Battery Holder Market

Battery Holder Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2013 to 2017 and Forecast 2018 - 2026

Battery Holder Market Segmented By Battery Holder type such as Plastic Holder, Metal Holder, Battery Snaps, Coin Cell Holder and Component Clip with Cell capacity such as Single Cell and Multiple Cell

Battery Holder Market: Introduction

A battery holder is a case having one or more than one chambers or compartments for holding batteries. The battery holder must also have electrical contact with the terminals of the battery in case of dry cells, whereas, in case of wet cells, cables are usually connected to the terminals of the battery. Battery holders, for instance, are found in emergency lighting equipment automobiles, etc.

A battery holder is either a plastic case in the shape of a housing molded as a chamber or a separate plastic holder which is mounted with eyelets, screws, double-sided tape, glue or other means or chambers that receive the battery cells. Battery holders use a lid to protect or retain the batteries to protect them from getting a short circuit. They may also be sealed to inhibit damage to the circuit or the components of the circuit from battery leakage.

Additionally, coiled spring wire and flat tabs are the two most important parts of a battery holder, which press the battery cells against the terminals of the battery, making the electrical connection complete inside the battery holder. On the other hand, the external connections of the battery holder generally consist of the contacts with pins, solder lugs, surface mount feet or wire leads.

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Battery Holder Market: Market Dynamics

Various factors, such as stringent emission norms being implemented by governments of various developed nations and growing focus on fuel efficiency are some of the factors estimated to boost the market demand for battery holders. Diminishing fossil fuel reserves, rising CO2 emissions and promising government initiatives are also projected to propel the battery holder market during the forecast period.

Batteries are widely used in children’s toys, light beacons, electronic keys, remote controls and wall watches – these products and their extensive demand is estimated to fuel battery demand, which in turn, will drive the market of battery holders globally.

Storage applications take account of load leveling in renewable energy sources, such solar and wind energy. Also, increasing aircraft and automobile production in emerging economies is likely to provide enormous potential for the market growth of the battery holder market. Wireless & cordless telephones and emergency lighting and their increasing usage will also drive the demand in the battery holders market.

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Battery Holder Market: Segmentation

cell size:
  • AA
  • AAA
  • AAAA
Battery Holder type:
  • Plastic Holder
  • Metal Holder
  • Battery Snaps
  • Coin Cell Holder
  • Component Clip
Cell capacity:
  • Single Cell
  • Multiple Cell
End user:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Others

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Battery Holder Market: Regional Outlook

The Asia Pacific region is the largest market for battery holders, primarily due to the fact that it has an extensive customer base for different industries. Asia Pacific will be followed by Europe, North America, Japan, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa regions. Asia Pacific region leads the global battery holder market in terms of both vehicle parc and vehicle production.

China and Japan are one of the largest automotive markets in the region. Also, the European region is expected to hold the second largest market share and will be followed by the North America region. At the country level, Germany is expected to capture the largest market share in the European region whereas the U.S is estimated to dominate the demand in the North America market.

Additionally, at the country level, China followed by the U.S, Japan and Germany are the top automotive producing nations and will drive the demand for battery holders during the forecast period. China, Japan and India are expected to grab a larger pie in the Asian Market and China is expected to the most dominant player in the global market of battery holders.

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Battery Holder Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the Battery Holder market are Aiko Denshi, Bulgin, HARWIN, Keystone, RS Pro, Takachi Electric Industrial, TE Connectivity, Yuasa, Eagle Plastic Devices, Hammond, Keystone Electronics, Microchip, New age enclosure, Twin Industries, Magento Inc., etc.


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