Storage Networking Market

Storage Networking Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 - 2021

Market Overview

Storage networking, also known as storage area network, is a network used to provide access to a secured, block level data storage. These networks are used to enhance the capacity of mass storage devices (tape libraries, optical jukeboxes and disk arrays) that have access to servers. Storage networking ensures that these storage devices appear as locally attached drives to any operating system. It links all storage devices together in any network and connects them to different operating systems in other IT networks. The storage networking market is primarily driven by explosion of digital data which generates the need for developing secure, efficient and effective data storage infrastructure among enterprises. Storage networking is a technology specially designed to allow computer systems to share huge volumes of data across high-speed local area networks, owing to which it isexpected to be the future of recent IT storage needs. The storage networking is used in various applications in industry sectors such as government communications, media and services, banking and securities, manufacturing and natural resources, insurance, retail, transportation, healthcare, entertainment and education.

In the information driven world, the amount of data that is generated is increasing at a rapid pace. The digital era has made possible electronic data capture for individuals, government agencies and private companies that enables them browse, store and share huge volumes of data securely. Private companies have been key contributors for information explosion and creating large amounts of data. Additionally, increase in implementation of customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning solutions have majorly contributed to data explosion through generating huge volumes of information about suppliers, partners and customers.

Healthcare and entertainment industries are primary contributors fueling the growth of the global storage networking market. Data explosion is making these two sectors lucrative adopters of storage networking technology. Another key factor responsible for an increased demand for storage networking technology from the entertainment industry is the continuously rising data volume due to propagation of the broadband internet services. For instance, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter accumulate huge amounts of data and therefore are potential opportunities for storage networking market. Similarly, rising pressure to store huge volumes of medical data in the healthcare industry is also a key reason forcing this industry to adopt storage networking technology. Growing importance of maintaining patient related data is likely to offer a banquet of opportunities for storage networking industry.

Rising adoption of cost reduction techniques such as server virtualization is likely to boost storage networking market in the near future. Server virtualization integrates various emerging technologies such as Service-oriented architecture (SOA), Green IT and Software as a Service (SaaS) and therefore is a key strategy among other virtualization drives. Additionally, the implementation of centralized servers which requires more networked and distributed storage facilities is anticipated to enhance market growth. Effective working of virtualized environments depends on factors such as, efficiency, scalability, speed of the storage technology and reliability. With such integrated benefits in storage area network, this technology is poised to reap the highest benefits.

Major players in the storage networking market include Cisco Systems, Inc., Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., Coraid, Inc., Dell, Inc., Cutting Edge Networked Storage, EMC Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Emulex Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation, NetApp, Inc., LSI Corporation, NETGEAR, Inc., Overland Storage, Inc., Nexsan Technologies, Inc., and QLogic Corporation.

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Storage networking is gaining prominence in the mass storage devices segment for increasing their storage capacity. The market is witnessing high demand for storage networking for interconnecting different storage devices connected to any network. The drastic increase in digital data across different sectors arises the need for better, secure, and effective data storage infrastructure in different enterprises. The storage networking technology is gaining preference in organizations as a medium to share a high volume of data in local network with a high speed to satiate the burgeoning need for storage of data in the IT sector. Different prominent industries using storage networking include banking and securities, government communications, insurance, media and services, manufacturing and natural resources, transportation, entertainment, education, and healthcare.

Private Organization Generate Profitability Prospects

The surge in the bulk of data generated daily is creating a new scope of implementation of storage networking. With digitalization, activities such as storing and sharing of different data in private and government organizations have been contributing to the market expansion. Private companies have emerged as a prominent end -user of storage networking, creating lucrative scopes of growth for the vendors. The surge in different aspects of organizations such as customer relationship management along with employee resource planning has drastically inflated the amount of data generated every day.

The prominent end-use industries in the global market include the entertainment industry and the healthcare industry. Advancements in broadband internet services play a vital role in augmenting the data generated in the entertainment industry. Social networking sites such as Facebook are also estimated to strengthen the growth trajectory of the market in the coming years. The huge bulk of medical data accounts for the use of storage networking technology to expand the storage space.

Virtualization Gains Preference

Server virtualization is eyed as a cost-effective solution set to boost the storage networking landscape during the forecast period. Different technologies such as green IT, service-oriented architecture, and software as service are gaining demand in the market for server virtualization integration. The organization is installing centralized servers that are projected to propel the market towards growth. Different benefits offered by the virtualization environment in terms of speed, efficiency, and scalability are poised to generate greater revenue in the market.

Regional Segmentation

Leading regional markets include North America, Europe, APAC, and Latin America. APAC market is estimated to lead the global market in terms of growth on the back of growing small and medium scale enterprises. Led by rapid economic developments in developing nations such and China and India, the Asian region is expected to generate a plethora of growth avenues in the coming years.

Competition Landscape

Prominent market players are actively exploring opportunities in the expanding entertainment industry. The market competitors are using different strategies such as product launches, acquisitions, and partnerships to stay at the forefront in the market competition. Established players in the global market include Cisco Systems, Inc., EMC Corporation, LSI Corporation, Nexsan Technologies, Inc., International Business Machines Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, and NETGEAR.

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