Molecular Grade Plates Market

Global Market Study on Molecular Grade Plates: Demand to Remain High from Biotechnology Companies in Long Term

Molecular Grade Plates Market Segmented By PCR Plates, Deep Well Plates, Sample Preparation Filter Plates Product with PCR, Next-gen Sequencing (NGS), Sample Storage Application

  • January-2021
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Molecular Grade Plates Market: About the Report

With polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing highly sought-after in current times, catalysed by the outbreak of COVID-19, demand for molecular grade plates has never been so high. These are also in high demand from biotechnology companies and R&D institutes. PMR’s report further details why the regions of Asia Pacific. North America, and Europe dominate the global molecular grade plates market. With top players focusing on acquisition and merger activities at regional levels to expand their bases, this industry is set to witness steady growth over the long-term forecast period.

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  • Thermo fisher scientific
  • Merck KGA
  • Bio-Rad
  • Takara Bio, Inc.
  • Pall Corporation
  • Eppendorf Corporate
  • Tarsons
  • Applied Biological Materials Inc.
  • Greiner AG
  • Brooks Life Sciences
  • Corning Incorporated
  • Cytiva

Molecular Grade Plates Market Trends

Growing Focus on Oncology Research to Spur Molecular Grade Plates Market: Molecular biology tools are important for various applications involved in oncology research. Rising number of cancer patients and increasing government initiatives lead to increased focus on oncology research, creating higher demand for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in research. PCR is used as a novel detection tool to identify clinically important species and their mutations, which would guide in making therapeutic decisions for various cancers. This high demand for PCR is driving the expansion of the molecular grade plates market size across the globe.

Technological Advancements in Molecular Grade Plates: Continuous advancements in molecular grade plates are driving market growth. Demand for tear-able PCR plates among researchers is rising. Therefore, many companies are launching their PCR plates with this feature to meet the experimental needs of end users. Tear-able PCR plates have flexibility similar to tube strips, in a plate format. They can be easily separated into smaller plate sections, ensuring no tubes are wasted.

  • For example, Brooks Life Sciences Tear-A-Way plates provides the same flexibility in a one-component plate format, enabling them to be used with gradient PCR instruments.

Major players in the molecular grade plates market space are also developing products for sensitive applications such as low binding plates for Next Generation Sequencing sample preparation. These plates are preferred, since low binding polypropylene plates allow multiple incubation and transfer steps without sample loss during experiments. Increasing or preserving sample yield is a basic requirement for molecular biology applications.

molecular grade plates market

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Strategic Acquisitions & Mergers by Market Leaders

The global molecular grade plates market is consistently rising, and therefore, many new players are entering this space. Top players are focusing on acquisition and merger activities at regional levels. This trend is mostly observed across North America and Europe. Acquisitions empower companies with products and increase their portfolios. This also enables them to enter new emerging markets as well as enhance existing market shares.

  • For instance, in November 2015, Merck KGaA acquired Sigma-Aldrich, to become a leader in the cell culture market.
  • In January 2015, Abcam entered into a partnership agreement with A*STAR's Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, to develop high-quality immunoassays for life sciences research.

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COVID-19 Crisis Impact – Molecular Grade Plates Market Experiencing Positive Growth

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, it is negatively affecting almost all industries; however, the molecular grade plates market is experiencing positive growth. The virus, known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), causes coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19). Developing reliable tests for detecting the virus is essential to slow its spread. The outbreak of coronavirus has created a huge opportunity for the molecular grade market to expand. There has been an increase in demand for PCR tubes and plates for coronavirus test and research. Leading manufacturers have started focusing on developing products to meet demand of the current scenario.

  • For instance, Biomat, a worldwide manufacturer of plates and tubes for ELISA and PCR assays tests, with leading expertise in surface modification, has provided Biomat PCR-coated tubes and plates. These products offer a viable support for the development of COVID-19 PCR tests kits for life science manufacturers and researchers.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

An extensive analysis of the molecular grade plates market has brought our analysts to a conclusion that, the market is growing at a significant pace. Currently, PCR plates is a targeted segment for major players in the molecular grade plates market, due to rising adoption of PCR as a diagnostic test. North America and Europe collectively hold more than 60% of revenue share due to higher demand for molecular grade plates and technological advancements in these regions. Emerging countries such as China and Brazil are expected to offer lucrative opportunities for players in the molecular grade plates market, owing to increasing pool of patients and rising awareness about diagnostic techniques among the population.

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