted to grow because of the rising demand for plastic valves in the residential sector. Plastic valves are increasingly being used in residential applications due to their lightweight, durable, and cost-effective nature. They are also easy to install and maintain, making them an attractive option for homeowners.

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has created a challenging economic environment for many countries in Europe. However, this has also created opportunities for cost-effective solutions, including plastic valves.

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Category-wise Insights

Which Segment is Expected to Occupy a Dominant Market Share?

“Corrosion Resistance of Thermoplastic Valves Boosting Their Sales”

Sales of thermoplastic valves in Europe are expected to advance at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2023 to 2033, driven by their cost-effectiveness, high efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.

Growth of the segment is further fueled by the expanding application of thermoplastic valves in the construction & infrastructure, chemical, and agriculture sectors. These industries leverage thermoplastic valves for their exceptional attributes, including superior strength, durability, and resistance to harsh chemicals and corrosive environments.

Why Does the Industrial Sector Account for High Usage of Plastic Valves?

“Low Manufacturing & Maintenance Costs Associated with Plastic Valves”

Utilization of plastic valves in the industrial sector is expected to rise at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2023 to 2033.

In 2023, the significant market share captured by this segment can be attributed to the strong presence of an industrial sector comprising diverse industries such as manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and water treatment. The increasing level of industrialization in Europe is stimulating the demand for plastic valves, particularly in applications related to fluid control, flow regulation, and process automation.

Plastic valves are generally more cost-effective compared to metal valves. They have lower manufacturing and maintenance costs, and their lightweight nature reduces transportation and installation expenses. The industrial sector, which often requires a large number of valves for different applications, finds plastic valves to be a cost-effective solution without compromising performance.

Key Strategies Adopted by Market Players

  • Product Innovation

Companies invest heavily in research and development to introduce innovative products that offer enhanced efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Product innovation enables companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and cater to the evolving needs of customers.

  • Collaborations & Strategic Partnerships

Key players in the industry often form strategic partnerships and collaborations with other companies to leverage their strengths and expand their reach in the market. Such collaborations also allow companies to gain access to new technologies and markets.

  • Expansion into Emerging Markets

The plastic valves industry is witnessing significant growth in emerging markets such as the United Kingdom and Germany. Key players are expanding their presence in these markets by establishing local manufacturing facilities and strengthening their distribution networks.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Key players in the plastic valves industry often engage in mergers and acquisitions to consolidate their market position, expand their product portfolio, and gain access to new markets.

  • In October 2022, the Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems (IMM) and Parker Hannifin announced a collaboration to further develop and test new proprietary hollow fiber membrane technology intended for fuel cell humidification applications.
  • In 2022, EFFAST achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the OQC certification from NSF International. This certification reinforces the brand's global reputation for delivering valves and fittings of controlled origin and quality, further enhancing EFFAST's position as a leading provider of reliable and high-quality products.

Europe Plastic Valves Industry Report Scope

Attribute Details

Forecast Period

2023 to 2033

Historical Data Available for

2018 to 2022

Market Analysis

US$ Million for Value

Key Countries Covered

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Rest of Europe

Key Market Segments Covered

  • Valve Material
  • Valve Type
  • Actuation Type
  • End Use
  • Country

Key Companies Profiled

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.
  • Emerson Electric Co.
  • Watts Water Technologies
  • Flowserve Corporation
  • Georg Fischer
  • STÜBBE GmbH & Co. KG
  • Polypipe Italia EFFAST
  • Xylem

Report Coverage

  • Market Forecast
  • Company Share Analysis
  • Competition Intelligence
  • Market Dynamics and Challenges
  • Strategic Growth Initiatives

Customization & Pricing

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Segmentation of Europe Plastic Valves Industry Research

By Valve Material:

  • Thermoplastic
    • Polyvinyl Chloride
    • Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
    • Polypropylene
  • Others

By Valve Type:

  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valve
  • Others

By Actuation Type:

  • Manual
  • Pneumatic
  • Electric

By End Use:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Residential
  • Agricultural
  • Municipal

By Country:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Rest of Europe

- Companies Covered in This Report -

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.
  • Emerson Electric Co.
  • Watts Water Technologies
  • Flowserve Corporation
  • STÜBBE GmbH & Co. KG
  • Xylem
  • Spirax Sarco Engineering
  • Georg Fischer
  • Pure Valve
  • Safi France
  • CEPEX Fluidra
  • Alfa Laval Corporate AB
  • Weir Group Plc.
  • Technip FMC Plc.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

The Europe plastic valves market stands at US$ 543.2 million in 2023.

Sales of plastic valves in Europe are set to rise at 5.1% CAGR through 2033.

The industrial sector accounts for a dominant share of the market in Europe.

The market for plastic valves in Europe is predicted to reach US$ 889.8 million by 2033.

The United Kingdom is a key market for plastic valve manufacturers in Europe.

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