Global Orthopedic Surgical Robots Market to Hit US$ 4,100 Million by 2029 at a Whopping CAGR of 23.2%

Published On : Jun 23, 2022

According to Persistence Market Research's latest report, the Global Orthopedic Surgical Robots Market size will exceed US$ 4,158.1 Million in terms of market value by 2029, at a staggering CAGR of 23.2%. According to the report constant developments in orthopedic surgical robot technology, the availability of orthopedic surgical robots around the world, and a rise in government financing for the development of orthopedic surgical robots are the major factors expected to drive demand for orthopedic surgical robots throughout the forecast period. Furthermore, the use of orthopedic surgical robots has advantages such as less blood loss, lower conversion rates, and shorter hospital stays. The emphasis to reduce hospital expenses associated with orthopedic procedures, along with the increased efficiency, is likely to fuel the growth of the orthopedic surgical robots market throughout the forecast period.

Geographically, the North American region dominates the global orthopedic surgical robots market mainly due to the increased incidence of bone-related disorders and the growing need for automation in the healthcare sector in the region. Apart from that, Europe accounted for the largest share of the global market due to an increasing preference for surgical robots in various types of procedures. Furthermore, the Asia-Pacific region is thriving in the orthopedic surgical robotics market because of the increased understanding of the advantages of minimally invasive orthopedic robotic surgery over traditional orthopedic surgery. Furthermore, the growing older population is driving the growth of the global orthopedic surgical robots market.

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Orthopedic Surgical Robots Market

Global Market Study on Orthopedic Surgical Robots: Exponentiation in bone-related injuries to drive market expansion

Orthopedic Surgical Robots Market