Solar Salt Market: Global Industry Analysis 2015-2019 and Opportunity Assessment 2020 - 2030

Solar Salt  Market
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Solar salt Market outlook

Solar salts are basically the salts naturally evaporated from seawater. Salt has always been an essential part of food used as a spice, culinary salt, or preservative. The wide range of application solar salt in industries and increased production of chloro-alkali chemicals offers immense growth opportunities to the solar salt manufacturers. Owing to the easy production and low cost of solar salts, it has the largest share among all types of soil. Approximately 60% of the salts are used in the chemicals industry as a raw material for producing caustic soda, chlorine and soda ash which is expected to grow the demand of solar salt.

The need for water treatment and purification is driving the solar salt Market 

 The worldwide expanding processed food industry is also propelling the demand for solar salt. Rising demand for salt in chemical processing, water treatment, de-icing, and agriculture product is propelling the global solar salt market. Solar salt is used in water treatment, the increasing water treatment projects in many countries will propel the demand for solar salt as well. The water softening and water purification process require solar salt which is expected to grow the solar salt market. In many colder regions where temperature fall below the minus degree requires the salt for the de-icing process to clear the snow on roads. The water treatment process is adopted by manufacturers to make source water suitable for boilers and cooling towers which is rising the demand for solar salts.

Solar salt Market – segmentation

 Based on form, the global solar salt market is segmented as

  • Granule
  • Pellets
  • Fine

Based on the source, the global solar salt market is segmented as

  • Seawater
  • Underground brine

Based on end-use the global solar salt market is segmented as

  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Household
  •  Others

Based on the distribution channel, the global solar salt market is segmented as

Business to consumers (B2B)

Business to consumers (B2C)

  • Hypermarkets/ supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Online retail
  • Others

Based on the region, the global solar salt market is segmented as

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Oceania

Solar salt Market – key players

Some of the market player of global solar salt market are Cheetham Salt Ltd. Dampier Salt, Tata Chemicals Ltd., Nirma Ltd.,, Cimsal Indústria Salineira, Onslow salt, K+S Aktiengesellschaft, and others.

Solar salt Market – an opportunity

 The globally increasing food industry is increasing the demand of solar salt. The solar salt market is also expected to witness growth due to the increasing chemical industry in most of the regions of the world. North America and Europe have the largest share of the global solar salt market due to the rapidly growing industries. The increasing penetration of water softeners households in developing economies is increasing the growth of solar salt.  

Impact of COVID -19 on solar salt Market 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the salt production has come to a standstill. In many regions peak production season for salt is from April to June, the market is affected as most of the countries are facing lockdown. With curfew and restriction in most of the region's movement of goods had affected. Salt is the most essential part of food production, which the reason the supply of products may affect many other industries as well. Manufacturers are worried as they are unable to meet the production target which will affect the global export of the solar salt. Strict lockdown rules had severely affected salt production, though it is counted as the essential commodity. But now many essentials commodities which also includes salt is are permitted to transport with certain conditions.

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