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Juices/Health Drinks

The adverse health effect of sugary sodas has been known to man for a while now and their consumption has been decreasing one soda can at a time, dealing a blow to the sales of some of the largest beverage makers. The latest to be added to the list of unhealthy drinks are supposedly unsweetened fruit juices, which, reports show, are not entirely sugar-free there's a raging debate about whether even the sugar of the fruits should be counted as added sugar.

Consumers are therefore now turning to alternative sources of hydration, with health drinks topping the list. Even beverage giants like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have taken note of this and are altering their marketing schemes to focus more on non-carbonated drinks such as fruit juices, probiotic drinks, water, and energy and sports drinks. Recipes of these beverages are being reformulated to contain less sugar, calories, and sodium in order to cater to the demands of a more health-conscious consumer.

To succeed in an evolving industry such as the food and beverages sector requires companies to understand what drives consumer preferences and purchases. Persistence Market Research aims to provide its clients a comprehensive understanding and fresh perspective of how these consumer trends can be turned into major growth opportunities.

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