Global Market Study on Scar Treatment: Application in Treatment of Atrophic Scars to Witness Robust Growth During 2017 - 2025

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Visible marks on the skin that remain after the wound has healed are known as scars. These scars are composed of fibrous tissue. Scars can have the profound impact, however, a better understanding of the biology of scarring has led to the development of more effective scar treatment. Increasing government approvals on medical products and devices, increasing awareness among people to improve physical appearance are some of the factors driving the global scar treatment market. Among various scar treatment options, laser therapy is becoming popular. It has also been noted that laser therapy helps in minimizing the histological and clinical appearance of scars. However, the high cost of laser therapy is restricting the growth of the global market for scar treatment. Raised or hypertrophic scars are also common, however, OTC silicone patches are being used on a large scale to treat these type of scars.

Meanwhile, companies are increasingly investing in research activities to come up with a better formulation for scar treatment. The products such as gels, creams are also being developed to treat associated conditions with scars such as pain, redness, itching, and inflammation. Researchers are also focusing on developing new treatment options, especially for patients with large scars caused by burns and trauma. With increasing demand for laser treatment, the CO2 laser is likely to become popular in the global market for scar treatment.

The report compiled by Persistence Market research on the global scar treatment market expects the market to see a moderate growth between 2017 and 2025. The global market for scar treatment is also likely to bring in US$ 13,106.0 Million revenue by 2025 end. Factors such as affordability and easy availability of scar treatment products are expected to drive the growth of the market. 

Scar Treatment Products to Find Increasing Application in the Treatment of Atrophic Scars

Atrophic scars are also known as sunken scars. These scars occur when the body starts losing skin tissues and is not able to generate it. There are various types of atrophic scars such as ice pick scar, box scar, rolling acne, and scars caused by trauma and surgery. Acne being the most common problem, increasing number of people are suffering from atrophic scars. However, new atrophic scar treatments are being introduced specifically for acne scars. It has also been found that laser treatment is more effective on atrophic scars as compared to dermabrasion. However, chemical peels are also being used widely to remove the layer of damaged skin.

Organic and Natural Products to Witness Significant Growth in the Global Market for Scar Treatment

Increasing number of customers are shifting towards using natural and organic products to treat various skin problems. Hence, organic and natural oils and creams are gaining popularity. Owing to the minimum or no side-effects demand for natural products including gels, oils, creams have increased in the global scar treatment market. Companies developing topical scar products have also started using natural ingredients in the products to attract more customers. Scar treatment products containing essential oils such as aloe vera, and tea tree oil are witnessing growing demand from customers. Customers in developed countries are also opting for OTC products containing natural oils due to their ability to restore skin.

In this report, Persistence Market Research has provided key insights on the global scar treatment market over the forecast period (2017-2025). The objective of this report is to offer in-depth analysis and estimations on the market, including driving factors, challenges, key market opportunities, latest trends, major segments, the performance of the regional markets and prominent players operating in the global market for scar treatment. The report also focuses on quality insights and the data offered has been included through interviews with market experts, product managers, and clinicians.

To identify and understand the opportunities in the global scar treatment market, the report has been segmented into four sections including product type, application, by end user and region. The report also provides data on global market forecast values and key competitors. The above-mentioned segments have been analyzed in terms of basis point to get a better understanding of each segment and the contribution to the growth of the market. 

The region-wise analysis provides detail on the opportunities in various regions and also offers forecast on the all the key region. The report also focuses on a Y-O-Y growth in regional market. This helps in identifying growth opportunities all the major regions.

The final part of the global scar treatment market report sheds light on the competitive landscape including key market players a broad view of the market. Long-term and short-term strategies of key players and latest developments by them has also been provided. 

Research Methodology

To provide in-depth analysis of the global market for scar treatment, the report offers data and information based on primary and secondary research. Moreover, inputs from market experts have been included in the report to arrive at appropriate market numbers. The opinions provided by respondents have been crosschecked with valid data sources. The forecast in the report includes revenue generated and the expected revenue in the global scar treatment market.

The report provides details on market on the basis of value and volume for forecast period and base year. This base year has been taken as the basis for providing numbers for the forecast period.  This helps to understand how the market is expected to perform in the near future. Gathered data also includes analysis of the demand and supply side drivers and major factors of the global market for scar treatment. Factor analysis has also been conducted to see the effect of various factors on the global market. The report provides forecasts in terms of CAGR and Y-o-Y growth to identify the growth opportunities. 

Another important part of this report is forecast on the absolute dollar opportunity. This is an important factor analyzing the level of opportunity and to get an idea of the key resources from a sales viewpoint in the global scar treatment products market. In order to understand market performance, PMR has provided a market attractiveness index to identify existing market opportunities in the global scar treatment market. 

Companies covered in Scar Treatment Market Report

Company Profiles

  • Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA
  • Pacific World Corporation
  • Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc.
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.
  • Avita Medical Limited
  • Enaltus, LLC.
  • Revitol Corporation Inc.
  • Scarguard Labs LLC
  • Quantum, Inc.
  • CCA industries Inc
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