Meat Tenderizer Enzymes Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2013 to 2017 and Forecast 2018 - 2028

Meat Tenderizer Enzymes  Market
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Global meat tenderizer enzymes market overview

Tenderness is one of the most desirable properties of meat aiding in softness, palatability and chew ability. Tenderness of meat depends upon variety of factors including but not limited to quantity of fat, meat grain and complexity of connective tissues. Meat tenderizer enzymes are enzymes used for tenderizing tough meat by breaking collagens in meat and enhancing the taste. Meat can be tendered through mechanical means such as pounding and piercing as well as using enzymes such as papain and bromelain. A positive outlook can be witnessed for Meat tenderizer enzymes market owing to increasing meat consumption coupled with growth in processed food industry.

Steadily increasing meat production and consumption complement meat tenderizer enzymes market growth

Meat tenderizer enzymes market is expected to witness robust growth owing to the increasing rate of meat consumption. This can be attributed to ever changing lifestyle and cultural trends amongst youth population. The growing inclination towards consumption of protein rich diets due to fitness and health conscience, consumption of meat is likely to accelerate in the near future. According to FAO per capita consumption of meat accounted for 41.3 kg in 2015 which is expected to reach 45.3 kg by 2030. Underpinned by improved economic conditions and cattle expansions across the world, increased demand and consumption of meat is likely to boost sales of meat tenderizer enzymes in the upcoming future. Therefore, meat tenderizer enzymes manufacturers are expected to expand production capabilities in order to meet future demands.

Finding Space on Retail Shelves, Traditional as Well as Digital

Like several other food property enhancer, meat tenderizer enzymes have successfully been able to find a place on retail shelf space, not only at modern trade outlets but also on digital retail platforms. In order to attain Omni-channel success, meat tenderizer enzymes manufacturers are opting for multiple means in which they can be available anytime, anywhere and at the consumer’s convenience. With the rapid expansion & diversification of retail networks manufacturers are exploring online channels to deliver meat tenderizer enzymes directly to the end users. 

High threat of substitute products to impede meat tenderizer enzymes market growth.

Meat tenderizer enzymes are often blended with Monosodium glutamate in order to enhance flavors. Consumption of MSG has resulted in headaches, eye damage, obesity, depression, fatigue and disorientation, tingling and numbness, rapid heartbeat. Growing concerns over ill effects of MSG is prompting consumer to shift towards substitute for meat tenderizer enzymes. However, manufacturers have introduced MSG free meat tenderizer enzymes in order regain consumer confidence over meat tenderizer enzymes products. Moreover, consumers are substituting meat tenderizer enzymes with pineapple juice or papaya juice to tender meat along with using hand power tool such as meat mallet, or meat pounder and blades to cut meat fiber. Hand power tools are cost effective substitute for meat tenderizer enzymes and may negatively impact meat tenderizer enzymes market growth in the upcoming future.

Papain based meat tenderizer enzymes to remain dominant segment during the forecast period

Meat tenderizer enzymes can be segmented on the basis of product type, application, end user and sales channel. On the basis of product type the meat tenderizer enzymes market can be further segmented as Papain, Bromelain, Ficin and others. Papain segment leads in terms of meat tenderizer enzymes market share followed by Bromelain during the forecast period. On the basis of application meat tenderizer enzymes can be used to tender beef, pork, poultry and sea food. On the basis of end user the meat tenderizer enzymes market can be further segmented as commercial and residential. More than 90% of meat tenderizer enzymes are consumed residentially. On the basis of sales channel meat tenderizer enzymes market can be segmented into grocery stores, hypermarket & super market, convenience stores and online sales channels.

Meat Tenderizer Enzymes Market: Asia Pacific Region to offer lucrative opportunity

Meat tenderizer enzymes market remain concentered in North America and Europe region however Asia Pacific region is poised to offer lucrative opportunities for market growth in the region. This can be attributed to increasing disposable income in the region coupled with growing meat processing industry in China and India region. Some of the leading manufacturers for meat tenderizer enzymes includes Senthil group of industries, McCormick & Company Inc., ENZYBEL GROUP, Enzyme Bioscience Private Limited, Enzyme Development Corporation, Mak Wood Inx, Phoset Foods Pvt. Ltd, LFI (UK) Ltd, Fuji Foods Corporation amongst others.

Meat Tenderizer Enzymes Market

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