Redefining Medical Case Management Services

  • Published On : Sep 26, 2018

Medical case management services have been gaining a healthy momentum over the recent years. Such case management services assess and calculate the severity of a case and suggest the most appropriate medical solution to the patient. The basic aim of these services is to provide hassle free and convenient medical solutions avoiding any irregular compliance. Moreover, they offer distinctive medical alternatives that are cost effective and efficient. Medical case management services market can effectively reduce unnecessary medical expense and complications. These services facilitate patient reimbursement policies and initiate an appropriate medical plan of care.

When do You Need Medical Case Management Services?

The geriatric population and the working class are considered as major clients of medical case management services. Most elderlies require frequent medical attention leading to a lot of unaccounted medical expenditure. Such extra spending can be checked through proper implementation of case management services. For the working population management services can efficiently help reduce the recovery time and initiate prompt claimant reimbursement support.

Several other occasions where medical case management services can be of significant importance include incidence of catastrophic injury, an excessive amount of medical treatment, intricacy due to multiple medical providers, non-medical complications and extreme complexity in treatment plans.

Implementation and coordination of medical resource, patient health monitoring and evaluation of the medical condition are vital for providing quality medical case management service. In addition, promotion of cost-effective healthcare service and health awareness campaigns play a significant role in spawning further benefits from such management services.

Few of the Medical Case Management Services Modules

  • Web-based case management service
  • Field case management service
  • Telephonic case management service
  • Bilingual field case management service
  • Utilization review
  • Vocational case management
  • Physician advisor services
  • Comprehensive pharmacy review
  • Employee services
  • Medicare set aside sub-segments 

Latest Trends in the Industry 

Latest modules of medical case management services are patient-centric aiming to reduce unnecessary extra medical expense. However, these management services themselves are expensive in nature resulting a low adoption rate by patients. In order to offer medical case management services at a nominal cost, various service providers are reformulating their operational strategies.  Combined efforts of Healthcare service providers and hospitals on providing better medical case management service are reflecting improved outcomes while reducing the medical management cost. Further, improving the technology base for addressing the need of better patient management is expected to favor the overall market of medical care management service. In addition, service providers are developing e-learning programs on healthcare management accessible through smart devices and digital platforms capable of responding and handling emergency situations independently. Companies and service providers are adequately attending to patient needs and becoming more professional in their approach.


The demand for medical case management services is expected to gain traction in the near future.  The global market value is anticipated to cross US$ 5,155 Million by 2021 end.  In 2015, North America accounted for the largest market size registering for nearly 70% of the overall market share. The global medical case management services market is further stimulated due recent modifications of these service models successfully coordinating medical care to meet complete recovery. 

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