Micro System On Module Market

Micro System-on-Module (SOM) Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2017 - 2025


A system on module (SOM) or computer on module (COM) is a complete chip on a single printed circuit board containing elements such as RAM, clock, Ethernet, microprocessor, I/O controllers and flash memory. It is a subtype of embedded computer system. Micro system-on-module (SOM) is a smaller version of the system on module based on Intel’s Braswell architecture, which is built around a carrier board that adheres all the ports essential in any tiniest personal computer. The size of the Micro system-on-module (SOM) range from 52.8mm to 40mm. They are the global product that serves a broad variety of uses beginning from a calculator to engineering controls to space technology. Presently, above 2 billion microsystems on the module are mass produced every single year. 

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Micro System-on-Module (SOM) Market: Market Dynamics and Restraints

Microchips and integrated circuits have transformed industrial automation. Practicing micro system-on-module (SOM)  provides flexibility to perform hardware and software development activity parallel, this is why, it is widely preferred by companies such as Motorola, SUN Microsystems, Xerox, IBM, and DEC in their Blade computers. Other properties such as; cost saving, variety in CPU choices, reduced client design requirements, a small footprint are other qualities which propel micro system-on-module (SOM) market globally.

The latest trend accepted by industries are an implementation of the multicore processor. Previously, microcontrollers were commonly used in industrial implanted systems including industrial process control, actuators, robotics, and sensors. Though, industrial technology has progressed and include multiple capabilities such as wireless connectivity, smart sensors, imaging; this has boosted the demand for advanced and efficient systems. Therefore, manufacturers are offering single chips with multiple cores to improve applications, escalate reliability, decrease power consumption, and reduce full functioning costs.

Although demand and necessity of micro system-on-module (SOM) in the market can be seen significantly, the high development cost of industrial embedded systems hinders the market growth to a certain extent.

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Micro System-on-Module (SOM) Market: Market Segmentation           

Based on applications
  • Storage blades
  • Blade servers
  • Internet of Things
  • Medical devices
  • Network Appliances
  • Data acquisition
Based on the end use
  • Medical
  • Industrial automation
  • Aerospace
  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • Other 


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Micro System-on-Module (SOM) Market: Regional Outlook 

The Micro system-on-module (SOM) market is globally expected to register healthy CAGR during the forecast period. Due to the active presence of major companies of healthcare and industrial automation in countries such as US and Canada, made North America leading region in Micro System-on-Module (SOM) market. In Japan, Eastern and Western Europe region, the active involvement of automobile, robotics, and electronics industry made Eastern Europe second leading region in the market of global micro system-on-module (SOM). Countries such as China, India are the developing countries of Asia-Pacific excluding Japan region; due to easy availability of raw material and landscape; automobile, electronic and aerospace industries are adding their factories in these countries. As Micro system-on-module (SOM) is used in these sectors, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan region becomes the third leading region in this market. Latin America and the Middle East and Africa are predicted to acquire the Micro system-on-module (SOM) market shortly. 

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Micro System-on-Module (SOM) Market: Key players 

Some of the global key players of micro system-on-module (SOM) market include Inforce Computing, Inc., Atmel, MEN Micro, Intel, National Instruments, and Infineon Technologies. Other major vendors are AAEON Electronics, Acrosser Embedded SBC, VIA Technologies, Technique Innovator Inc, ADES, Touit, ADL Embedded Solutions, Toradex, ADLINK Technology, Technoland, Advantech, Sealevel Systems, AEWIN Technologies, Texas Instruments, ARM, Syslogic, Artesyn Embedded Technologies, DAVE Embedded Systems,  STMicroelectronics, AXIOMTEK, SECO, Beckhoff Automation, Samsung Electronics, Bharathi Electronics, Renesas, IBASE Technology, Mouser Electronics, PHYTEC Embedded, ICOP Technology, MEN Mikro Electronik, Nexcom Europe, and NXP.

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