Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone mainstream and created scores of opportunities for newer channels, models, and service delivery systems in the telecom sector to meet the evolving needs of customers. A combination of forces has fueled the adoption of IoT in recent years: Massive volumes of data, the exponential growth of connected devices, pervasive connectivity, and the confluence of low-cost technologies. The high-tech industry is likely to benefit the most from the future market for IoT, giving rise to a new wave of growth in not just the telecom sector but beyond that as well. The lack of marketing, education, and PR were some of the initial hiccups that the IoT market had to face, but today, the ability of IoT to cater to the demand for highly-customized product systems has been well established and vendors have been working toward realizing the real business value of this phenomenal development.

To help companies make good on the plentiful opportunities that accompany the Internet of Things, Persistence Market Research offers sharp insights on designing and delivering the most competitive services and products.

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