Healthy, Innovative Product Launch by Munna, Kerry Group, Sonoma, ParmCrisp to Drive Demand for Cheese Snacks

Date : Apr 05, 2018 Author : PMR Editorial Staff Category : Food and Beverages

Lifestyle Changes to Trigger High Consumption of Cheese Snacks Globally

Cheese is a traditional as well as popular food ingredient in North America and Europe. Increased globalization and changing lifestyle have exposed individuals to multi-cuisine tastes. Due to this, cheese is now consumed globally. Spread of urbanization and growing industrialization has increased the accounts of time-pressed consumers. 

On-the-go cheese snacks have become popular among such consumers. Manufacturers of cheese snacks have aligned their production capacities to evolving consumer preference. Owing to this, the market is overwhelmed by variety of cheese snacks in sttractive packaging solutions. 

Muuna to Introduce Probiotic-based Cottage Cheese

Muuna is an innovative food company based in New York. Muuna® cottage cheese has become popular due to its protein-rich, and creamy cottage cheese quality. The company has added new line of cottage cheese with probiotics such as B. lactis. Addition of probiotics along with protein-rich cottage cheese is likely to expand consumer base of Muuna. 

This new line is available in different fruit flavors including blueberry, vanilla, raspberry, mango, peach, and pineapple. In addition, grab-n-go packaging is set to attract time-pressed consumer base. 

Kerry Foods to Launch New Line of Attack A Snak : Kerry Group plc, a leading giant in the global food industry is headquartered in Ireland. It develops, manufactures, and delivers high quality taste and nutrition solutions for food and beverage industry. It has announced addition of Pepperoni ‘N’ Cheese with tomato ketchup variant to its popular Attack A Snak product line. On the pack, promotional offering of half price entry to Merlin serves as attraction to gain traction of teenage population who is seeking for new flavor and food experience in their snacks. 

Sonoma Creamery Launched Cheese Crisp Bar

Sonoma Creamery is a California-based food giant. It has recently launched a new Sonoma Cheese Crisp Bar which is one-of-its-kind. The crispy cheese bar is a combination of simple ingredients and real cheese. The crisp bars are available in five different flavors including parmesan, everything cheddar, savory seed, pepper jack and bacon cheddar. 

These cheesy bars are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. With no sugar and minimum calories, these bars are a perfect solution for mid-day snacks. In addition, flexible and on-the-go packaging of the bars is likely to attract huge pool of consumers. 

ParmCrisps Introduces Trios Snack Pack

ParmCrisps is a Florida based food company. It offers popular ParmCrispsTM which is a line of crisps made solely from parmesan cheese. The company has introduced new Trios Snack pack of ParmCrisps which are shelf-stable, protein-rich and deliver combined flavor of fruit, nuts, and seeds. 

The Crisps are available in three flavors, namely Original, Mediterranean and Tropical. Trios Snack Pack has an attractive on-the-go packaging which is convenient for the modern consumers. Further, the crisps are vegetarian, shelf stable, contain 13 grams of protein and are devoid of any artificial additives. These features have increased popularity of Trios Snack pack among healthy consumers.