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Corn Steep Liquor Market

Global Market Study on Corn Steep Liquor Market Outlook Market: Increasing Demand for Animal Feed Profiting Market Growth

Corn Steep Liquor Market Segmented By Organic, Conventional Nature in Liquid and Powder Form Used in Fertilizers, Fermentation, Animal Feed

Corn Steep Liquor Outlook (2023-2033)

The global corn steep liquor incurred a revenue of US$ 3,205.8 million in 2023 and is anticipated to grow by 4.0% value CAGR to reach the valuation of US$ 4,773.7 million by the end of 2033. The demand for corn steep liquor is increasing at a steady pace, owing to the growing demand for corn steep liquor as organic fertilizer and as a feed additive.

Attribute Key Insights

Corn Steep Liquor Size (2023E)

US$ 3,205.8 Million

Projected Sales of Corn Steep Liquor (2033F)

US$ 4,773.7 Million

Value CAGR (2023-2033)


Value Share of Top 4 Countries (2023E)


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Corn Steep Liquor Consumption Analysis (2018-2022) Vs. Market Estimations (2023-2033)

In the preceding years the, sales of corn steep liquor grew by 3.2% value CAGR from 2018-2022 and stands at US$ 3,077.9 million in 2022. Corn steep liquor has a variety of nutrients and is available at affordable price owing to which manufacturers can easily target companies engaged in the business of organic farming and meat producers, which has heightened the sales of corn steep liquor in the past few years.

Corn steep liquor is a combination of amino acids, 35 carbohydrates, soluble protein, organic acids, vitamins, and minerals. The product has a yellow-brownish color and a soft sweet odor. The product can be in a liquid form or a powdered form. The nutrition-rich profile of corn steep liquor makes the product very useful in animal nutrition and microbiological media preparation, among multiple other uses.

The sales of corn steep liquor are predicted to touch the valuation of US$ 4,773.7 million over the forecast period. The major advantage that corn steep liquor holds over available synthetic fertilizers such as urea and ammonium sulfate is that corn steep liquor is much easier to handle and less harmful. Since no synthetic products are utilized in the manufacturing of corn steep liquor, apart from sulfur dioxide, which is used in the steeping process, the product is much safer to handle.

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What are the Key Trends in the Market for Corn Steep Liquor?

“Growing Trend for Organic Products Positively Impacting the Corn Steep Liquor Market

Corn steep liquor is a prominent contender for organic fertilizers. The product is rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Corn steep is considered most ideal choice in organic agriculture because of the free nitrogen content the product has for ready absorption by plants, helping in the rapid growth and development of the plants.

Organic agriculture and the increasing trend for organic products is a major driving factors for the increasing demand for corn steep liquor. In 2020, there was a 20% growth in organic farmland over the previous year, and a 12.5% growth in the number of organic agriculture producers, worldwide, leading to the increased demand for organic agriculture aids, globally.

Developing countries such as India, Mexico, and others hold the top spots for organic agricultural produce. As such, the opportunities for growth in the demand for corn steep liquor are present in such countries. On the other hand, developed countries have high demand for organic agricultural produce.

“Versatile Functionality Associated With Corn Steep Liquor Benefiting Market Growth”

Corn steep liquor has gained strong traction among manufacturers across the globe, owing to the versatile utility in various industries coupled with cost effective nutrition solution offered to feed industry. Moreover, the rapidly growing population of animals has driven the corn steep liquor market across the globe. It can provide animals with a rich source of proteins, amino acids, and vitamins, to achieve optimal growth in a shorter timeframe.

Furthermore, it also provides multiple other benefits along with just the nutritional aspect for animal feed. Corn steep liquor, when used in compound feed pellets, acts as an excellent feed binder. Corn steep liquor is also used as a specific diet ingredient for certain aquaculture species and practices. It is also used for sports fishing as bait, since it works as an excellent attractant. When harnessed in poultry feed, it provides a grain-like appearance and color to the feed. The multifaceted beneficial nature of corn steep liquor is why the product has been gaining traction in the market lately.

“Increasing Demand for Meat and Meat Products”

Industrialization of meat production is another major factor that appears to be influencing the global corn steep liquor market. The industrialization of meat and other animal products has brought in an increased demand for animal feed to be provided for production. The pressure on the animal husbandry industry is at all-time high to keep up with the meat industry. This indirectly results in more purchases of animal feed additives such as corn steep liquor. Corn steep liquor is an additive that provides high nutrients to animals in a cost-effective way. Since feed costs take up a majority of the cost that goes into livestock businesses, bringing it down is significantly important for business owners, producing corn steep liquor ideal choice for animal feed manufacturers.

“Poor Stability in the Fermentation Process & Low Product Penetration Hampering Market Growth”

Corn steep liquor has great nutritional value, but also has poor stability, and is prone to precipitation and foam formation. The addition of corn steep liquor also requires a lot of effort for maintaining the stability of the fermentation process. This puts it at a risk of substitution by a conventional/ chemical alternative that has higher stability in the fermentation process.

Though corn steep liquor has multiple benefits, the market for fertilizers and feed additives is still saturated with abundant availability of chemical fertilizers and feed additives. Corn steep liquor has not attained a level of recognition and penetration that can compete with conventional feed additives/ fertilizers. Some of the major manufacturers do not offer this product in many developing areas, making it even harder to gain traction in some geographies.

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Country-wise insights

What is demand outlook for corn steep liquor in the U.S. market?

Rapidly Expanding Animal Feed and Fertilizer Industry in the U.S. Market

The sales of corn steep liquor in the U.S. market is predicted at US$ 1,404.2 Million for 2023 and the market is expected to grow by 3.0% during 2023-2033. The burgeoning demand for fertilizers and animal feed is likely to augment the sales of corn steep liquor in the U.S. Market.

What is the consumption outlook of corn steep liquor in the U.K. market?

Strong Demand for Meat & Meat Products in the U.K. Driving the Market

The per capita consumption of meat products is growing at exponential rate in the U.K., which has positively affected the corn steep liquor market in the country. The consumption value of corn steep liquor is valued at US$ 149.5 Million by end of 2023. Moreover, the U.K. is most lucrative space for corn steep liquor market and is exhibiting highest growth rate of around 4.9% value CAGR among all European countries.

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Category-wise insights

How is organic corn steep liquor shaping in the global market?

Surging Demand for Organic Products Fostering the Growth of Market

Under product type nature, the global corn steep liquor market is segmented into organic and conventional. The sales of organic corn steep liquor are predicted to expand at highest rate of 4.3% in the upcoming years attributed to the rising demand for natural and chemical-free products among global consumers.

What is the consumption outlook of liquid corn steep liquor in the global market?

”Growing Production of Liquid Corn Steep Liquor to Meet Global Demand”

By form category, the corn steep liquor market is bifurcated into powder and liquid. The liquid segment is dominating the global corn steep liquor market with a value share of 71.2% and sales incurred is estimated at US$ 2,303.7 million by end of 2023. Moreover, the same demand dynamics is anticipated to be followed over the forecast period, owing to rising demand for liquid fertilizer to fertile the soil.

Competitive Dashboard

Manufacturers producing corn steep liquor are offering and supplying products as an ideal ingredient to animal feed and agriculture sector. Corn steep liquor has wide application animal feed industry and in fertilizers, since it is a mixture of highly bioavailable amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, organic acids, and other product. Regional multinational players account market share of 25-35% and local 05-10% respectively. These companies are primarily targeted toward offering products at the country or regional level and are more export-oriented.

The U.S. and Asia Pacific countries account for the majority of corn production in the global corn market but the consumption of corn steep liquors in the region is primarily high in North America and Western European countries. Therefore, the regional level players are focusing on expanding its production capacity and export the products to Western market with the support of strong distribution network Through these strategies, the players are aiming to capitalize on market demand and gain lucrative profit margins in the highly competitive landscape.

  • Cargill, Inc. provides corn steep liquor as an additive for compound feed. It helps to improve the organoleptic properties of the feed along with adding nutritional value. The company supply corn step liquor to feed industry that is rich in amino acid that supports digestion in the animals.
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company emphasizes on partnerships with ingredient-based research & development companies, which will enable it to develop and commercialize products that have a higher margin. With this move, the company also aims at expansion in the food ingredients market.
  • Tereos S.A. has streamlined distribution network that has helped the company to create a more integrated supply chain, from agricultural production through to the places of consumption. These has resulted in hassle-free supply of corn steep liquor to various countries.
  • Juci Corn Biotechnology Co., Ltd offers quality corn steep liquor which possess wide application in animal feed, aquatic sports, industrial fermentation, and agriculture. The product is rich source for fulfilling the animal nutrition requirements of minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Corn Steep Liquor Market Industry Report Scope

Attribute Details

Forecast period


Historical data available for


Market analysis

USD million for value

Key regions covered

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia & Pacific
  • East Asia
  • Middle East & Africa

Key countries covered

  • U.S.
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • U.K.
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • GCC countries
  • Turkey
  • Northern Africa
  • South Africa

Key market segments covered

  • Nature
  • Form
  • Application
  • Region

Key companies profiled

  • Tereos
  • Cargill, Inc.
  • Archer-Daniels-Midland Company
  • Global Bio-chem Technology Group Company Limited
  • Juci Corn Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
  • Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd.
  • Baolingbao Biology Co.,Ltd.
  • Gulshan Polyols Limited
  • Ingredion Incorporated

Report coverage

  • Market forecast
  • Company share analysis
  • Competition intelligence
  • DROT analysis
  • Market dynamics and challenges
  • Strategic growth initiatives

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Corn Steep Liquor Industry Research by Category

By Nature:

  • Organic
  • Conventional

By Form:

  • Liquid
  • Powder

By Application:

  • Fertilizers
  • Fermentation
  • Animal Feed
    • Swine
    • Ruminants
    • Poultry
    • Others

By Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia & Pacific
  • East Asia
  • Middle East & Africa

- Companies Covered in This Report -

  • Tereos
  • Cargill, Inc.
  • Archer-Daniels-Midland Company
  • Global Bio-chem Technology Group Company Limited
  • Juci Corn Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
  • Sanstar Bio-Polymers Ltd.
  • Baolingbao Biology Co.,Ltd.
  • Gulshan Polyols Limited
  • Ingredion Incorporated

- Frequently Asked Questions -

The global market for corn steep liquor has a value of US$ 3,205.8 million 2023.

The global market for corn steep liquor has a value CAGR of 3.2% from 2018-2022.

The global market for corn steep liquor has a value of US$  4,773.7 million in 2033.

The global market for corn steep liquor has a value CAGR of 4.0% from 2023-2033.

Companies such as Cargill, Inc., Tereos, Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, and others are some of the major players operating in the global corn steep liquor market.

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